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Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 29, 2011 newsletter is now ready! POE lands two more star forwards

In this edition of the newsletter we continue to adjust the rankings prior to the start of the season in all four provinces and the western States. The 97'sr, 98's and the western USA prospects.

In the interview section, I had a chance to speak with one of the top defenseman in Alberta who comes from a defenseman factory if you will in recent seasons. I also spoke with a star forward from Saskatchewan who will be one of the top scorers in the newly formed AAA league. We speak with a goalie from southern Alberta who could be one of the first goalies selected on draft day. Lastly, I spoke with a BC player who is welcoming a change to a very good hockey program.

The AMBHL South is previewed and we look at the top teams, top players for each team, incoming rookies and more.

***POE has landed Winnipeg 97 born star forward Ethan Williams.  Williams played with the Winnipeg Hawks last year and was the league's leading goal scorer with 30 goals.  The POE program will also have Lethbridge's Kody McDonald join the squad.  Mcdonald played last season in the SCAHL where he scored 47 goals, placing him 3rd in league goal scoring behind Jaeger White (124) and Dillon Dube (69).


Anonymous said...

The Bisons have some serious firepower up front and look to be pretty deep there with some slick youngsters and addtional players coming in. They should come out of the South. The Royals are solid on the blueline but thats as far as it goes. Burnaby will be hurtin until Musil comes back from that wrist injury. Look for a Bruins/Bison matchup at the Westerns. Goaltending will decide that one. Edge goes to BWC.

Anonymous said...

Merkley and Smyr.Thats your idea of firepower.Wow.They did nothing in spring against high level competion.BWC easy winner there.

Anonymous said...

That Bisons team has some real fire power. Don't believe everything you see in the spring. Lots of good kids do not play at that time of the year.

Anonymous said...

Merkley will be top player in league. Shmyr will struggle if doesnt play team game. Goaltending will be average. Royals are in REAL tough as they dont have any talent other than a good goalie. They are WAY weaker than last year, but so are the Bisons. Maybe NW or NE take Calgary, hahaha

Anonymous said...

Who did POE get?

Anonymous said...

Medicine hat will surprise alot of people

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this site has become an avenue for BC parents and the best teams money can buy to glorify themselves and for everyone to take shots at Calgary, Merkley, etc. people laying in the weeds after the majority of top players produced in Western Canada from between Edmonton and Calgary--12 AB kids in first round...forget about about per capita Sask...people piling on with not as strong a crew this year. No real information here if that is all that happens. It is a good opportunity for information, but sadly mostly used for the above. Then hear a ton about all the AA hockey teams throughout Sask and BC as well. Kudos to Edmonton parents for not writing about their teams and staying out of it. After 97 group this year BC not nearly as dominant---won't hear nearly as much from BC, well shouldn't but I am sure someone will tell us all about their 98's too. No way for the Mod to control it as the parents cannot control themselves---after the first 60 players chosen in the draft the rest are really mediocre anyway and are interchangeable with anyone up to 100---truth should not hurt but be a reality.

Anonymous said...

I do agree with the Aug 29 2:24 PM post.

Look at the Burnaby Winter Club, last year they won everything including the Westerns but only had 3 kids drafted in the Bantam draft and 2 of those players were brought in for that final year.

BC has some talented groups as does every Province.

It doesn't matter if you play for AAA, AA or on a private elite club, if your son or daughter is good they will be noticed and watched.

Scouts also look at how the parents react and deal with situations because the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. And this also goes for the spring season, how parents represent themselves is how the scouts know the kids are being brought up.

Lots can will change in the next couple months or years.

You may not get drafted, but doesn't mean that it's end all of your Childs career and goals of becoming a great hockey player and a Great person or role model for others.

I wish everyone a healthy and successful try out and see you around the rinks

Anonymous said...

Seto is the real deal can skete and shoot,just give him the puck,he wont pass it back as instructed by the coach in the stands, just give him the puck and watch.

Anonymous said...

Seto has got hands of gold and a very good skater, but he needs to keep his head up or he is going to get hurt. I seen a kid from Saskatchewan at the Western Prospects Hockey Development Camp this summer destroy him twice in one game with clean hits.

Anonymous said...

Seto is a natural center and needs to get the puck.

Anonymous said...

He is not a natural center.His ice vision is lacking in his game.The only thing I might add.

Anonymous said...

NSWC will be tough to beat