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Sunday, January 20, 2013

NSWC are John Reid Memorial Cup Champions!!!

Championship Game:  NSWC 3 - SSAC 2 FINAL
SOG:  31-24 SSAC
First Period
The first period was a bit of a feeling out period for both teams.  '99 born Bellerive has been simply outstanding for NSWC and scored the lone goal.  I am sure his parents are getting annoyed by people asking if he actually is a '99!  His strength and stability on his skates are amazing.  Clint Colebourn has an assist and has done a great job of shutting out Benson so far as well as the rest of the NSWC d-core.  The line of Patter, Tomares and Wanat have been solid for SSAC.  Benson, Paterson and Yaremko have been solid  but nothing to show yet.  Anholt has an assist, Hannoun, Benjafield and Almeida have been very good so far as well.  Great game!

Second Period
Back and forth, even period of play with both defenses and goaltenders playing well.  With Colebourn in the box, Quenneville tied it up with a nice one-timer.  Benson and Hamblin picked up the helpers on the PP goal.  It was Benson who dug the puck out of a scrum and got it to Hamblin who fed Quenneville.  Then Dante Hannoun of NSWC dazzled the crowd on the PP, making a couple nice moves and then going backhand off the bar and in with no space or so we thought.  The assist on the play went to Benjafield - who made a nice pass to start it all.  Hannoun continues to impress with his speed, hands and aggressive play.  Jordy Bellerive and Justin Almeida continued to play well and had some nice shifts down low on the cycle.  Anholt is having a great game, even though he hasn't hit the scoresheet yet.  He makes some nice chips and passes off the wall out and has nice patience.  NSWC d-core continues to play well and keep Benson to the outside for the most part.

Third Period
OFF to OT!!  The 3rd did not disappoint, it was a tight period once again.  David Quenneville tied it with his 2nd  of the game 13:55 beating Luding on a screen shot, Yaremko and Paterson with the assists on the play.  Quenneville had a very good 3rd - playing solid defence and throwing his wweight around.  Tak Anholt and Jordy Bellerive were sold on the PK in the 3rd.  Hannoun also finished strong, battling for loose pucks and winning a lot of his battles.  He protects the puck very well.  All five NSWC players seem to collapse right in front of Luding when the pressure begins to develop, which makes it tough for him to see.  Benson continues to try and create space for himself and his linemates but still can't get much going.  Luding and Skinner both made great saves late to send it to OT!

On a broken play with 2:35 left in OT, Justin Almeida grabbed a loose puck at the hard marks and took a weak backhand that hit an SSAC defender and ended up behind the netminder Skinner.  Tough way to lose for SSAC.  Anholt with the assist.

John Reid Memorial Tournament Awards
MVP - Tyler Benson
Top Forward - Tyler Benson
Top Defenceman - Kale Clague
Top Goalie - Austin McGrath

Reid Team All-Stars
F - Matthew Phillips - Calgary Bisons
F - Mason Shaw - Lloydminster Heat
F - Tyson Jost - POE
D - Kale Clague - Lloydminster Heat
D - Josh Mahura - St. Albert Sabres
G - Austin McGrath - Lloydminster Heat

Iginla Team All-Stars
F - Tyler Benson - Edmonton SSAC
F - Dillon Dube - Notre Dame Hounds
F - Kaden Elder - Notre Dame  Hounds
D - David Quenneville - Edmonton SSAC
D - Dante Fabbro - BWC Bruins
G - Ryan Kubic - Winnipeg Hawks

Calgary Northstar Sabres 9 - Edmonton MLAC 2 FINAL

SOG:  42-35 Calgary

Calgary Royals 5 - Sherwood Park 3  FINAL (featured game)
SOG:  42-40 Calgary Royals
First Period
The Royals got off to a quick start, scoring on their 1st 2 shots against Sherwood Park tender Lush.  It has been back and forth action since then.  Lucas Fraulin and Montgomery scored the Royals early goals.  We liked Fraulin in the offensive zone but not a lot of hustle back to his own end at times.  He is a big kid with decent hands and a shot though.  Sean Montgomery was solid - working hard every shift, his work ethic is very strong.  We also like small forward Joseph Karpyshyn today, who shows a lot of hustle and grit.  He showed off some nice hands as well, beating a Sherwood Park dman but couldn't tuck it past Lush, who has settled in after a shaky start.  Carter Gosbee and Lucas Mackenzie also had good periods for the Royals.  For Sherwood Park, Sam Steel has had some nice rushes and played well on the PK but hasn't been able to make a lot happen yet and still could be battling injury.  Jack Hamly and Ryan Krushen also were good on the PK.  It has been a bit of a penalty fest so far!

Second Period
Back and forth action all period long.  The Royals added 2 more goals midway through the 2nd period.  First it was Reece Sourkoff hitting Montgomery with a beautiful stretch pass and Montgomery made no mistake, going backend.  Soukoroff now has two helpers and has been very strong from the backend.  Jaxen Gemmell has played a strong game and got rewarded with the 4th Royals goal with some good net front presence.  The Flyers got three back with the first coming from Veinot finally beating Marcoux and then next it was a beautiful passing play - started by Steel to Mckenzie to Biro, who buried.  Sam Steel then showed off his puck skill, making a nice move around the Royals dman and then putting it past Marcoux for an unreal goal.  Steel absolutely dominated a lot of his shifts in the 2nd as he stpped it up big time showing his creativity and speed. His stamina is something special as well.  Jack Hamly kept up his solid play for the Flyers and Skyler Mckenzie had a strong showing - creating some chances and getting 2 helpers.

Third Period
Close game until the end.  Montgomery completed his hat-trick in the 3rd with helpers to Soukorff and O'Connor who played well at both ends of the ice for the Royals.  Montgomery plays a solid game and is definitely the leader for the Royals.  Karpyshyn, Gosbee, Nic Herringer, Bryce Richmond all hard working shifts in the 3rd for the Royals.  Connor Kendall had 2 assists.  Lucas Mackenzie shows a lot of hustle with his crash and bang style, could use a bit more work on his skating though.  Adam Marcoux had a tremendous game in the Royals goal.  The Flyers couldn't get much going in the 3rd as they were on the PK for a bit.  Roszko took 3 penalties and showed some undisciplined play in this one.  Sam Steel finished the game strong but couldn't muster up any more offence, he has amazing speed with an extremely creative mind and opens up space for his linemates.  Hamly also finished strong and is a good penalty killer.

BWC 3 - Lloydminster Heat 6 FINAL
SOG:  24-23 BWC
First Period
BWC lead with 2 quick goals midway through the 1st.  Devan Purhar scored the 1st goal on the PP and then Henry Rhyu added one even strength.  Dante Fabbro and Matt Barberis have been solid defensively once again - moving the puck extremely well, especially on the PP.  Jaeger White has been alright in the the offensive zone - creating some chances but has yet to dazzle as expected.  Lloydminster have taken some penalties but had some chances on 1 of their 2 PP's.  The big guns for Lloydminster haven't been great yet as Clague, Johnson, Shaw, Franklin and Mohr have had only a few moments.  Doyon has done well again in a defensive, PK role.

POE 8 - Notre Dame Hounds 5 FINAL (Bronze game)

Winnipeg Hawks 4 - Calgary Bisons 3  FINAL
SOG:  37-34 Winnipeg Hawks
First Period
The play started out a bit sluggish in this one but picked up late in the period.  The Hawks line of Patrick/Barley/Loschaivo have been solid at both ends of the rink.  They also have both Hawks goals with Barley scoring the 1st from Patrick and Loschaivo.  The 2nd goal was Patrick from Loschaivo and Brakel.  Patrick has played well finally in this one as he has shown good hustle both ways which is nice to see.  Jon Morrow also had another good showing, using his speed and good work ethic on the PK.  Adam Thurlbeck has been good again but has taken some runs - trying to hit guys and has got caught flat-footed on more than one occasion.  For the Bisons, the line of Ashton/Phillips/Olson haven't been a factor yet but have had some good shifts.  Williamson had a good period for the Bisons showing some good board work.  McKinstry has been solid like usual but isn't too flashy or as noticable as Clague for Lloyd.

Second Period
Nolan Patrick dominated almost all his shifts in the 2nd period.  He was driving the net heard all period long, creating scoring chances and turnovers.  His work along the wall and down low has been very solid in this one as he is using his size and strength to his advantage today.  He also burned Mckinstry wide on one occasion.  Morrow still continues to impress with his gritty style of play and hustle, the type of player any team needs.  Vince Loschaivo is playing a solid game but can tend to float sometimes.  Bannerman has looked very solid in the Hawks net thus far.  The Bisons haven't played their best in this one.  Phillips, Ashton and Olson have been shut out so far.  George King for the Bisons has played a solid game and created some offensive opportunities and does have the Bisons lone goal.  '99 born Setoguchi is playing well on the Bisons backend, he skates very well and doesn't get beat to often.

Third Period
The Calgary Bisons tied it late in the 3rd on a Phillips PPG with Patrick in the box.  The tie was short lived however as Connor Barley replied less than a minute late for the GWG assist to Loschaivo - who played a very good game and had 3 helpers.  They then added an EN goal from Patrick who had 2 goals and 1 assist.  Barley, Patrick and Loschaivo all played well and had some nice shifts, finding one another in the 3rd.  Morrow had a solid game for the Hawks and he plays a high energy game and likes to mix it up.  Thurlbeck wasn't his best and did get beat 1 on 1 a few times.  He really needs to work on his skating moving forward.  Riley Bannerman and Nick Sanders both played tremendous games in net.  For the Bisons, Mckinstry wasn't as impressive as he can be.  He has good sills and skates well but needs to play more consistent.  Setoguchi was solid all game.  Matthew Phillips scored but his line wasn't outstanding today.

Red Deer Black 4 - Winnipeg Monarchs 3 FINAL
SOG:  28-19 Red Deer
Parker Smyth with a very nice goal for Red Deer, using big time speed and  tucking it around Hall. This is not our featured game.  The featured game will be coming up which is Calgary Bisons vs. Winnipeg Hawks.  Parker Smyth scored the GWG very late in this one.

St. Albert Sabres 5 - OHA 3 FINAL
SOG:  46-30 OHA


Anonymous said...

this should be the St Albert Sabres

Anonymous said...

The winnipeg warriors should really of got an invite. Top team in manitoba with austin friesen big physical smooth skating d man with a cannon of a shot future NHLer him and nein are 2 first round level prospects

Anonymous said...

When talking about the warriors you have to mention the real star of the team. Goalie tanner douglas is one of the top 2 goalies in manitoba and could really give kubic some competition for the top goalie in the draft

Anonymous said...

Another good game for Red Deer. They beat the 10th ranked team and tied the 7th ranked team, but aren’t even honorable mention for WEHP? I’m assuming that will change.

I have read the criticisms of BWC’s goalie Shugrue and have thot it was over the top, but 6 goals on 23 shots today??? That is bad by any measure.

Congratulations to POE for winning Bronze. BTW I’d love to hear from anyone who saw the penalty that got Jost kicked out in the 1st period against SSAC. It clearly changed the game, but was it a fair call? He’s probably the only Forward who comes close to Benson, so it was a real shame they lost him in that game.

Anonymous said...

Hey 131

Bwc played their first year goalie and 4 of the goals were well run power play goals.

Anonymous said...

Is anone going to mention how bad Malenstyn was, only 1 assist in the tournament.

Anonymous said...

Great tournament coverage WEHP. Nice for the families who can't be their.

Anonymous said...

Reddeer hasnt the depth with only one average player being Jeff Dewitt .

Anonymous said...

BWC played tthe Wst year 99 goalie.
Shugrue did not play today.

He played the otther 4.

He had had the same stats as the MVP goalie of the tournament according to the JRMT leaders web site

Anonymous said...

Great game - refs give SSAC gift power play when they need it.

Anonymous said...

1:43. I also would add BWC Def Barberis to this list. Saw game today vs Llyod. Did very little, for such a high so called round pick. Maybe just a bad game. Clague was great today.

Anonymous said...

Kody McDonald did not make the all star team is a joke! Maybe watch a game before picking allstars. We will see when they are sixteen and playing in the whl who the better players are.

Anonymous said...

I'm not the crew and the scouts in attendance who picked the all-star teams watched a few games. Lots of good players ok.

Anonymous said...

Lots of talented players here, no need to get upset.

Anonymous said...

I guess it was ment to be. Congrates NSWC.

Anonymous said...

OHA 0-4-1. This AAA is much tougher than the AA tournaments they have won!

Anonymous said...

NSWC had no one on the allstar team. Lots of players on their team were probably close though. I think this tournament revealed one thing for certain. That is that NSWC has the best depth in Western Canada.

SSAC, despite losing to NSWC in the final, avenged their only two previous losses and outshot BWC, NSWC, and POE in their games. Lloydminister beat NSWC, BWC, Calgary Royals and MLAC, but lost a close game to POE this tournament. The math of who beat who to make power rankings is very difficult. This tournament truly showed that the top seven or so teams in Western Canada are very very close together.

This is such a great tournament that leaves you wanting to see these kids playing each other more and more.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line BC hockey wins again .

Anonymous said...

Northstar Sabres over MLAC 9-2? Where were those guys all weekend.

Anonymous said...

the winnipeg sharks should have got an invite but with their goalie jeremy link in net might have been a contender -don fergason

Anonymous said...

Dont worry about Kory McDonald your right when there 16 you will see whos who Two years ago the tournement mvp was Miller from spruce I dont know where he is now and guys like Brayden Point, Jace Hawyrluk were over looked all the time look at the whl stats now of the 12 guys on the 2009 all star team only 7 play whl now and they are far from stars. The cream always rises to the top Good luck Kory keep it going.

Anonymous said...

Until yesterday I was a supporter of the site and it's tournament coverage, that is until the other semi final game between POE and SSAC gets a mere comment about Jots getting tossed.

No doubt there was much more to this game than just that.

Today, the POE ND game shows only the final score. Yet many other games have a period by period recap, something is definitely lacking here.

One would think a semi at least gets some attention, even if you don't deem the Bronze medal game as you label it important enough to warrant a better report.

As POE is a sponsor of your site, it might cause them to question their support when you can't do a better job than that. It certainly would if it was my money.

Anonymous said...

Kody is far from being overlooked in the rankings as a late first or early 2nd rounder.that is where he's been all year.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. The tournament coverage here really lacked consistency. Not enough games were covered live with the period by period re-caps. Frankly, I expected much, much more. mickey mouse coverage will not cut it with this former supporter.

Anonymous said...

The coverage was good and the comments were fair.

There was coverage of different games and teams .

Often there were 3 games on at the same time . So looked like the coverage was not focused on a specific team or player.

Anonymous said...

- A couple of thoughts -
1.Wehp was top notch this weekend.
2.Hopefully there isn't a bunch of bad mouthing 14 year old kids after this.
3. After watching lots of games and looking at most of the game sheets, it appears the top teams and the bottom teams are not that far from each other.
4 .Last point hockey in western canada has deep talent and the Whl should be a world class league for yearsto come.
Deep talent and should be able to

Anonymous said...

@ January 20, 2013 at 12:41 PM

I have to believe that you are being sarcastic, or simply not knowledgeable. Douglas has one of the worst save % in the league. Allowed 13 goals in a game earlier this year, a feat no other goalie has accomplished in league play this season.

Anonymous said...

January 20, 2013 at 7:29 PM

Well said,ideally all will remember to enjoy these boys while they are still with us, and haven't moved on.

Anonymous said...

January 20, 2013 at 2:10 PM

Red Deer has more than a very good Jeff DeWitt. TJ Brown is a great D-Man, Parker Smyth and Luc Coleman are very good solid forwards and 99 Jeremey Klessens will be a force next year. They have beat Lloyd, MLAC, Monarchs. Have tied OHA and the Royals.

Anonymous said...

I like that Mahura was named to an allstar team. He is a terrific defenseman. He has a nice combination of speed and size and smarts.

@ 7:01pm

Jason Miller from St Albert is currently playing Midget AAA in St Albert and doing fairly well. He probably will end up playing Junior A next year. Also, he was named top forward and not MVP.

I think its wrong to think that Brayden Point and others got overlooked, especially here, considering that WEHP and most WHL teams did not rank Miller over him. Miller had a very strong tournament and deserved the reward at the time. That does not mean he was better than the others.

Anonymous said...

Like you said the cream always rises to the top. Some players take on new roles to improve their skills which make them stronger team palyers. Check your stats, Brayden Point was never ever over looked. Good thing your not a scout

Anonymous said...

It should also be added that while Miller was named top forward the MVP was actually Joe Hicketts who is a 5'8" defenceman that was not overlooked because of his size and is currently playing in the WHL. MacDonald is ranked somewhere in the 20s by this site, ahead of players like Jevne. He is not being overlooked. The allstars were all very deserving. Look at the highly ranked player that were not named to allstar teams: Patrick, Steel, White, Barberis, Skinner, Thiessen, etc.

Anonymous said...

January 22, 2013 at 12:06 AM

The players you listed were very inconstant or a non factor at this tournament. Steel was injured.

The others were nothing to write about which is why they were not selected at all. You could add the entire OHA team to this list.

Anonymous said...

Entire first round of draft (most likely) at this tournament save 1 or possibly 2 players! No shame in not being voted a tournament All Star. Every team had players that were exciting to watch! Deep tournament. All teams capable of getting to medal round and competing.

Anonymous said...

January 22, 2013 at 8:51 AM

you are very much correct