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Friday, June 15, 2012

North American Hockey Classic - Day 2

Scoring Leaders After Day 2

1Kieffer Bellows23Team Traktor Minnesota7714
2Joey Anderson13Team Traktor Minnesota9413
3Tyson Jost17Edmonton Mercurys549
4Matthew Phillips16Calgary Jr Hitmen448
4Tyler Benson71Edmonton Mercurys448
4Nick Pastujov22Vancouver Selects448
7Brayden Dunn14Calgary Jr Hitmen347
7Tye Felhaber22Vancouver Vipers527
7Quinn Benjafield22Vancouver Vipers527
7Alex Rotundo98Edmonton Mercurys347
11Adam Mascherin7DHI Octane Elite336
11Jordan Taupert14Edmonton Mercurys426
11Hank Crone20Vancouver Selects336
14Ryan Lindgren18Team Traktor Minnesota145
14Brett Howden21Jr Steelers145
14Parker Aucoin27Calgary Jr Hitmen325
14Vince Loschiavo77Jr Steelers235
18Simeon Pincombe35Team Traktor Minnesota134
18Greg Hendrickson71DHI Octane Elite224
18Matt Hellickson12Team Traktor Minnesota134

All Scoring 1999

1Brett Stapley9Vancouver Vipers279
1Riley Sawchuck55Western Canadian Selects369
3Trey Fix-Wolansky93Alberta Alliance257
3Ryan Anderson88Alberta Alliance257
3Cameron Lockard65Alberta Alliance527
6Austin Nault97Western Canadian Selects336
6Nolan Jackson12Vancouver Selects246
6Michael Schumacher66Western Canadian Selects336
6Jordy Bellerive88Vancouver Vipers426
10Austin Pratt14Minnesota Machine415

Day 2 - 1999 Born Evening
Vancouver Selects 5 - Western Canada Selects 1
In a battle of 2-0-0 teams, it is the Vancouver Selects who come out on team and finish a perfect 3-0-0.  James Malm, who we have in our top 10, scored 1-1-2 to lead the way.  Also scoring for the Selects was Rasmussen, Walton, Smart and Mendal.  Riley Sawchuk, a high scoring forward from Prince Albert got the lone Western Canada Selects marker.

Manitoba Falcons 4 - BC Pirates 2
Connor Gutenberg, a high scoring player from Brandon scored again as did Hayden Ostir, Brayden Pachel and Luc Alaire also scored for the Falcons who move to 1-2-0.  Jesse Nelson scored one of the goals for the BC Pirates and Issac Sandomirsky scored in his 3rd straight game for the Pirates.

Vancouver Vipers 7 - Minnesota Machine 2
Our #1 overall ranked '99 born forward Jordy Bellerive has a huge game after a slow start to the tournament, picking up 3 goals and 2 assists tonight.  Brett Stapley, his NSWC teammate picks up 1 goal and 5 assists and currently leads the '99's in scoring.  Justin Almeida, also from NSWC scored tonight as did Jake Harrison.  Nolan Kneen, a NSWC dman had 2 assists.  Scheerer and Knoepke scored for the Machine tonight.

Minnesota Icemen 5 - Alberta Alliance 3
Luke Manning and Ryan Poehling each score twice in the Iceman win.  The Alliance, who suffer their first loss were led by Edmonton Peewee Oilkings scoring star Josh Paterson and his 2 goals.  Ryan Anderson scored once as well for the Alliance.

Day 2 - 1998 Born Evening
Vancouver Vipers 6 - Notre Dame Prospects 2
Quinn Benjafield from the NSWC program had his 2nd straight 2 goal game of the tournament and added 2 assists to pace the Vipers to the win.  Dante Hannoun, another high scoring NSWC forward also scored 2 goals.  Robbie Johnson and Michael Regush also scored while fast climbing Matt Barberis from BWC had 2 assists.  Notre Dame got goals from Tyran Brown and Brandon Klatt once again.

Day 2 - 1998 Born Action
Calgary Jr. Hitmen 7 - Notre Dame Prospects 1
A pair of Calgary NE prospects in Brayden Dunn and Parker Aucoin each score twice in leading the Jr. Hitmen to the win.  Matthew Phillips has 1-2-3 as well.  We project all 3 to be within the top two rounds of the 2013 WHL Bantam Draft.  Jared Legien, who has showed well, scores once again for the Notre Dame Prospects.  He is in our rankings too.

Team Traktor 8 - Saskatoon Jr. Blades 3
The Western Elite Hockey Prospects #1 ranked Western USA prospect for the 2012 WHL Bantam Draft picks up 4 goals and 1 assist and Kiefer Bellows has 5 points as they walk past a good Jr. Blades team 8-3. Jordan Borstmayer, Kaden Elder and Cale Fleury score for the Jr. Blades.

Vancouver Selects Blue 7 - Manitoba Predators 3
The Vanvouver Selects were once again led by a pair of prospects from south of the border in Nick Pastujov from Michigan and Kailer Yamamoto from Washington St. leading the way with 2 goals each.  Jesse Lansdell (Surrey), Hank Crone (Dallas) and Michael Pastujov (Michigan) also scored for the Selects Blue.  The Selects Blue came in late for game 1 as several players had to drive in to Winnipeg from Calgary due to bad weather and flights.  Beck Malenstyn brok his wrist and is out for a while.  The Predators got goals from Anea Ferrario, Dane Derewianchuk and D- Adam Thurlbeck.

DHI Octane Elite 5 - Edmonton Mercurys 3
The star studded Edmonton Mercurys actually lost a game in the tournament, much to some peoples surprise by a score of 5-3.  The Ontario based DHI Octane Elite were led by 2 goals from Darby Hendrickson's son Greg.  Sean Day and James Allen each also had 2 points.  For the Mercurys, Alex Rotundo with 1-1-2 and Tyson Jost 0-2-2 were the only multiple point getters.  David Quenneville had a goal again from the point and seems primed for continuous first round status.  Star forward, Tyler Benson held scoreless.

Vancouver Vipers 8 - Red Army 2
Top two round rated prospects Jake Kryski and Quinn Benjafield each score twice in leading the Vipers to a easy win today.  Luke Gingras, from Langley, who is another top rated prospect had a good game with 1-2-3.  Sorry, no reports from good checkers in this one!  Adam Touchette and Austin Friesen scored for the Red Army team.  Both Friesen and Touchette are highly ranked '98 prospects by WEHP.

Manitoba Jr. Steelers 4 - Southern Alberta Selects Fusion 0
The powerhouse Jr. Steelers avenge their opening day loss with a win against the Fusion.  Brett Howden continues to prove why he'll be a top pick in going 1-1-2.  Loschaivo, Martin and D - Lavioe also scored for the Jr. Steelers.  Ryan Kubic had the shut out.

Day 2 - 1999 Born Action
Western Canada Selects 9 - Minnesota Blades 4
A team WEHP had the say in, in terms of roster was able to get their first win with a 9-4 victory over the Minnesota Blades.  Bobby Defriest scored a TRICK  and Prince Albert star forward Riley Sawchuk had 2-2-4.  Austin Nault also scored for the 3rd straight game and added 2 assists.  Vancouver Thunderbirds high scoring ace Tyson Lin had 3 assists as well.  Mitch Machlitt, who is a top 10 player in his age group from hockey hot bed Minnesota had 2 goals.

Alberta Alliance 6 - Minnesota Machine 4
The high powered Alberta Alliance, featuring many players from the '12 peewee champion Edmonton Jr. Oilkings walk past a good Minnesota Machine team 6-4.  Aiden Steinke and Cameron Lockard each had 2 goals.  Lockard has opening up many eyes and will move up in the next rankings.  Trey Fix-Wolansky and Ryan Peckford contributed again as per usual.

North American Stars 4 - Vancouver Vipers 3
In what has to be the most surprising happening of the North American Hockey Classic thus far, the Vancouver Vipers have fallen to 0-2-0.  Again, balance scoring is what is the theme for the most part of the tournament as the North American Stars get goals from four different players;  Logan Foster scored once again and our scout their has taken notice as well as Dylan Burton, Brett Namaka and high scoring Balgonie product Eamon Milligan.  For the under-achieving Vipers it was Bellerive, Stapley and Berard.  Stapley had 3 points in the game.  Our #1 ranked prospect, Jordy Bellerive hasn't been very good thus far!

Vancouver Selects (2-0-0) 5 - Manitoba Falcons (0-2-0)
The Vancouver Selects once again prove why they are the favourites in easily handling a very good Manitoba Falcons team, who has now dropped to 0-2-0.  The Selects were once again led by Nolan Jackson, who picked up his 2nd consecutive multiple point game with 1 goal and 2 assists.  Parm Dhaliwahl scored his 2nd of the tournament, D - Jonathan Smart from Kelowna scored as did Michael Rasmussen and James Malm with his 2nd of the tournament.  The Falcons lone goal came from Nick Henry who plays in Portage area of Manitoba.  Brandon Benoit started for the Falcons and allowed all 5 goals and Logan Thiessen came in to mop up.


Anonymous said...

Logan Thiessen has played both games for 99 Falcons !!!

Anonymous said...

Yikes, should WEHP be embarrassed by now? Too many errors, the rankings are horse shit in my opinion too. I am launching my own rankings in the fall.....pull a bunch of names out of a hat and see where they fall or else throw the cards on a floor and see what happens. What a fucking joke this site is.

My 6 year year old son took a look and laughed at these rankings. Who gives a shit about rankings anyways?

Anonymous said...

Lockard isn’t even listed in your top 100 ranking as it is predominantly parent propaganda and AA glorified stats.

Anonymous said...

Lockhard is not "eye opening" for those who actually watch these games. He is not even listed in the top 100 rankings of the parent propaganda and AA stat collecting material.

Anonymous said...

Would you swear like that in the site for your 6 year old. Let me guess your son or team was not ranked very high. If you dont like it dont read it. You are showing your IQ

Anonymous said...

If you think this is a joke or you can do better than why don't you stop logging on, reading articles and find something else to do with your time? This site does provide good info for Western Canada and is a good source to hear and read about other players outside of your own area.

Rankings? Well like anyone else they have their opinion. You don't have to agree with that opinion cause like the old saying goes "opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one". In your case it seems like it is a big one. Now go away.

Anonymous said...

I have watched the 99 Alliance and I have to say - as good as the offence is, the defence is better. Big, confident, move the puck, control the corners - it is what is giving the Alliance the edge. Notables are Dudley from Edmonton, McPhee (a Brick player), but all are good.

Anonymous said...

I heard that WEHP is closing the blog and not giving anyone access to anything anymore? Is this true, if it is, it would be a shame. I know people who have followed this for 3 years now and love the work, information and rankings provided.

Don't listen to the drunken dolts who post on here WEHP. I have spoken with 100's who love your site and information!

Anonymous said...

For not being eye-opening - that Lockhard kid is doing pretty well. He must be top scorer in the tourn. Alliance in tough though - playing the Selects. But I understand they beat them in a prior tournament. My bets are on that team the Alliance.

Anonymous said...

Great game today the alliance and the vancouver Selects. Really tight and well played. The Alliance just dig deeper. they have been behind every team in the tournament, but just appear to have more character. Love their jerseys. Again, I love the defense - I like to watch them work. Very confident - holzar's huge, Mcphee smart, Dudley and Playford - calm and collected and strong. Jayden looks good and Seto from Calgary fits in.