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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Top 10 Thursdays

A new blog idea this year will give us a chance to look at various top 10 lists in a number of different categories.  Today, I would like to start with who we feel have the top 1-2 punch for scoring across Western Canada.

1.   Matt Barzal - Adam Musil (Justin Szeto)  BWC BRUINS
2.   Nick Merkley - Braylon Shmyr - CALGARY BISONS
3.   Chris Seto - Tyler Soy - CLOVERDALE COLTS
4.   Jordan Kawaguchi - Ethan Williams - POE
5.   Dylan Stewart - Brayden Burke - EDMONTON CAC
6.   Darien Craighead - Matt Bradley - SEMIAHMOO
7.   Matt Fonteyne - Tristan Starzynski - LEDUC
8.   Dallas Miller - Julien Uhryniak - WINNIPEG SHARKS
9.   Matthew Campese - Reed Gunville - PRINCE ALBERT Venice House RAIDERS
10. Jansen Harkins - Cal Babych - NSWC WINTERHAWKS

As always, feedback is welcomed and the list is of course up for debate!


Anonymous said...

Good list. Here is a couple more

Bazzian - Chyzowski Kamloops
Kranabetter - Sharp Mission
Gawdin - Wilkinson Seafair

Western Elite said...

All very good additions. Bazian and Chyzowski almost made the cut. Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Mitske pilger pretty good. Keep a look out for the white hallas duo in med hat

Anonymous said...

chace bell and andrew thompson in leth should be close to top in league scoring

Anonymous said...

Bell and Thompson HA!

Anonymous said...

Guilderson-Juulsen or 98 Kohen Olischefski For Abbotsford looks like potenial this coming season.

Anonymous said...

How good will Abbotsford be?

Anonymous said...

Abby has no top fwds. The mentioned ones are possible decent 2nd liners. Abby will struggle to stay in Tier 1.

Anonymous said...

Do you see any of these combos scoring at the pace of Point Macmaster in the ambhl weaker year
97 so maybe the numbers could be high Point Had 102 MacMaster 94
196 total 33 games almost 6 points a game I think unlikely but fun to watch

Anonymous said...

it should just be Gawdin there is no one else on that seafair team close to the level he is at.

Anonymous said...

Barzal and musil Is the only combo in western Canada that could combine for What mccmaster and point did

Anonymous said...

Seems like Justin Szeto is seeing what his role was through PeeWee and Bantam (similar to Seto and probably why he left to go back to Cloverdale)

One must look at how many of the kids that the Winter Club has actually developed through their time playing there vs how many they recruit in for the last couple (2nd year Bantam) years

I guess its easy to build champion select teams on the west coast, lots of loop holes if you have the resources?

Is it about developing their minor hockey players or more importany about boasting and reminding everyone how many times you win ?

Anonymous said...

Hey 12:45

Last time I looked at the NHL draft there was a kid from BWC drafted first overall.

Top programs attract people and some people leave.

Last years team won westerns with 3 players drafted in the dub all after the 7th round, and six first years.

Seto is a good player, went back to Cloverdale.

Justin Szeto will be fine playing with Barzal both developed at BWC.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Szeto's role?
A 1st liner in both Pee Wee and Bantam on some of the top teams in Canada. Has developed into a very good hockey player. Won provincials in Pee Wee, went to the finals in Quebec and won Westerns as a first year Bantam. Not bad experiences!!! Looks at it as a great opportunity to play with one of the best 97's in the country.
Seto leaving is anyones guess. He has changed associations 6 times in 8 years of minor hockey. I think this would have some of the scouts scratching their heads. Baggage????
12:45 you failed to mention all of the kids that have played their minor hockey at the Winter Clubs and left to play A1 elsewhere. I guess they didn't develope??? The reality is Daddy knew their kid was going to be in tough to make the top team and took the easy way out. Terrible thought for a kid having to work for a spot!!!!
You appear not to mention other associations bringing in players from all over. They do it and good for them. You can't fault them for trying to improve their programs!!!

12:45 It is about developing young players and giving them the opportunity to compete at the highest level posssible. Wins and losses are all part of it. Cut the cord and let your son compete instead of showing your jealousy!!!!

Anonymous said...

great list

al the matches are great and will produce great scoring through the season

but i think Jansen Harkins and Cal Babych after watching them in second year peewee as good as burnaby was they still came second by a longshot and go some incredible points that season. Also last season they cared there team as 1st years, so i think they will be able to produce high numbers again this year and they deserve to be up in the list with Seto and Soy

Anonymous said...

Is there enough puck for Merkley and Shmyr this season? Dad of a former Bison sniper says no. They have shown some signs of clicking but it's still early. Bisons to come out of Calgary hunting for CAC.

Anonymous said...

Angus Scott is man playing with boys, skill, size, speed, and did I mention SIZE!

He is already DUB size!

Look out BWC, this young man brings Lee size to the game but with 40 additional pounds of aggression

I can't wait to watch this showdown