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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chilliwack Tournament

The first major provincial tournament is set to get underway in Chilliwack, B.C. on Thanksgiving weekend.  The tournament will kick off with NSWC taking on Abbotsford at noon on Friday and wraps up with the final on Monday afternoon.  Here is a look at the groupings and teams taking part in the tournament below.

Group A
Prince George

Group B


Group C
Port Coquitlam

Group D


Anonymous said...

Looks like there is a lot of tier 2 teams this year. Could be a few blow outs.

Anonymous said...

Actually almost all of the top teams in BC are all there so this will be very good indicator of the team rankings. Based on early games we should see NSWC, Semiahmoo or OHA coming out of the A-B side and a battle royale looms in the C-D semis with BWC and POE possibly facing off. Last year these two teams never met so this will be interesting.

Anonymous said...

The top 5 BC teams are in attendance.. BWC,POE,SEMI,NSWC and CLOV. Should be very interesting to see who comes out on top. Lots of decent PCAHA teams passed up for less than stellar teams around the province. I guess they play each other enough throughout the year. It is a good representation from around the province!!

Anonymous said...

Mission didnt get in over Poco.....

Anonymous said...

Mission, Langley, Surrey, Hollyburn lots of decent PCAHA teams. Chilliwack wouldnt be in if they didnt host. Doesnt really matter it comes down to top 5 teams.

Anonymous said...

The two top teams in the Interior so far based on ex games are the two academies as both haven't lost a game yet. Will be interesting to see how they stack up against the PCAHA heavyweights BWC, SEMI, NSWC and CLOV. Who else should have been invited that didn't get in based on how they have played so far?

Anonymous said...

NSWC will cruise into the finals and play cloverdale

Anonymous said...

Cloverdale is overrated. No goal tending. Abbotsford rounds out the top 5 teams.

Anonymous said...

Abbotsford team is well coached and will be out to prove they are a top 4 team. They have size and a skilled defense.Goaltending will be a factor.

Anonymous said...

Abbotsford has to many weak 98's to be considered in the top 5 teams

Anonymous said...

NSWC will put a beating on Abbotsford the first game.
Too much speed and skill for Abbotsford.
Too many from NSWC will remember last year and the attitude they were given by Abby. Pay back is near!

Anonymous said...

POE 7, OHA 0... that narrows things down a bit.

Anonymous said...

Vic Racquet Club deserves some consideration - they have managed to 'recruit' several top 97's from other Island communities (somewhat contoversial because they should only enrol players from Greater Vic area) and they have absolutely steamrolled all opposition on the Island in Bantam tiering games. Could finish 2nd in their pool (to Semi).

Anonymous said...

Vic Racquet will get their eyes opened at this tournament...

Anonymous said...

Victoria Racquet Club will be a medicore Vancouver Island team at best....

Vancouver Island Bantam Tier 1 hockey is very weak...

This tournament will expose them for what they average team playing with the big guns...gonna be a "smoke show"..

Anonymous said...

I agree that some of the teams seem to be a step behind, POCO is in flight 4 for tiering. POCO'S first game vs BWC. Mission would have been a better option.

Anonymous said...

i heard Mission A1 lost to Seafair in the Seafair icebreaker challenge tournament 7-0 . It is probably a good thing that Mission didnt get into the Chilliwhack tournament.

Unfortunate for all the early on injuries to the BWC team, but non the less, NSWC was a much stronger team with 3 deep lines and handled each competitor with grit, skill and ease. (whatched some of the BWC games and sad to see some players only getting 3 or 4 sniffs of ice per game, where is the development there?)

Enjoy the tiering and have a great season everyone and remember to play hard, play safe and respect the rink