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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 10, 2013 Newsletter is ready

The January 10, 2013 newsletter is now ready.  In this edition of the newsletter, we update the Top 200 for 98's, Top 130 for 99's.  As well, stats have been updated for all players in the 98 and 99 age group with the exception of some PCAHA teams. The Top 40 western American players are updated.  The Rankings continue to be updated as scouts tournament reports come in and get reflected in the player rankings daily.  New this time around, we've "color coded" the rankings to show by province.

We had a chance to speak with a forward who would like to model his game after Jarome Iginla.  He is a hard worker and currently leads his British Columbia bantam team in scoring.

I interview a big defenceman who is flying way under the radar due to where he plays but we feel he could be a top 3 round selection and make a team very happy on draft day.  He likes to model his game after Drew Doughty.

Interviewed is one of the top 99 born defenceman in western Canada and he is sure to make some major noise next season.

Lastly, I speak with a Manitoba defenceman who just keeps getting better and better and combines a nice blend of size, defensive and offensive ability.

Team Rankings
The top 20 team rankings make its Sixth appearance in the newsletter since all leagues are now under way. We also list who their next games are against.

John Reid Memorial Tournament Preview
We include a 16 page section with an in depth preview of perhaps the top tournament all season long in western Canada.  The top players are highlighted, prognosis of each team and a team by team preview of how there season has gone to this point.  The WEHP Tournament Ranking is included with the preview.


Anonymous said...

There never really seems to be any movement on the 99's. Has anyone noticed anyone moving up or down

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me if any of these rankings ever really change. I don't think there is much movement in the 1999

Anonymous said...

Yes there has been movement in the 99 rankings; I noticed an Edmonton forward drop a few spots and an Edmonton defenceman move up a few. I noticed them because I know the 2 players. If 2 moved I'm sure others moved up and down as well.

Anonymous said...

If you think this site can re-rank 210 players (98s only) in a meaningful manner every two weeks, you're crazy. WHL teams have a group of knowledgable staff just trying to get it right once for draft day. The top players on the list are right where they should be. After that, it's buyer beware. You can decide where that cutoff is.

Anonymous said...

Suggested some time back that perhaps the new lists could have a column to show "previous ranking" that could show movement, for both 98's and 99's. Perhaps this is too much work, but would be a great way to see who is showing improvement, and who is perhaps slipping!

Anonymous said...

yes quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

Well really it's not brain surgery, keep the old newsletters and compare them yourselves. Do you want someone to read the new ones to you too?

Anonymous said...

Well if the comment at 1:06 was meant for me, thats great but post my comment first.

Anonymous said...

Here is a very interesting article from the Toronto Star re:minor hockey.

The article raises some interesting questions, which many of us have already thought of I'm sure.

The main point though is the reminder that less than 1% make it to the NHL, so a little perspective is required by most of us(myself included, especially when making comments on this blog.