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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

British Columbia
BC bantam hockey was very quiet over the weekend as the there were no games in the PCAHA and just one in the OMAHA.  PCAHA action will resume this week with a full slate of games beginning tomorrow evening in Surrey with NSWC visiting.  There will be 11 games in PCAHA action this week, including South Delta making its first appearance in Flight 1 and playing against Langley and Semiahmoo this week.  South Delta were undefeated in Flight 2 action - thus being promoted.  We did report earlier this weekend that Burnaby Minor had requested a move down to Flight 2 but in the end will stay in Flight 1.  Entering the 2nd half of the season, BWC and NSWC are in a two horse race for 1st place with both BWC and NSWC sporting 11-0-1 records.  Semiahmoo is next at 6-5-1 while Vancouver, Coquitlam, Abbotsford and Langley are all very close and competitive in the next level of teams.

Also very quite in the OMAHA over the weekend with just one game as Kelowna headed to Kamloops.  There is no result in at the time of this posting.  Action will continue next weekend with Prince George heading to Kamloops for a pair of contests.  POE lead the four team tier 1 standings at 11-1-0, Kelowna at 5-5-1, Prince George at 2-6-1 and Kamloops at 1-7-2.  Westside Warriors lead the Tier 2 division at 9-1-2 currently.

The Vancouver Island Bantam League was also quiet over the weekend as the league will resume next weekend with five games on the slate.  Juan De Fuca continues to lead the VIAHA in the standings with a 5-1-1 record.  Campbell River, Cowichan Valley, Nanaimo and Victoria are all within 2 points of each other in the 2-5 spots in the standings on the Island.

While British Columbia was quiet over the weekend, it was anything but in Alberta.  Some huge performances dominated action in the first full weekend back since the Christmas break.  On Sunday, Parker Aucoin ran his goal scoring streak to 6 games in a 7-1 Calgary Northstar victory over the Red Deer Rebels White  Aucoin has 20 goals in that 6 game span - 4 of them coming on Sunday.  He has 48 goals this season now and is leading the league in that category.....  Jordan McConnell picked up 3-2-5 in a 6-5 loss to Red Deer White.  Tyler Steenbergen added 4 points, following up on his 5 point effort the game before.....Lloydminster  had a dominating weeked by defeating KC 4-0 and Fort Saskatchewan 12-1.  Of note was a 15 save shutout by Dane Dow while Kale Clague put up 9 points and Mason Shaw had a 10 point weekend.  Shaw is 2nd in AMBHL scoring with 71 points - 44 points back of scoring leader Benson.  Kale Clague has an amazing 25 goals and 59 points from defence......SSAC was at it again, this time at the expense of the Grand Prairie Storm.  The Lions racked up 32 goals over the weekend which saw Tyler Benson pick up 15 points in the 2 games.  D - David Queenville had a 5 goal game on Sunday, the highest goal total by a defenceman this year in western Canada.  Quenneville has 27 goals and 53 points, trailing Kale Clague by 6 points in the defenceman scoring race.  SSAC put up 88 shots in the Saturday 15-0 victory.....  The Calgary Bisons kept pace with the 22-0-2 SSAC Southgate Lions in the overall AMBHL standings by winning twice themselves.  The Bisons are now 20-2-1 in the south and have a 4 point lead over the 18-4-1 Northstar Sabres in the South. The line of Jake Ashton, Matthew Phillips and '99 born Kyle Olson were very strong once again......TJ Brown continues his strong season from defence for the RD Rebels Black with a 5 point game on Sunday and now has 29 points in 26 games......The strong offensive output for defenceman was also on display in Spruce Grove as Camrose D - Jared Freadrich scored a Hat-Trick and he now is over a point per game.  Also in that game Sean Nault scored 3 times, giving him 11 goals on the season.....Sherwood Park Flyers F - Sam Steel picked up 5 points in a Sherwood Park 9-1 victory.  Steel, who we have in the top 5 overall picks currently has 70 points and sits 1 point back of Mason Shaw for 2nd in league scoring.  The Flyers continue to be without Skyler Mckenzie and Colin Paradis.....  Ryan Jevne picked up another 4 goals, giving him 6 games this season of 4 or more goals in a game.  Jevne and Volcan combined for 12 points in the MLAC 9-4 win over the weekend.

On Friday, it was '99 F - Kris Bzdel scoring 3 times in a Northeast Wolfpack 7-2 in over the 1-13-2 Humboldt Broncos.  The Wolfpack sit 2nd in the SBAAHL North at 12-3-2.  Tyler Borstmayer, the brother of former Regina Pat defenceman had 3 assists.....Carter Phair had another strong outing in goal in earning the Estevan Bruins a 2-2 tie with the Regina Silver Foxes.....On Saturday, the Melville Millionaires were all over the young Weyburn Red Wings squad 12-1.  Drayson Skulmoski and Marial Beny each had 5 point efforts.  Beny now has 34 points in 15 games this season.  D - Dawson Davidson scored 2 times and continues to lead all SBAAHL defenceman in scoring with 29 points in 13 games.  Caleb Riess had 4 points and has really come on in the past month or so.....West Central moved to 15-3-2 after a 3-2 win over Sask Valley.  West Central as mentioned several times will host the Western Canadian Bantam Championships in April.  Kolby Johnson picked up 3 points and the power forward is currently rated in the top 2 rounds of the WEHP rankings.....Brandon Lesko picked up 3 points in a big 3-3 tie vs. Northeast on Saturday.  Lesko leads the Battlefords Barons in scoring with 30 points in 15 games now.  League action will resume on Wednesday.

A few results in from the Winnipeg AAA league from over the weekend.  The Winnipeg Hawks were all over the Central Plains Capitals 9-0 on Friday.  Nolan Patrick picked up 5 more points, giving him 35 points in just 10 games and is ever closing in on league scoring leader Dylan Thiessen, who has 51.  Connor Barley, who is currently 2nd in league scoring picked up 6 points and now has 42 points in 21 games.....Pembina Valley got 2 points from star '99 born forward Logan Christensen and Ben Dalke scored his 18th of the season in a 2-1 win over Yellowhead.  Both Christensen and Dalke are in the top 10 in league scoring.  Heino scored his 13th of the season for Yellowhead in that one......Interlake Lightning defeated the Southwest Cougars 4-2 on Saturday.  The Lightning are now 11-8-0 this season and sit 7th but are just 4 points back of the 4th place Winnipeg Sharks.  The Cougars are 9th at 4-15-1.


Anonymous said...

It's Jordan Borstmayer. Tyler is the former pat. Get it right

Anonymous said...

As someone else pointed out on an earlier post, BWC A2 earned the right to move up to Flight 1 ... to face the challenge, and yes to maybe get "wiped" by a couple teams. Obviously the Coach didn't want that. But did he bother to ask the boys what they wanted?

Anonymous said...

kelowna beat kamloops 4-1

Anonymous said...


As much as teams/parents/etc like the idea of moving up a flight the basis to move up is really straightforward.

You have to DOMINATE the flight you were in. Previous comments the BWC parent talked about winning percentages. Their goals for and against in 12 games was 34-21, only an average of 3-2 per game. Their only game where they won by more than a goal or two. Beat Nvan 5-1 and Cloverdale 4-0. Both those teams they beat got moved DOWN to Flight 3.

So BWC family, your A2 team is exactly where they should be in Flight 2. Enjoy it don't whine.

Anonymous said...

BWC A2 that is laughable. 8-3-1 makes you a good flight 2 team. Coach made the right decision. South Delta is about to find out the difference between flight 1 and flight 2. They won't be happy. Ask Burnaby Minor how it feels to be 1-10-1.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the Alberta players for dominating against the weaker teams, this stat shows exactly what - you need tiering and some balance in your world?

In the data entry world this is classified as "garbage in = Garbage Out"

St Albert will be the measuring stick for your elite players.

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of seeing parents living vicariously and lobbying to their ego. To the parents saying BWC A2 deserves a chance to be in flight 1 Did anyone saying this actually attend the games? You couldn't have because facts don't lie so you are either ignoring them or are simply oblivious to them. There is a lesson in this to all of us.

At the time of these postings BWC A2 just lost to the previously winless in flight 2 North Van squad as well as the struggling in flight 2 North Delta team. BWCA2's goal differential is reasonable but far from dominant. Simplistic math carved out from PCAHA game summaries in less than 2 minutes;13 games in flight 2, 2.84 goal for average, 1.92 goals against average for a less than a 1 goal per game differential. No dominant games and the maximum goals achieved for in any game was 5 (2x)Reviewing the teams actual performance only 4 games had up to(not more than) a 4 goal differential and the rest were all 1 or 2 goal games(very low scoring really for A2)This is the model of competing at an appropriate level, yes with reasonable success but far from dominating.Your players are playing where they belong. Please learn to deal with it. I am not affiliated with anyone. I am a long term coach interested in the development of players and more importantly young people.

In one sense I wish parents that lobby like this were put into flight 1 so they'd get a dose of humility and reality but I know that usually is only be after they hang the refereeing, the coaches, the goalies, the schedule and any other phantom thing they can conjure up and blame before they simply come to terms that little Johnny is simply not quite as good at this point as he is in the eyes of a loyal(sometimes a bit delusional)parent.The damage wrought on everyone's enjoyment of the game in the process is brutal (usually little Johnny most of all). In the meantime in cases like this BWC A2 team, 17 children go from competing well, developing at the level they belong right now, having fun winning a bit and gaining confidence, to being beaten down and losing likely by a wide margin for the rest of the season. But on the plus side, a parent would get to live the flight 1 dream for a week or two.

It's very sad that so many parents do not see their wayward ways until all is done and the vast majority of these children are out of minor hockey, off to school, jobs, girls etc etc before the 98% if playing at all are playing beer league in a few years. Exceptions? - yes, maybe yours is the one but did you ever notice how much more humble a knowledgeable hockey family is when they have a sibling that has been through the minor hockey experience? You should all buy that parent a coffee and truly listen to their experience and how they'd so often do it different if they could go back in time.

Get a grip and let the kids play the game purely.This is not about you.We can all be a lot better for these kids.

Anonymous said...

I've coached at a high level for a lot of years with a lot of challenges and good times. I have had teams that started below their peer group and moved up, above their peer group and moved down. I've had teams that had fantastic records and were dominant and poor records and we were in really tough - we fought and competed, but ultimately too often got beat by better teams. (As coach I owned my part too)I have seen this hundreds of times with hundreds of players and their families. Not many that know me would complain about the job I do. Like most coaches I put in incredible hours few have a clue about.

One thing that I can tell you has always been true, kids love to play the game. In reality most are ok with playing at whatever level they can compete at and have to battle to win. Sure all want to be A1/flight 1 but that is simply not doable. Competing and developing is the point of the game and 95% of the players I have coached are ok with that. Not just ok, that is what they want. Having to compete to win brings value to it and young people build confidence from that.That is good. Lopsided wins and losses lead to ego on one side and lack of confidence on the other. That is not good from any perspective.

Any time I dealt with a family that was putting emphasis on what "flight" they were playing in it came from the parent not the kid. If it did come from the kid it was usually really just the parent's influence talking and the kid would be embarrassed or intimidated not to say he wanted to move up.Many would want to move up but not most once they realize they'd be over their head and would be trading competing and winning a fair bit to in all likelihood struggling greatly.

BWC A2 in flight 1 versus flight 2? Read the PCAHA posted game summaries and how BWC A2 are not dominating flight 2.(less than 3 goals for per game average and less than a 1 goal per game +/- goal diiferential) Knife to a gunfight parents - sorry. Facts don't lie or lobby...

So parent, hang your coach if you will... but realize how many associations are starved for good coaches. He, as most rep coaches, will likely have his pick of many jobs next year and if he is smart will go where he gets support.You will be left with yet another coach you can stand around the rink complaining about.Maybe better just enjoy and be productive.

Anonymous said...

Who are these Alberta teams playing that you can score 15 points in two games? There can't be parody on those Alberta leagues like there are in BC.

Anonymous said...

Burnaby Minor always play well, but just do not have the little extra needed clean and simple hockey skills to compete in the top flight.

PCAHA schedule shows Burnaby Minor's first game back was against BWC

You would think Burnaby Minor would have lots of insight to the BWC squad and their weaknesses since the Burnaby Minor coaching staff also coached at BWC at a AAA level

What was the outcome of that game, it is very quiet and no information from the moderator?

Did anyone see or can they comment on the game?

Anonymous said...

How do the top BC D men compare to the top Alberta D men in points?




From what we see with the postings and stats in Alberta you can score at will from anywhere in the arena.

The BC opponents seem to have much closer games or tougher competition.

I would think Fabbro and Cholowski may combine for 15-17 goals this season.

Clague and Quenville must be close to a combined 50-60 goals this season

Anonymous said...

The Divisional Manager was fully expecting to move BWC A2 up to Flight 1. In fact, it was only because the A2 team refused the move that Burnaby Minor was allowed to move back to Flight 1. (Schedules had already been made and circulated with Burnaby Minor in Flight 2.)
PCAHA, Burnaby Minor, and many of the A2 parents were all very surprised that the graduation they had earned was declined.

Anonymous said...

I have spoken with a number of the BWC A2 parents and they are completely supportive of the team staying in Flight 2. Please don't paint the team with the same brush as one or two parents who want to move up to Flight 1. The consensus I have heard is that the parents are happy with the development and skills that the team is acquiring and they wish to remain where they are. The Coach is doing a damn fine job!!!

Anonymous said...

Parody? There is no room for parody in Alberta Hockey. It's a serious business.

Anonymous said...

Okotoks, Camrose and Grande Prairie are second quartile Alberta Bantam AA teams playing in the AMBHL. I know one of those teams wanted to withdraw from the AMBHL a few years ago, but couldn't for fear of losing their Midget AAA program as well.

You really have to look at head to head games against similarly- ranked teams in Alberta to get any meaningful info. Benson and Quenneville (SSAC) vs. Lloyd just before Christmas....0 points each. Then Benson went 4-11-15 and Quenneville went 6-5-11 versus Grande Prairie last weekend. Apples and oranges...

Anonymous said...


Didn't BWC score 23 goals in 1 game this year? parody in BC?

Anonymous said...

I agree that if BWC A2 were moved to Flight 1 they would have a realistic chance of only (possibly) beating one or two teams. And they would almost certainly suffer very lopsided losses to the two elite teams. So what?
NSWC smoked Abbotsford 7-0, Burnaby Minor 9-1 (twice!), Surrey 8-2, and Richmond 12-0.
BWC A1 smoked Surrey 10-1, Richmond 7-0, Burnaby Minor 7-0. Heck, they even trashed Semi 6-0.
So what? Should they all be moved to Flight 2?
We tell our kids all the time that sport isn’t about winning. You know the old cliché: "It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game." Or is that complete BS?
And remember, we’re only talking about the last 8 games of the season.
The fact is, BWC A2 played well enough (maybe just barely) to earn a move up. Sure, they would get smoked a few times, and maybe lose all the rest too. But doesn’t every team, every player, want to be challenged at the next level? I think that discovering how you, and your team, measure up against the next level is another valuable developmental experience.
Or do you think winning is all that matters?

Anonymous said...

BWC A2 lost to North Delta with a score of 3-4 the record of North Delta is(4-6-3). They are were they should be. Leave the decisions to the people that have done this a little longer then any of you. Its about having fun, not getting killed out there. In the last 3 games they have been outscored 9-6.
Sorry those are not the requirements to move up. Do not even compare your A2 team to your A1 team. They allowed more goals against North Delta then the A1's have in the past 13 games. The goalies would have nightmares in Tier 1. Parents try to be realistic. its fun remember. You are not playing. Challenged for players ... yes ,but it has to be a challenge for the teams that are in tier 1 already.

Anonymous said...

January 7, 2013 4:39 PM
Burnaby Minor hated their Flight 1 experience sooooo much they petitioned and pleaded to stay there!

Anonymous said...

Its not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game, only if you lost. You never hear a winning team say that. Sorry, but that is the reality.

Anonymous said...

For the person that asked a comment on the second half game BWC vs Burnaby Minor it was 5-0 after 2 periods. Basically Burnaby Minor is in survival mode. Coach has them just playing a trap. No pressure in the offensive zone and hope you can clog up lanes and hang on. Not sure why they wanted to stay in flight 1. Heck in the tournament, I saw them trapping against lesser teams. NO forecheck whatsoever. There goalie carries them and that's it.

for the person asking about the D, the top 2 D in BC are Fabbro and Barberis and if you have to ask about goals scored in Alberta compared to BC give your head a shake. BC tiers their teams and thus there are no 25-0 blowouts.

Anonymous said...

1:28 If what you read in those earlier posts was that "winning is the only thing that matters" you completely miss the point. Competing is what develops on and off ice character and skills and is really the only point for the vast majority involved in minor hockey. The case at hand is simply that with low scoring and less than a 1 goal per game differential in flight 2 bwc A2 is competing well and having some success but is clearly in a pool of players that they belong with from a skill and competitive point of view. That is hard for many that see themselves as above flight 2 but as was said before facts don't lie or lobby, only people do. Let your kids play the game within a group they have proven over 5-6 months and many dozens of games that they clearly come nowhere close to dominating and in fact are very much in the midst of. I am sure every single one will be on AAA flight 1 next year and prove everyone wrong.

Just let the kids play. If they are developing, having fun, winning a bit and losing too(as you are recently to even bottom end teams) is that not really the point of the sport at any level? So much talk about a midland to pretty good flight 2 team comes across either silverspoonish or napoleanlike..I'm not sure which one or both. What a surprise bwc would be in the middle of it..

Anonymous said...

Sorry, bwc did not "earn a move up" Nowhere even close. Movement is intended for those that dominate or are dominated. With an average score of less than 3 goals per game to 2; 50% as many losses as wins, no blowouts and recent losses to 2 teams at the bottom of flight 2, is there anyone other than a bwc parent that would position this as dominating?

Sounds like bwc a2 is playing where the have earned. bwc a2's win /loss record is proving anyone can win on any given night.Even teams in last place. That sounds like competitive balance to me and anyone else. Sorry, hard on the ego I guess but still the truth. Enjoy the game folks.

Anonymous said...

Like 11:02AM, I've coached rep hockey for many years. I would NEVER decline an opportunity to move my team up. I also cannot imagine my players wanting to avoid a move up. Any time I've been in a position to ask or petition PCAHA for a move, I've done it. And even if I've been declined (and I have been), I think it's a no-brainer in Rep. Rep IS competition, and competition means you can lose ... sometimes a lot, and by big margins.
House, on the other hand, is recreational ... purely for the fun of it, if you will.
Maybe BWC A2 was dead lucky to finish the first half in 2nd place. They STILL should have tried to move up IMO because, as I said, that's what Rep is about. Pushing the players, challenging them, AND letting them enjoy success. Even if success is the right to move up to a level where you could lose every game.

Anonymous said...

1256sedopraLike 11:02AM, I've coached rep hockey for many years. I would NEVER decline an opportunity to move my team up. I also cannot imagine my players wanting to avoid a move up. Any time I've been in a position to ask or petition PCAHA for a move, I've done it. And even if I've been declined (and I have been), I think it's a no-brainer in Rep. Rep IS competition, and competition means you can lose ... sometimes a lot, and by big margins.
House, on the other hand, is recreational ... purely for the fun of it, if you will.
Maybe BWC A2 was dead lucky to finish the first half in 2nd place. They STILL should have tried to move up IMO because, as I said, that's what Rep is about. Pushing the players, challenging them, AND letting them enjoy success. Even if success is the right to move up to a level where you could lose every game.

Anonymous said...

Any rep player worthy of the jersey would want to move up a notch if given the chance. Even if they suspected they would lose every game.
I'm shocked that the South Deltas Coach may have tried to convince his players they should not take the opportunity. Even more shocked that the BWC A2 Coach never even asked his players what they wanted. Brutal.

Anonymous said...

January 10, 2013 10:48 AM
I am sure the BWC A2 Coach is doing a damn fine job, as you put it. I've seen the team play a couple times and they look like they have a very hard time producing goals, or even legitimate scoring chances. So for them to have won more than they've lost tells me he's getting the most out of his team. I guess that’s why he was brought in to replace the young Batchelor this season, and why he’ll be taking over the A1 program next season.

Anonymous said...

Go away BWC A2. Nobody cares

Anonymous said...

Jan 10

There are at least 10 D man in BC that are better than Cholowski. I don't understand what his name is even mentioned with the top players. Rizzolo, Barberis, Anderson, Ginnetti, Purhar, Stephenson, Colburns, Keen (99),Georgeopoulos, Kwan, Pouliot, Capstick (99) to name a few.

When comparing it has to be apples to apples.
Alberta has 3X 20 min games.It is my understanding that they have no teiring.
PCAHA has 1:15( Burnaby Minor), 1:30 with most assoc and BWC is the only assoc with 3 X 20 min slots. Some of those games are only 40 min stop time. A third less time then Alberta. They also have tiering which makes a huge difference.
PCAHA should make 3 20 min periods mandatory for Bantam AAA and get rid of the sportsmanship point.

Clague and Quenville are good players but I would like to see them playing with better competition and we can see how dominate they are. St. Albert will be a better measuring stick.

Anonymous said...

Jan 10 11:51

Yes that was the score and that's not parody. Cloverdale move down to a lower tier with teams of similar caliber so they have parody!!! When a team obviously shouldn't be in your league and everyone is blowing them out, does Alberta move those teams to a lower league? If not, I can see why these players are racking up the big numbers.

Anonymous said...

January 10, 2013 at 8:52 AM
Others have corrected you already, but Cholowski is not in the same category as Fabbro. Fabbro's teammate, Barberis, is the only other comparable D-man in BC. Those two are in a category of their own. Both will go in the first round, and possibly in the Top 10. Cholowski is maybe a 5th rounder.

January 13, 2013 at 12:18 PM
A bunch of BWC A2 folks seem to care. Along with a bunch of others who agree or disagree on the point. One sure way of measuring interest in a topic is the number of comments it generates. Seems to me every coach and every rep player wants to move up. Just my opinion but it's strange the players were never asked.

January 14, 2013 at 8:02 AM
Without Tiering or Flighting the teams, all those magnificent point totals in Alberta are just about meaningless. PCAHA has its problems, but so does AB.