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Sunday, June 10, 2012

North American Hockey Classic - AAA Division

The North American Hockey Classic began this weekend with action in the AAA division this weekend in Winnipeg.  The main tournament in the AAA Elite Division will take place next weekend of course with all the top teams in the 98 and 99 age groups minus a few top players.

1998 AAA Division

The 1998 born group this weekend was comprised of 4 Manitoba teams, a team from Thunder Bay as well as a team from Minnesota.  The big favourites heading in were the Jr. Steelers who are comprised of many potential first rounders such as Nolan Patrick, Brett Howden, Tanner Kaspick and G - Ryan Kubic.  In the end it was the Jr. Steelers who would walk away with the title going a perfect 6-0-0, scoring 34 goals and allowing just 8. 

In the final it was the Jr. Steelers defeating the squad from Minnesota 10-3.  Nolan Patrick, who we currently have in our top 10 rankings had a huge game with 3-3-6 to lead the way.  Tanner Kaspick, another first round ranked prospect had 3 goals as well and added an assist.  Brett Howden, another first round ranked prospect had 2-1-3.  Kevin Fellows had 2 goals for the Minnesota Team Exceed.  Ryan Kubic was in net for the Jr. Steelers for the win.  Kubic is currently our highest ranked goalie for the bantam draft.

Scoring Leaders -1998 Born
Profile Picture
Nolan Patrick should be a high 1st rounder
1.   Nolan Patrick  6GP 10-6-16  Jr. Steelers
2.   Brett Howden  6GP  4-7-11  Jr. Steelers
3.   Curtis Hansen  6GP  6-3-9  Minnesota
4.   Linden McCorrister  6GP  4-5-9  Jr. Steelers
5.   Nolan Libbrecht  5GP  3-6-9  MB  Predators
6.   Tanner Kaspick  6GP  3-5-8  Jr. Steelers
7.   Kevin Fellows  6GP  3-5-8  Minnesota
8.   Connor Clemons  6GP  4-4-8  Minnesota
9.   Adam Touchette  5GP  3-4-7  Red Army
10. Conner Barley  6GP  3-3-6  Jr. Steelers

1.   Ryan Kubic  6GP  1.33GAA  Jr. Steelers
2.   Jeremy Link  3GP  2.00 GAA  MB Predators

1999 Male Open Division

As expected in the Male Open 1999 born division, it was the Jr. Steelers taking the championship with a 2-1 victory over Sask Can in OT.  Austin Nault and Brandon Marques scored the goals for the Jr. Steelers while Cody Kalyn scored for Sask Can.  Dylan Myskiw, one of our highest ranked '99 born goalies earned the win. 

Scoring Leaders - 1999 Born
Dan Gauer  5GP  7-7-14  Southeast 99's
Connor Gutenberg  5GP  4-9-13  Manitoba Storm
Brennan Zastre  5GP  6-5-11 Southeast 99's
Blake Stalmaschuk  5GP  5-6-11 Jr. Steelers
Cody Bealieu  5GP  5-5-10  Southeast 99's
Cole Shrimpton  5GP  6-3-9  Sask Can
Tyler Szun 5GP  6-3-9  Jr. Steelers
Dawson Braun 5GP  6-3-9  Manitoba Icecaps
Wyatt Bear  5GP  6-3-9  Ninety Nine Stars
Ryan Nivon  5GP  2-7-9  Sask Can
Austin Nault  5GP  4-5-9  Jr. Steelers

Top Goalies
Dylan Myskiw  5GP  1.35  Jr. Steelers
Kerigan Dowhy  3GP  2.00  Sask Can
Riley Rutherford  3GP  2.00  Manitoba Storm

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