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Thursday, November 24, 2011

WEHP Announce Top 10 Team Rankings

WEHP are pleased to announce this morning, the top 10 team rankings.

1.   BWC Bruins
2.   POE
3.   NSWC Winterhawks
4.   SSAC Southgate Lions
5.   Calgary Bisons
6.   Semiahmoo Ravens
7.   Cloverdale Colts
8.   Calgary Royals
9.   St. Albert Sabres
10. Lloydminster Heat

North East Wolfpack
Winnipeg Warriors
Seafair Islanders
Sherwood Park Flyers


Anonymous said...

Only surprise to the rankings is POE continues in the number 2 spot where in fact they've yet to make it to the final in the 2 super tournaments Chilliwack and Medicine Hat?

Anonymous said...

Has POE ever played NSWC ??

Seafair ?????winning your own tournament with Tier two teams.

Anonymous said...

NSWC would beat POE

Anonymous said...

Bisons lost to Okotoks 5-2, were beaten earlier by Bronks 7-1...they are ranked way too high, they are exactly two players deep

Anonymous said...

watched Seafair's top 2 lines battle and come out on top over Cloverdale last night.

Both teams played fair and in saying that, Seafair also had 2 of their goals called back.

we were all agreed the reffing was questionable at times, and more so favoring for the home team

The final score could have been 8-4, but, it wasnt

The season is young and we are sure the standings will continue to change on a daily basis.

Don't count Langley out of the mix here, this association trends to continue on getting stronger throughout the season.

Keep it safe and play hard.

Anonymous said...

Bisons beat Semi and were 2-2 with BWC late in 2nd period-closest team to BWC in Med Hat tourny..first game after a road trip against an Okotoks team that needs wins-Bison haters back at it again--Last year Kamloops ranked #1 all year and couldn't even get out of BC

Anonymous said...

BWC beat Lloyd 7-6. pretty sure that was their closest game in Med Hat. Lloyd also dominated the Bisons...outshot them 38-17 and lose 7-4. if their goaltendning ever comes around, they will be ultra tough!!

Anonymous said...

OHA has not lost a game since losing to Semiahmoo in Chilliwack QFs in OT. They walloped Richmond this morning 9 to 1 at Abby Tourney. A showdown with Cloverdale could happen this weekend. They should be top ten based on record to date.

Anonymous said...

how is POE above NSWC again when its been NSWC and BWC in both of the top tournament finals? BWC and NSWC are the top 2 teams.... I believe NSWC would beat POE when and if they play.

Anonymous said...

Sherwood park beat St. Albert 4-0...

Anonymous said...

SSAC came back from Med Hat and won handily Tues night. Why couldnt Bisons beat a terrible hockey team on same rest? They are now tied for 5th in AMBHL in league standings, and there are 15....YES 15 teams with less GAA then them. Yes they are a damn solid team, but not 5th. Teams like Llyodminster, Cgy Royals and Sherwood Park seem to be more consistent.

Anonymous said...

NSWC is better than POE, Cloverdale should be ranked higher than the bisons

Anonymous said...

What happened to the Wpg Sharks? They were ranked near the top early on in the season and now not even an honourable mention?

Anonymous said...

Will bwc fall of the charts next year?

Anonymous said...

bisons beat lloyd

Anonymous said...

Bisons came 4th in medicine hat one of the biggest tournaments in western Canada. They proved that they can play and compete with the best teams that tournament and in the 2goal loss to bwc. Although they are not consistent they are a hell of a team when there on there game.

Anonymous said...

Winnipeg Sharks have had a miserable start to the season, only winning two of their first 13 games. Not only that, but top ranked prospect Dallas Miller has quit the team. This would explain their fall from the rankings...and rightly so.

Anonymous said...

didn't Seafair beat Cloverdale with all the Colts studs in the line up, and then Seafair tied BWC 1-1 (with Brazal the #1 ranked 1997 in the line up).

Burnaby Minor also just lost to NSWC 2-1

I would keep an eye out for the liitle guys like Seafair, Langley, Abbotsford and Burnaby Minor

BWC will have scavenge for players next year since we only see ten 1998's in their club.

NSWC, Langley and Vancouver T-Birds will dominate the BC area next year