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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

POE heads to Blaine, Minnesota for big hockey tournament

The pre-season is in full swing now across western Canada and the western States and continues today with the POE heading to Blaine, Minnesota for the NAPHL tournament.  The tournament will feature the St. Louis Selects, California Titans, Minnesota, San Jose Jr. Sharks, Western Michigan, Phoenix, Texas and of course POE.  We will have someone there watching and keep you up to date as the weekend progresses.

Here is what looks to be the final POE Roster:
Pursuit of Excellence 14U


1 Gathercole, Bobby G 5-10 175 Jul 08, 1997 Lethbridge AB
2 Browne, Tanner D 5-11 180 Jan 19, 1997 Victoria BC
3 Helgason, Tyson D 5-8 135 Jun 19, 1997 Fairview AB
4 Brown, Tyler D 6-1 160 Feb 12, 1997 Olympia WA
5 Gatenby, Joey D 5-8 130 May 15, 1997 Kelowna BC
6 Reddekopp, Chaz D 6-1 175 Jan 01, 1997 West Kelowna BC
7 Bear, Ethan D 5-11 180 Jun 26, 1997 Whitewood SK
8 Lawrence, Will F 5-10 143 Oct 20, 1997 Kelowna BC
9 Ayre, Trevor F 5-7 135 Mar 03, 1998 Surrey BC
10 Kawaguchi, Jordan F 5-6 125 May 04, 1997 Abbotsford BC
11 Finlay, Liam F 5-1 100 Feb 18, 1997 Kelowna BC
12 Wellsby, Austin F 5-8 120 Jun 30, 1997 Kelowna BC
13 Pilet, Sean F 5-9 150 Jan 01, 1997 Seattle WA
14 McDonald, Kody F 5-5 125 Apr 07, 1998 Lethbridge AB
15 Jost, Tyson F 5-4 115 Mar 14, 1997 Edmonton AB
16 Williams, Ethan F 5-10 155 Aug 22, 1997 Winnipeg MB
17 Johnson, Levi F 5-10 145 Oct 20, 1997 Lake Country BC
18 Porter, Cody G 5-9 135 Sep 23, 1997 Vancouver BC
31 McLeod, Joseph G 5-11 180 Oct 21, 1997 Scanterbury MB

Also of note, the AMBHL hockey season will begin on Saturday, September 17 with 3 games and then 4 more games on Sunday.  As was the case last year, we'll run down all the nightly action across western Canada each morning for you to read with your cup of coffee!

The other provinces will begin action a bit later, near the end of September - early October.


Anonymous said...

hey Dude,

you just love poe, why dont you do a little research and find the true hockey teams out there rather than hyping an spoiled allstar team.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the POE roster. I was curious as too who joined the program this year. Looks like a strong set of Defense, not to sure they have AAA goaltending? Look fwd to watching them play some top teams in chilliwack.

Anonymous said...

haha, Joseph Mcleod is not 5'11, 180lbs. I saw him at the Chilliwack Tournament and he is 5'8, 140lbs. Nice try though.