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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tim Jardine Memorial Tournament - After Friday

Tim Jardine Memorial Standings
Coquitlam  2-0-1  22-10
Ridge Meadows  2-0-1  16-10
Vancouver  1-2-0  6-14
North Delta  0-3-0  7-17

Seafair  2-0-1  15-11
Surrey  1-1-1  10-15
South Delta  2-1-0  10-9
Campbell River  1-2-0  13-13

Scoring Leaders
Player Name Goals Assists Points Team
San Chung 9 2 11 Coquitlam
Halen Cordoni 4 4 8 Ridge Medows
Jonathan Irving 4 4 8 Coquitlam
Colin Grannary 3 3 6 South Delta
Brett Gelz 3 3 6 Seafair
Colton Kroeker 2 4 6 Surrey
Daniel Szpakowski 2 3 5 Coquitlam
Gavin Rauser 1 4 5 Campbell River
Jeevan Dosange 1 4 5 Surrey


Anonymous said...

Based on the scores in some of these games the scoring leaders is a little bit behind.

The 4 teams in tomorrow's Semifinal games are:

Surrey vs the host team South Delta
Sea fair vs Campbell River

Anonymous said...

Do scouts even attend a "B" tournament like this?

Anonymous said...

8:17AM - Judging by the amount I saw there the answer would be, "Yes, scouts do attend this tournament". In future, show a little respect for the tournament itself, it's a memorial for a great kid who was taken far too soon.

Ice Sage said...

Scouts are looking for good players all over and a real challenge for them is to identify which strong players from lesser teams have potential. Campbell River and South Delta didn't do much when they played in the Kelowna tournament earlier this month. They both have several talented players, though. Congrats to Seafair.

Anonymous said...

The individual who commented on the "B" tournament doesn't have any class just 'EGO'!Furthermore there are tons of kids out there that should be on these 'AAA'teams,
but their parents 'POLITICS'don't make the cut.I've seen lots of kids playing highschool,AA and rec that could kick many of these so called AAA player.The cream does eventually rise to the top!

Anonymous said...

well, not "lots"

Anonymous said...

Alot of scouts may see these tourneys but every scout wants to see high end players play against high end players. Spoke to many scouts at u16 tourney in moosejaw and all said if the draft was held after that tourney only 6 months later that many player would have went up and the same would go down. Dont sweat the draft or scouts you will see in May they are not that good at what they do.
If your player is in a smaller center of is leser know than he will have to prove himself at camps.
I have a first round kid and one who was drafted later once at camp you would not know one from the other

Anonymous said...

not every parent is putting up the $20,000 +/- to get their kid in the "elite" programs. Gold is worth looking hard for. Even in Campbell River and South Delta

Anonymous said...

I was surprised as to the number of scouts at this tournament. Very well scouted.