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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Western U.S.A Top 10 '97 born

Western Elite Hockey Prospects would like to offer a snip-it of the Western U.S.A top 10 '97 born players for the 2012 WHL Bantam Draft on May 3, 2012.

1.   D- Keoni Texeira (L.A. Selects)  5'11 192
2.   F- Ethan Price (Omaha U16)  5'11 175
3.   D- Danial Woolfenden (Seattle Sno-Kings)  5'9 155
4.   D- Tyler Brown (POE)  6'1 170
5.   F- Angus Scott (Notre Dame)
6.   F- Robby Jackson (L.A. Selects)  5'8  160
7.   F- Rem Pitlick (Shattuck St. Marys)  5'6 150
8.   F- Auston Matthews (Phoenix Jr.Coyotes/Arizona Bobcats)  5'10 145
9.   F- Alex Overhardt (Colorado Thunderbirds)
10. F- Christian Cakebread (Phoenix Jr. Coyotes/Arizona Bobcats) 5'8 135


Anonymous said...

How are these rankings determined and where are you getting your data to form them? There has to be players that are not even on the top 50 Western US list that deserve recognition. Perhaps expanding past the top 50 is a solution?

Anonymous said...

These rankings are a joke. The top 5 are very correct, but the rest are hilarious. You are not even including Caleb Jones of the Dallas Stars Elite 97, Logan Fauber of the Colorado Thunderbirds 97, or even Troy Terry of Colorado. Some of these are not right.

Western Elite said...

The "joke" rankings have a top 50 to which the three players you list are very close to the top 10. Fauber, Terry and Jones are very good prospects, you are correct.

Anonymous said...

oooooops you made one parent mad lol...

Anonymous said...

Actually i'm a scout thank you. You must be the parent of one of those kids in the top 10 I would guess?

Anonymous said...

How good is Woolfenden? I've heard mixed reviews about him. Some say he is very good and others say he is not very good? I also have another question. Who is the top 5 teams in the Western U.S. And their best players?

Anonymous said...

What about Brian Gabrielle, ooops, I mean Jesse Gabrielle. I heard he was pretty good, for a Canadian. lol.

Anonymous said...

We you be doing at top 50 Western US list and if so, when is that coming out?

Anonymous said...

I was watching OHA play and the players that stood out to me where Deven Sideroff, Brad Morrison, and Brady Reagan.