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Friday, November 18, 2011

Med Hat Tournament - Day 2 POE 3 - SSAC 1, BWC 5 - Bisons 3, Airdrie 8 - Wpg hawks 2, Lloyd 11 - Kam 5

POE 5 (2-0-0)  - Airdrie 2 (0-2-0)
-POE held a 48-14 edge in shots on goal in the game.  Kawaguchi with 2, Jost, Ayre and Finley scored for POE.

Calgary Bisons 7 (2-0-0) - Lloydminster 4 (0-2-0)

Edmonton SSAC 10 (0-2-0)  Winnipeg Hawks 4 (0-2-0)

BWC Bruins 6 (2-0-0) - Kamloops 2 (0-2-0)
- Musil (BWC) and Bazien (KAM) player of the game awards.  Szeto scored twice, Musil 1-2-3.  Barzal just played on the PP due to injury.  Maxwell James and Joel Falsetta for Kamloops.

Semiahmoo 5 (2-0-0) - Calgary Royals 4 (0-2-0)

CAC 5 (2-0-0) - Notre Dame 4 (0-2-0)
-Rylee Zimmer had 3 goals and 1 assist for Notre Dame.  Burke, Stewart and Marshall were amongst the goal scorers for CAC.

St. Albert 8 (1-1-0) - Medicine Hat 2 (0-2-0)

NSWC 5 (2-0-0) - Winnipeg Warriors 0 (1-1-0)

POE 3 (3-0-0) - SSAC 1 (2-1-0)
Will Lawrence was the player of the game for POE while 98 born goalie Matt Berlin took the honors for SSAC.


Anonymous said...

BC Teams 8-0 not including kamloops who are their because they are defending champs..

Anonymous said...

Looks like Bc big 4 taking good footing in tourney.

Anonymous said...

Some good games tonight Poe vs SSAC. Semi vs Edmonton CAC .

Anonymous said...

Those games will be real good as will Bisons BWC. NSWC has already locked up 1st have they not?

Anonymous said...

Has BC ever dominated like this before? 1st place in every pool!! I remember someone saying final 4 teams would be same as chwk is sure looking that way..guess we will wait and see what happens tomorrow. 12-0..

Anonymous said...

Semiahmoo had a big game with fletche dominating and getting 2 goals and game mvp.