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Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 15, 2012 Newsletter is ready

In an attempt to get this out to most people before the North American Hockey Classic starts tomorrow, we have decided to release this newsletter a bit early.

In this edition of the newsletter, we have now increased the number of 1998 ranked players from 170 to 200 due to various reports we have received back and viewings through the spring thus far.  Adjustments have been made to reflect the Challenge Cup tournament, Brandon AAA Challenge Tournament and other various tournaments which have taken place in the past two weeks.  Also updated in the rankings are the results from week 1 of the North American Hockey Classic.

Also included is the top 120 1999 born prospects.  The group will be followed through major tournaments throughout the spring and summer and the list will be work on as we progress through the off season.  We have increased this list from 110 to 120 and it has seen some major movement due to our reports received from western Canada through tournament play.  Once again, several tournaments have been played which have resulted in addition, deletions and adjustments in the rankings.

We also introduce you to the top 30 USA born prospects once again.  We will introduce you to them through interview and various tournament reports this summer as well.

I spoke with a Saskatchewan born defenseman whose father once played in the league.  We think he is one of the better skaters in his age group from Saskatchewan and will be taking part in the North American Hockey Classic this coming weekend.

I caught up with a British Columbia forward who was over-shadowed last season on one of the top teams in Western Canada.  This year, he feels he is ready to be the go-to guy.

We meet a 1999 born prospect who is shooting up the rankings very quickly.  He will definitely be one to watch over the next couple season and currently we have him very high on the rankings.

We also meet a Saskatchewan born forward whose father also played in the WHL and also some minor pro.  He is a darkhorse player with huge offensive upside moving forward.

Lastly, we meet a lower mainland scoring star who is ready to be one of the next big scoring stars to come out of a very good program

The North American Hockey Classic just finished week 1 which featured mostly Manitoba and some Saskatchewan teams in both the 98 and 99 age groups.  We give a re-cap of what went on their.  The most competitive tournament of the spring/summer season is set to get underway in Winnipeg this weekend as week 2 of the North American Hockey Classic begins tomorrow.

Prospect Diary
This season we have decided to follow a top prospect around, heading in to the bantam draft.  Jaeger White offers up his first edition of the "Prospect Diary" and explains how his spring/summer has gone and he also explains the reason behind leaving Medicine Hat for BWC.


Anonymous said...

Very dissapointed in this site. Blogs seem to want to talk about Manitoba and BC 1999's but very little discussion on the winner - the Alliance. Most of these kids are new to the WEHP, yet they do not even want to talk about them.

Anonymous said...

I'm a father of a player who plays on the Alliance team, won't say who. I find that WEHP does a tremendous job of non-bias coverage and I don't know where else you could find rankings this early in the season that are this bang on for the most part!

Sure, every list is different, but you talk to scouts and they very much enjoy the website and the newsletter they offer here.