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Sunday, June 17, 2012

North American Hockey Classic - Final Day

1999 Born "A Side" Final
Alberta Alliance 5 - Western Canada Selects 2
The Alliance, who were one of the favourites to win the 99 born side, did just that, with a 5-2 win on Sunday.  The Alliance got a balanced scoring attack with Holzer, White and Trey Fix-Wolansky amongst the scorers.  The Western Canada Selects got markers from Bains and Nault.

All Scoring 1999

1Trey Fix-Wolansky93Alberta Alliance4711
1Cameron Lockard65Alberta Alliance7411
3Riley Sawchuck55Western Canadian Selects3710
3Nolan Jackson12Vancouver Selects3710
3James Malm94Vancouver Selects6410
3Stelio Mattheos77Manitoba Falcons4610
7Austin Nault97Western Canadian Selects459
7Ryan Anderson88Alberta Alliance279
7Brett Stapley9Vancouver Vipers279
7Michael Schumacher66Western Canadian Selects549
7Jordy Bellerive88Vancouver Vipers639

1998 Born "A Side" Final
Star forward Jordan Taupert and the Mercurys win gold at the North American Hockey Classic
Edmonton Mercurys 4 - Vancouver Vipers 1 - FINAL
Kody Mcdonald had an outstanding game, scoring 3 goals in leading the Mercury's to a 4-1.  Tyler Shugue from the Vipers held his team in as long as he could in this one.  Jordan Taupert scored the other goal in this game, the smallish Taupert is a skilled player in the Brayden Point mold, we'll see what he can do next year.  Tyler Benson and David Quenneville were outstanding again in this game.  Luke Gingras scored the lone goal for the Vipers.

All Scoring 1998

1Kieffer Bellows23Team Traktor Minnesota9918
2Joey Anderson13Team Traktor Minnesota10616
3Tyler Benson71Edmonton Mercurys6713
4Brayden Dunn14Calgary Jr Hitmen4812
5Tyson Jost17Edmonton Mercurys5611
5Ryan Lindgren18Team Traktor Minnesota4711
5Matthew Phillips16Calgary Jr Hitmen6511
5Nick Pastujov22Vancouver Selects6511
9Garrett Wait14Team Traktor Minnesota4610
9Tye Felhaber22Vancouver Vipers7310
9Quinn Benjafield22Vancouver Vipers7310

1999 Born Final in the AAA Division
Saskatoon Jr. Blades 7 - Calgary Jr. Flyers 0
The Saskatoon Jr. Blades who were booted to the 1999 AAA from the '99 Elite division won easily today 7-0 over the Calgary Jr. Flyers.  Erik Gardiner, the brother of Reid Gardiner who was drafted in the first round of the WHL Bantam Draft led the way once again with 3 goals and 2 assists.  Another one of our highly ranked prospects Jack Leschyshyn had 1 goal and 2 assists.

Calgary Jr. Hitmen 6 - Jr. Steelers 1
The disappointing tournament for the Jr. Steelers has come to an end with a 6-1 defeat.  The lone goal for the Jr. Steelers was scored by Brett Howden, their top player in the tournament.  The Jr. Hitmen got 2 goals from Parker Aucoin, who plays winter hockey with the Calgary Northstar Sabres and 4 assists from his teammate on that same winter team.  Another player from that Northstar Sabres team - D - Kyle Yewchuk had 2 assists.  Yewchuk is a towering dman who skates quite well for his near 6'4 height.  Defenseman Mark Drohan, who played AA last year, showed very well once again.


Anonymous said...

score sheet was wrong all weekend, games when someone had two goals and went to some one eles , saw this a few times , asst. never went to right guy, but at end of day way more to the game then just stats, it a 200 foot game

Anonymous said...

Hey WEHP you guys ever think about doing a recap for drafted players from the past 5 years or so to see where they are now. Would be kind of interesting to see who is still playing and who played in WHL games and who didnt etc...

Anonymous said...

As much as I agree with your comments that the stats were probably incorrect in many places, in the end it means nothing. No scout will use these stats as a measuring stick. They will go and watch and see who does play the 200foot game. People who get caught up in the stats are usually parents wanting an ego stroke. The cream rises to the top over time regardless what 1 tournament stats sheets say.

Anonymous said...

There are rolls on teams but in the end if you want to be a top 6 player at the next level (WHL or Midget AAA) stats are all that matter. Don't kid yourself. On the other hand everyone needs role players.

Anonymous said...

Yes I must agree that the stats at the NAHC were incorrect and many were missed. Can't really expect much more when some games they had a two man ref system. We watched some 98' games with a two man system. Very inadequate for that level of hockey. Congrats to the 99' Alliance and 98' Mercury's on there wins. The Mercury's were a unbelievable good and even team. I don't think they really had a 3rd line. Right from goal, thru defense and the forwards they were top notch. A real goal for the younger kids to strive for.

Anonymous said...

1-42 and 3-43 nicely said, time will tell after winter hockey is over

Anonymous said...

Just asking, will do write more of a wrap up on the Winnipeg Tournament?
Yes we do know who won. Was it close, good reffing, Who shined who stepped up that you did not expect. Who went the other way ?

Who was the stars and the the ones that did not shine so much.

After looking at the top 98 players playing against each other, Does your winter teams change ranking at all or does it just confirm your choices?
This was it until Chilliwack.

Not complaining just looking for more information, was not able to attend Winnipeg.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for the comments both positive and negative. Scouting and evaluation is something that is definitely subjective and every scout we deal with has a different list, as do we.

In saying that, I would like to reply to the person who was wanting a bit more of a re-cap on the tournament. We hope to have our scouting report back from our scout who was in attendance in Winnipeg within the next week. At that point, some will be posted here and the rest in the newsletter. As for writing about who didn't do too well in the tournament....We likely won't be pointing that out all season long and never have in our 2 years of existence. These kids are 12-15 years old and it isn't our job to deflate them. However, we will point out when someone is rising quickly or had a good showing at a camp/tournament.

In closing, I would like to say we do our best for the amount of resources we have. Every tournament attended, game attended, camp attended etc. is out of our pockets. We don't have a WHL budget but in the end, we get help from not only our scouts but people, coaches, whl personal from all over western Canada and the USA.

I appreciate your comments, all of you!