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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Something a bit different today

A subscriber and reader of the blog wanted to know where a specific player actually went in the WHL draft in relation to where we had them ranked.  So with that said, see below the top 20 forwards, 15 defenseman and 10 goalies selected and beside where we had them rated.  Should give a bit of an idea on the accuracy (not an exact science by any means) and where a player may go.

Forwards1. Jake Virtanen (Calgary Hitmen) WEHP Ranking 1st
2. Reid Duke (Lethbridge Hurricanes) WHEP Ranking 3rd
3. Ryan Gropp (Seattle Thunderbirds) WEHP Ranking 2nd
4. Ty Mappin (Everett Silvertips) WEHP Ranking 5th
5. Reid Gardiner (Prince Albert Raiders) WEHP Ranking 4th
6. Brayden Point (Moose Jaw Warriors) WEHP Ranking 16th ** Ranked between 8-30 overall all year.
7. Rourke Chartier (Kelowna Rockets) WEHP Ranking 10th
8. Miles Warkentine (Moose Jaw Warriors) WEHP Ranking 7th
9. Collin Shirley (Kootenay Ice) WEHP Ranking 13th
10. Blake Penner (Medicine Hat) WEHP Ranking 15th
11. Tanner Macmaster (Spokane Chiefs) WEHP Ranking 8th
12. Thomas Foster (Vancouver Giants) WEHP Ranking 31st
13. Conner Bleakley (Red Deer Rebels) WEHP Ranking 6th
14. Dakota Odgers (Swift Current Broncos) WEHP Ranking NR- Injury most of season
15. Adam Brooks ( Regina Pats) WEHP Ranking 11th
16. Kolten Olynek (Lethbridge Hurricanes) WEHP Ranking 12th
17. Carter Amson (Lethbridge Hurricanes) WEHP Ranking 19th
18. Mitchell Walter (Edmonton Oilkings) WEHP Ranking 6th round
19. Jayce Hawryluk (Brandon Wheatkings) WEHP Ranking 35th
20. Josh Uhrich (Moose Jaw Warriors) WEHP Ranking 23rd

We predicted correct 16 of the top 20 forwards. Not surprised Hawryluk moved up though with his huge talent. Urhich was within the top 20 forwards at different times in the season, Odgers was hurt all year and we had him on the "limited viewing" list. Thomas Foster is the other who a team must've seen something. Every player in the top 13 went in round 1.

1. Brycen Martin (Swift Current) WEHP Ranking 2nd
2. Ryan Pilon (Lethbridge) WEHP Ranking 1st
3. Jordan Thomson (Kamloops) WEHP Ranking 3rd
4. Aaron Irving (Edmonton) WEHP 5th
5. Jordan Harris (Prince George) WEHP Ranking 8th
6. Zach Gonek (Swift Current) WEHP Ranking 4th
7. Joe Hicketts (Victoria) WEHP Ranking 6th
8. Josh Thrower (Calgary) WEHP Ranking 11th
9. Austin Douglas (Seattle) WEHP Ranking 28th
10. Jake Kohlhauser (Vancouver) NR
11. Zach Patterson ( Portland) WEHP Ranking 10th
12. Reid Zalitach (Vancouver) WEHP Ranking 35th
13. Haydn Fleury (Red Deer) WEHP Ranking 7th
14. Ben Thomas (Calgary) WEHP 30th
15. Griffin Mumby (Regina) WEHP Ranking 13th

We predicted correct 11 of the top 15 defenseman. Austin Douglas is 6'6 and Seattle is notorious of drafting huge dman as they took Hauf the year before 4th overall. Zalitach was impressive at westerns so he jumped up. Ben Thomas from Calgary raised his game all season long. If the player is a top 10 dman, it is very likely he will be selected in the top 2 rounds. Right now Lester is ranked 13th in western Canada for dmen. Last year our 13th ranked was Griffin Mumby who went 15th and in round 2.

1. Jordan Papirny (Brandon) WEHP Ranking 1st
2. Payton Lee (Vancouver) WEHP Ranking 2nd
3. Rylan Paranteau (Prince Albert) WEHP 6th
4. Derek Mazil (Edmonton) WEHP Ranking 7th
5. Thomas Spence (Kelowna) WEHP Ranking NR
6. Alec Dillon (Swift Current) WEHP Ranking 8th
7. Grant Naherniak (Red Deer) WEHP Ranking 4th
8. Ryan Rewarts( Saskatoon) WEHP Ranking NR
9. Dylan France (Everett) WEHP Ranking 11th
10. Nolan Kruizenga WEHP Ranking 12th

We projected correctly 8 of the top 12. Papirny and Lee were hands down the top goalies in the draft. This year it is similar with Sawchenko and McBride. I don't like putting goalies in round 1 but McBride is currently there.


Anonymous said...

That's pretty neat when formatted that way and seems about as accurate as any NHL draft prediciton! Maybe that's a better way to publish the list(s)? What was the batting average in the lower rounds? How many on last year's list didn't get drafted?
Enjoying the blog!

Anonymous said...

NO I remember you saying the Brayden Point would go 3rd round due to size best player at u 16 I hope you dont make that mistake again made you look uninformed
put Ronning in the first round

Anonymous said...

I bought the newsletter in January and they had 15/22 players projected correctly. Although they did have players like Sandhu, Wong, Fisher and Stadel ranked in the first round at that point which was off the mark. I believe they had 32/44 in the top 2 rounds so they missed 12 players and that was in January. Not sure how they had the final rankings though. Doesn't matter, I enjoy the read when I do see it and I know scouts who enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

1;42 Very valid point.Very surprised that Liam Finlay from POE is not way up list.For a smaller player he has no problem.I believe he had 2 tourny mvp's and was unreal against BWC and against us Bisons.

Anonymous said...

That Point comment is incorrect--I know for a fact the scouts were torn about his size vs. skill and where to pick him---not everyone has the fortitude to take what they may feel is a chance on a smaller doesn't always work out--in Brayden's case it certaintly did but there are probably many examples where teams wished they had made different choices---Brayden was ranked all over the place and I do remember WEHP making a comment just before the draft that he hoped someone would pick him in the call WEHP uninformed is patently wrong as you just have to look at how close the ranking s were to the draft...Wong was in the 100's and was an absolute steal for Lethbridge as he has a great chance of playing there as a 16-year old---a player like Ronning on a well coached team like BWC thrives...but so would many others who do not have the benefit of this type of program. I hope you are not comparing Point to Ronning...not even in the same Galaxy.

Anonymous said...

8;40, yes i think liam finlay should be rank alot higher, for a small player he has no fear, and is very strong on his skates , may be best skater on his team, plus can the kid stick handle. he was poe best player last two games in med hat

Anonymous said...

I think you will see more and more skilled players selected early on. With rule changes to the game it has made the smaller skill guy more of a solid choice than drafting bigger players who you hope may develop. Nic Petan went first round 5ft6 135 2010 Brayden Point went at 5ft5 130 2011 so the small guy can go early but the one thing is both of these players were exceptional talents. I hope the whl sees value in taking skill over size going forward. Yes I know big and good is better than small and good but Good and small beats big and average all day.I would agree WEHP was more than fair to Brayden Point and did state that he would be a great pick for some team first round.

Anonymous said...

Yup.Finlay's vision is second to none.