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Saturday, November 26, 2011

John Reid Memorial Tournament Invitees

Here listed below are the 16 teams who have received an invite to the prestigious John Reid Memorial Tournament in January.  Very nice to see the Balgonie Prairie Storm from Saskatchewan get the invite to see how they can stack up if they make it to westerns in April.

Burnaby Winter Club Bruins

Calgary Bisons

Calgary Royals

Canadian Athletic Club Canadians (Edmonton)

Cloverdale Colts

Lloydminster Heat

Los Angeles Selects

North Shore Winter Club Hawks (Vancouver, B.C)

Notre Dame Hounds (Wilcox, Saskatchewan)

Prairie Storm (Balgonie, Saskatchewan)

Pursuit of Excellence Academy (Kelowna)

Semiahmoo Ravens

Sherwood Park Flyers

Southside Athletic Club Lions (Edmonton)

St. Albert Sabres

Wenatchee Jr. Wild (Washington State)


Anonymous said...

The Bronks should have made it from South AMBHL

Western Elite said...

The reason why the Bronks weren't invited is because only the top two teams standings wise are invited from Calgary. It has been that way for years. You are right though, an arguement could be made that they in fact do belong! This will be a heck of a tournament.

Anonymous said...

OHA 25-2-2 and haven't lost since Chilliwack. In Abby final today and going for second consecutive Tournament win. Beat MLAC in sem 8 to 0. No invite.

Anonymous said...

is that stamped no other teams getting in?

Anonymous said...

OHA was beat soundly by POE-

5 teams from BC
2 from USA
2 from Sask
7 Alberta

Anonymous said...

After seeing all the teams play numerous times, with the exception of LA and Wenatchee, Balgonie will get destroyed. It will be like men against boys. Guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

POE vs NSWC lets hope they play

Anonymous said...

After seeing all the teams play numerous times, with the exception of LA and Wenatchee, Balgonie will get destroyed. It will be like men against boys. Guaranteed.

Wonder you felt the same way with Melville as Melville defeats Calgary North Stars to win Swift Current. Way to go Saskatchewan!!

Anonymous said...

why would they invite Prairie Storm and not North East Wolfpack?

Anonymous said...

Firstly, come on, Melville over a doormat North star team. Sask teams will get gutted in JR Tourney! Hopefully they put the 'final 4' from Med Hat in 4 different pools and throw in an American team in each of those divisions as well. Should be a dandy tourney with some suprises along the way as most of these teams know each others hands from Med Hat's draw.

Anonymous said...

Werent the Calgary North Stars there single A or AA team not a AAA team?

Anonymous said...

Prairie Storm was probably invited because they are undeafeated in league play and any losses was in a very close game.

More importantly right now they have a top 2 forward and defenseman from Saskatchewan. While North East won't have a player drafted in the first three rounds.

The scouts want to see the top players and the tournament committee wants to see the top players there as well as the top teams, there is not much difference between Prairie Storm and North East other than the high end talent on Prairie Storm.

Anonymous said...

The Calgary team was there AAA team, same one that is in the Alberta AAA Bantam league and Melville was beating them 7-1 going into the 3rd. Melville beat them by the same spread as most of the Alberta teams have.

Anonymous said...

Cloverdale should be a heavy favorite.

Anonymous said...

Heavy favorite for ????

I am sure they (CD)played well. But teams that were in Abbotsford are good teams not the same caliber as the teams from Medicine Hat.
Playing MLAC and Victoria is not the same as playing Bisons or SSAC. There are some strong teams out there in BC. I would not put CD in that pool ...yet. Having 4 goals against a OHA is not a strong selling point.

Anonymous said...

I hope they put North shore in same pool as POE.