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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


TORONTO, June 5, 2012 /CNW/ - The National Hockey League Players' Association (NHLPA) announced today the names of 42 selected bantam-aged players who will participate in the second annual Allstate All-Canadians Mentorship Camp. Hosted by NHL players under the leadership of 21-year NHL veteran Gary Roberts, the invitation-only camp will be held at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga, Ontario from July 17 to 21, 2012. The intensive five-day camp will conclude with the Allstate All-Canadians Mentorship Cup - an inter-squad exhibition game - on Saturday, July 21 at 1:00 p.m. ET, broadcast on TSN.

Of the 23 western Canada players selected, we had all of them rated in our top 2 rounds with the exception of goaltender Tyson Verhelst who was ranked in the early 3rd round.  In addition, 8 of the top 12 WEHP defenseman were selected with Lenchyshyn, Gardiner, Bear and Reddekopp not selected.  Also selected were the WEHP top 4 goalies in McBride, Sawchenko, Child and Verhelst and 11 of our top 13 forwads. Here is the players invited to the Mentorship Camp and our final ranking beside each players name.

British Columbia

Position Name Hometown Current Team
F BARZAL, Mathew Coquitlam, BC Burnaby Winter Club - WEHP Rank 1st
D DAVIS, Kevin Kamloops, BC Kamloops Blazers - WEHP Rank 31st
D GATENBY, Joe Kelowna, BC Kelowna POE - WEHP Rank 13th
F GAWDIN, Glenn Richmond, BC Seafair Islanders - WEHP Rank 7th
F HARKINS, Jansen North Vancouver, BC North Shore Winter Club - WEHP Rank 3rd
G McBRIDE, Nick Maple Ridge, BC Burnaby Winter Club - WEHP Rank 20th - 1st G
F MORRISON, Brad West Kelowna, BC Okanagan Hockey Academy - WEHP Rank 10th
F MUSIL, Adam Delta, BC Burnaby Winter Club - WEHP Rank 2nd
F RONNING, Ty Burnaby, BC Burnaby Winter Club - WEHP Rank 25th
D SCHULTZ, Ty New Westminster, BC Burnaby Winter Club - WEHP Rank 15th
F SOY, Tyler Surrey, BC Cloverdale Colts - WEHP Rank 8th
D WOTHERSPOON, Parker Surrey, BC Cloverdale Colts - WEHP Rank 11th

Position Name Hometown Current Team
G CHILD, Travis Killam, AB Camrose Vikings - WEHP Rank 27th, 2nd G
F ESTEPHAN, Giorgio Edmonton, AB Edmonton SSAC Lions - WEHP Rank 5th
D GUHLE, Brendan Sherwood Park, AB Sherwood Park Flyers - WEHP Rank 22nd
F MERKLEY, Nick Calgary, AB Calgary Bisons - WEHP Rank  4th
D REAGAN, Brady Blackie, AB Okanagan Hockey Academy - WEHP Rank 14th
G SAWCHENKO, Zach Calgary, AB Calgary Royals - WEHP Rank 37th, 3rd G

Position Name Hometown Current Team
F HALBGEWACHS, Jayden Emerald Park, SK Balgonie Prairie Storm - WEHP Rank 16th
F NAGY, Regan Ogema, SK Weyburn Wings - WEHP Rank 19th
D OLSON, Tate Saskatoon, SK Saskatoon Stallions - WEHP Rank 6th
D RIDDLE, Brennan Balgonie, SK Balgonie Prairie Storm - WEHP Rank 30th

Position Name Hometown Current Team
G VERHELST, Tyson Brandon, MB Brandon Wheat Kings - WEHP Rank 51st, 4th G


Anonymous said...

Seto should be on. Cloverdale would have been nothing without him.

Anonymous said...

Seto should be there. He makes players around him better. Ask Barzel last year and Soy this year. Fantastic talent. BWC must have some influence as they dominated the selection more than they dominated the play vs Cloverdale. I guess too many great players in BC and not enough spots. Seto is for sure as good as any forward on that list and he will have his day. Several POE D should be there as well. Braylon Shymr as well......and...... Its always hard with these selections.

Anonymous said...

seto is a one way player and tends to be selfish with the puck.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are jealous? 7:55 Who is your son so we can comment on him? Seto is a great player. Like I said he makes player around him better. What do you mean by a one way player. Does that mean good all the time?

Anonymous said...

8:02 are you sure its not the other way around that Soy and Barzel made him better then he actually is? Just asking, I really don't know. Szeto did not make it either So did alot of other very good players.

I don't think BWC has that much power to influence the NHLPA?
Cloverdale did have a good run,just could not win when they needed too.

Everyone has a opinion, but they don't matter in the end.

Anonymous said...

Seto would have never been drafted if he didn't have a good shot. His skating hurts him and will continue to hurt him trying to get to the next level.
I have to agree with 7:55. Everything about him is I, I, I and not team. Selfish, Selfish, Selfish!!!! Cloverdale would have been nothing without him....please don't disrespect the talent on that team!!!
I think the scouts and those involved with the NHLPA have done their homework for who they chose for this televised event.(...BWC must be a great program to have influence with the NHLPA....hahaha..sounds like someone is not happy with what the scouts saw all season long....remeber the old saying, " the cream always rises to the top".

Anonymous said...

Hey 10:12

Yes Cloverdale had a good season, won some tournaments, but when all the marbles where on the line in the game that matterd the most, guess what? They lost. simple truth they lost could not get it done.

Give the devil the devil their due, when it mattered the most BWC answered the bell

Anonymous said...

Seto has a heavy shot and scored lots of goals Probably a step back for him last year in his overall development. His skating did not improve and Cloverdale let him float too much and his play on the defensive side of the puck suffered.
That said there is lots of time to get rid of the bad habits he picked up in Cloverdale . Should be in major midget next year. Let's hope

Anonymous said...

NHLPA mentorship....Seto a pro..Not likely

Anonymous said...

Is there a better place where we can find out about the top 98 and 99 born players? I come on here and find zilch, noda, nothing and I won't pay a cent either for this information.

Why would we pay to to see rankings, I'll do my own rankinos.

Any other sites better out there, just curious.

Anonymous said...

If you ared oing your own rankings, why do you care what WEP rankings are?