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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

AMBHL season well underway...thoughts

The only major AAA bantam league that is underway currently are the Alberta bantam leagues with the SCAHL, Calgary AA Council league and the AMBHL going.

Ten things we'e noticted
1. ROYALS HOT START So far in the AMBHL there have been very few surprises but one may be the hot start of the defensive minded Calgary Royals.  They aren't a team who will wow you with high impact players but the defensive play has been stellar so far in leading them to a 3-0-0 record while allowing just 2 goals in the process.  Both Morrissey and Sawchenko have posted shut-outs.

2. 98 born's lighting the lamp  Jaeger White has 2 goals in 4 games for Medicine Hat, while Sean Montgomery for the Royals has 4 goals in 3 games.  Dillon Dube has 4 goals in 4 games with Airdrie.  He had 69 with Bow Valley last year in AA peewee, 55 back of league leader White. 

3.  SHMYR/MERKLEY - have been off to very hot starts with Merkley going 6-5-11 in 4 games, while Shmyr is 5-5-10 in 4 games.  Both are still expected to be very high picks in the bantam draft.  Merkley top 10.

4.  EXPECTED HOT START FOR CAC - The highly talented CAC squad is 3-0-0 after 3 gams as expected.  Dylan Stewart, Andrew Marshall and Brayden Burke are highly skilled and putting up big points already.  Defence is big and strong and Orsiak has impressed.

5.  Okotoks with just 5 goals in 4 games - feel sorry for skilled player McCarty as there isn't much to work with in Okotoks.  He has 3 points in 4 games so far.

6.  LEDUC NO LOSSES YET IN PRE or REG SEASON PLAY - They were 5-0-0 in exhibition and have carried that over to regular season, starting at 2-0-0.  Balanced attack led by Fonteyne, Starzynski and Young.

7.  Bronks were 7-0-0 in pre season but... - have really struggled out of the gate early with just 5 goals scored in 3 games.  Whitby and Rutledge have missed the whole season thus far, which hurts.

8.  Beat go's on for the Bisons - They have been a power house for several seasons in a row now and have continued again with a 4-0-0 start.

9.  Head shots being called - There have been on average about 5 CTH calls so far this season, power plays and talent will be key.

10.  Spruce Grove PAC Struggles - They are the hosts of the westerns but may not even make the playoffs in the AMBHL North.  hmmmm.


Anonymous said...

Correction. White 4G in 2games

Anonymous said...

Correction Jaegar White has 4 goals in 2 games.

MedHat said...

Just a correction in the above post, Jaeger White of Medicine Hat has only played 2 games and has 4 goals.

Anonymous said...

Wow many people are concerned about white haha.

Anonymous said...

just so you all know...jaeger has 4 goals in 2 games....a bit of confusion here.........

Anonymous said...

another 98 lighting the lamp is matthew philips off the bisons

Anonymous said...

Would someone please clear up how many goals White got in his first two games. This is all very confusing, lol. And would someone else clear up the following question. Who cares?

Anonymous said...

How are teams in the south AAA bantam doing, leth , med hat

Anonymous said...

Med hat hasn't lost yet. White and hallas leading the way up front

Anonymous said...

good to see white is backing up all the hype

Anonymous said...

Watched white play against bronks. His defensive game is phenomenal and the kid can score ! Would love to see him near the top of the leaderboard when the seasons over

Anonymous said...

To be near the top of the leader board White would have to get an assist or two you dont win scoring titles with goals alone White will end year with less than 35 goals and less than 65 points not winning a scoring title