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Friday, January 4, 2013

Burnaby Christmas Tournament Awards

Top Forward - Beck Malenstyn - OHA
Top Defenceman - Josh Anderson - Cowichan Valley
Top Goaltender - Nicholas Tallarico - Surrey Thunder

1st All-Star Team
F - Beck Malenstyn - OHA
F - Blake Bargar - Arizona Bobcats
F - Davis Koch -OHA
D - Andy Stevens - OHA
D - Josh Anderson - Cowichan Valley
G - Nicholas Tallarico - Surrey

2nd All-Star Team
F - Darren Hards - Prince George
F - Phillip Knies - Arizona Bobcats
F - Caleb Fantillo - Coquitlam 
D - Cody Allen - Kamloops
D - Dennis Cholowski - Langley
G - Paul Tucek - Coquitlam


Anonymous said...

Hards on the all-star list and no Gingras? Some strange all-star picks at this tournament. Stevens over Rizzolo at OHA. Was the all-star team picked on points? or overall performance? Sounds like it is points driven.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for kids who are great players but teams didn't make it far in the tourney to make the allstar

Anonymous said...

Langley makes the final and gets 1 second team all star spot. I thought Gingras, Gerth and Zayshley could have all been there. Very solid tournament from all 3 players.

Anonymous said...

So what did we learn form this tournament,

Prince George has a good program and a good team.

OHA is not a TOP ten team with TOP players. They are a good team with average players and depth. (WEHP If they were a top 10 . They would not have allowed more the 1 goal a game- goal-tending was very up and down(more down) this tournament)

Az has some good hockey players.
Alaska - what do they feed those kids, all big in size.

Langley is good and tough. They just need 1 or 2 more players . Having said that the strong 99 player was not playing. So maybe when they are all healthy they will be back to where we all thought they should be.

T-Birds are not not a top 10 team , Maybe Top 10 in BC, but not in WC.

Coquitlam, Ridge Meadows,Surrey have a few good players , but need more depth. Very good programs.

Burnaby Minor- needs work, but having them move down to Tier 2 will be good for all parties.
I do not agree with the 1st line All stars at all. 2nd -maybe

Anonymous said...

January 4, 2013 10:35 AM

Get used to it, thats the way it is.
The highest performing teams put the most kids on these all star teams. Same in the pros.
Its a shame that these kids will jump in the rankings though, that's the unfair part.
Still if they are not worthy they will be dropped like a stone at WHL camps and replaced by others.

Anonymous said...

10:35 AM

If you feel so sorry for your kid maybe you should move him to house league where he will always get a trophy for participation and you can feel happier.

Anonymous said...

just for info one of the kids picked for the all star was based on over all performance.had 2 pts for the tourny.

Anonymous said...

This tournament was run horribly. the night before it starts they add an extra team and screw over all the teams in one division. then the crossover games are all messed up to. No wonder the bigger teams don't show up here any more.

Anonymous said...

Gingras? Gerth outplayed him by a mile. I agree there were many good players, on other teams, that did not advance.

Anonymous said...

10:04 & 10:35...AGREED!!!

These WERE NOT THE TOURNAMENT ALL-STARS... No offense to the Burnaby Minors selection committee or to the players selected but only 2-3 of these players played to well enough to make the list.

These selections were obviously taken from stat sheets and NOT from overall tournament play. Some of the selections are BIG BODIES but without playing physical or hockey IQ they're wasted draft picks. It'd be nice if they watched the games and selected players on key components of their play. We're taking Hart not Conn Smythe here as its not fair to only select players from playoffs as some good players are working the best they can with the limited personel and circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Hey just wondering if any scouts see the following Burnaby Minor players being drafted:

Mateo Toledo
Taylor Baron
Tavin Grant (goalie)

A Mall said...

AZ Bobcats got the upset of the deal after beating out 5 teams in a row and blowing it in double overtime to Langley who had a lucky PP. Had they made it to the shootout, AZ could have very well made it to play OHA. AZ has more than just a few good players on their team. They do have a couple that stand out, but their are several great players and this team could very well take on OHA and win.

Anonymous said...

if a burnaby player gets drafted, there not going anywhere

Anonymous said...

Grow the heck up BC it's getting hard to listen to the cry babies.

Anonymous said...

January 4, 2013 6:36 PM

The answer is

Anonymous said...

I found the all star list quite bizarre. I am not suggesting anything other than sheer ignorance of hockey. They must have had parents or untrained people making these choices. This often leaves a bad taste in parents mouths after an adequate but not great tournament. Hoping that WEHP knows enough to not take these choices too seriously.

Anonymous said...

January 4, 2013 6:36 PM
Of course not. Your team should really go to flight 2 and give those kids some wins. One of the kids you mention is about 5 ft 100lbs.

Stay real parent.

Anonymous said...

The answer to Burnaby Minor question is maybe to the goaltender Tavin. He is a good size and the only reason that Burnaby is even in games. But Toledo and Baron no chance. As for the rest of Burnaby Minor kids no chance. There is a a reason they went 1-10-1 in league play. They set themselves in a weak division and still didn't look that great

Anonymous said...

The all-star selections for this tournament are laughable at best. It's a shame this used to be a great tournament. The fact that the organizer added a 17th team the night before the tournament started just shows you what organization skills existed. Maybe time for someone else to start a Bantam tournament over the holidays.

Anonymous said...

Agree with 446.

The tournament is not attracting top teams. Like them or hate them but the winter clubs look smart for not going .

The top tournaments and teams are in Medicine Hat and St Albert each year.

Maybe burnaby minor might want to look at those tournaments for templates on how to set up pools, scheduling etc.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the tournament did attract a strong team from AZ. I think they are making a come back working on making it a good tournament once again.

Anonymous said...

Arizona Bobcats were a good team, would have like to see them go to the end.

Anonymous said...

I was impressed with the AZ Bobcats. Would like to see them return next year.