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Monday, June 4, 2012

Next big time Western Talent?

Jordy Bellerive
North Shore Winter Club (PCAHA)
5’9 165 Forward -1999

First off, talk about where you played your minor hockey up to this point and list some of your favorite personal and team memories?
So far I have played at Hollyburn Country Club and North Shore Winterclub (NSWC). I played at Hollyburn until I moved to NSWC in peewee.

You have played in some very big tournaments already. Talk about the experience playing at the Quebec International Peewee Tournament and the experience at the recent World Selects Invitational?
The experiences of Quebec and the World selects Invitational are amazing. It's nothing like playing in your home town for most people, including me. You get to play against some of the best players in the world from your age group and compare yourself to them so you can improve yourself.

You were one of the top Peewee aged players in western Canada this past season. What kind of adjustment are you expecting in moving up to bantam hockey next year? What can you offer at that level?
Moving into bantam next year - I think I can offer quite a bit if I work my hardest and use my skill. For most good players you just need a few ice times to adjust to the game speed and then everything is back to normal.

What are some of the strengths in your game that help set you apart from some of the other players in your age group. On the other hand, what are the weaknesses in your game that you feel need the most work? What are you doing to work on those weaknesses?
Obviously I am not going to be huge next year so I need to continue working on my speed, agility and strength as much as I can. The things that I think set me apart from other players are my speed, strength, quick hands and my shot. My weaknesses are probably not always knowing what I am going to do before I get the puck and not always hitting the net. The things that I am doing to improve these weaknesses are lifting my head up and looking what's ahead of me before I get the puck, and shooting at least 100 pucks a day when I am at home and never missing the net. If I do miss the net, I do 10 push ups per shot that misses the net.

Your brother Matt was a 2nd round selection of your home town Vancouver Giants. What kind of advantage do you think it is to have a sibling who has been down the road and knows what it takes to reach that level? How do your playing styles compare?
The advantage of having my brother at home and being in the WHL is huge. He always tells me what goes on and what to expect. Whenever I am training with him, he pushes me so that I will be prepared for when my time comes for the draft. Our playing styles are different, but also the same in a few ways. We use the same skating instructor so our skating is quite similar and so are our play making thoughts. Both of us have a hard shot which is a great advantage when scoring opportunities come along.

What hockey related activities are you doing this spring and summer to get ready for the 12-13 hockey season? Are you playing on any spring/summer teams or tournaments?
To prepare for next season I am doing 3 more spring tournaments and training a lot in the summer along with a camp just prior to tryouts.

Which players amongst your peers impress you the most on both a skill and leadership level and why?
The player that I think shows the best leadership skills and impress' me the most is Justin Almeida. He works so hard and doesn't get as much credit as he deserves and I don’t know if this is important but along with me, the tournament missed out on quite a few of his points in this last tournament.


Anonymous said...

Bellervie is a very good player, but we are seeing the gap close between him & other players who are now starting to hit puberty- not as fast or as early as he did, but they getting there. We saw in Kelowna Heat Tournament what happens when he goes up against players who are as big & strong as he is....i.e. the big boys on the Alberta team shut him down & frustrated him into taking several minor penalties. He has been going through puberty for well over a year, while 50% of the kids at his age are just starting the process now & 50% of the others are still waiting. It will be interesting to watch the next two years as the playing field levels out. Puberty is a wondersul thing in sports!!!

Anonymous said...

Agree he was not as strong as he has looked in the past in 2 of the tournaments i watched him in he looked good but other kids are starting to catch up to him.

Anonymous said...

You guys sound jealous? Let me guess its your son that you think is "closing the gap" Who are you so we can comment on your son's play.

Anonymous said...


you guys are funny. Wait till the finals of St Albert. Then you will see where he fits in Bantam.

97 talent in Alberta and BC was very strong. But there is a bigger gap of talent from 98 to 99's

Being a 1st Bantam is a little different then 2nd year Bantam.
Then come back and re read this post.