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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

The Winnipeg AAA bantam hockey league will get underway today as Travis Kilbrei and Interlake will head to Brandon to take on Bradley Schoonbaert Jr. and the Brandon AAA Wheatkings.

A couple new wrinkles to the league will see Pembina Valley have a team that will play several exhibition teams in the league.  Also new, is that there will be a team from Thunder Bay taking part in the league.  However, none of the players from the Thunder Bay team will be eligable for the WHL bantam draft, so that is kind of different.

As usual, we'll cover any stories and highlights of each evenings games that are note worthy throughout the entire season.

The newly formed SBAAHL got underway on Thursday night and another game was played last night, both feature North Division match-ups.

Sask Valley Vipers 6 - Battleford Barons 3
The Vipers got off to a very slow start, finding themselves down 3-1 early in the 2nd period and being out-shot at that point almost 2-1 on goals by Keifer Hintz, D-Matt Vidal and Colten Iron.  In fact, the line of Hintz and Troy Gerein were forces all evening long.  Shortly after, Sask Valley would strike for 3 PP goals in a span of just under 10 minutes.  Terrell Draude, Clayton Mackenzie and Day Liin Smallchild would all score.  Draude, who we think has a great chances at going first round in the bantam draft would score 1-3-4 in the game.  Clayton Mackenzie would finish with 2 goals while Schatz and Maley each had 2 helpers.  Power-plays were a huge story as the league cracks down on checking to the head with Sask Valley going 3/9 and the Battlefords 2/11.
**Checking to the head count 7!!!

Prince Albert Venice House Raiders 5 - Humboldt Broncos 5
In a back and forth type of game, the Raiders would get out to a 3-1 lead, only to trail 5-3 late in the 3rd and eventually end in a 5-5 tie.  Leading the way for the Raiders was Lochlan Morrison, Jordan Bryshun and Tanner Fiddler each with 1-1-2.  Lochlan Morrison is expected to be one of the top defenseman in the province of Saskatchewan as he combines size, skill and toughness.  Matthew Campese was not in the line-up for the Raiders.  For Humboldt, highly skilled forward Drew Litwin who should go in the top 3 rounds had 3-1-4 -  He will be one of the scoring leaders all season long.  Defenseman Connor Odelein had 1-1-2.  Top 98 born forward Shane Sherban was held to 1 assist.

SBAAHL action continues today with 3 more games.

Thursday Action.....

Calgary Northstar Sabres 4 - Calgary Royals 4
Fit to be tied are the Northstar Sabres early in the 2011-2012 season.  The Sabres have now 3 ties in 4 games to start the campaign.  Jordan Xavier would led the way once again for the Sabres with 2 goals, he now has 3-2-5 in 4 games.  98 born forward Parker Aucoin once again found the score-sheet with his 2nd of the season.  Jeremy Phillips turned aside 32/36 shots.  For the Royals, they continue to get a balanced attack with 4 different goal scorers.  Every roster player on the Royals have atleast 2 points in 4 games thus far with the exception of a pair of defenseman who have 0.  Cameron Anklewich leads the way for the Royals with 2-4-6, while Kelton Driedger and 98 born Sean Montgomery have 4 goals each.
**Checking to the head count 3

Sherwood Park 8 - Edmonton K of C 4
Sherwood Parks is now 2-1-0 with the win, while K of C drops to 2-2-0 with the loss.  Leading the way for Sherwood Park was 98 born Sam Steel, D- Cameron Reagan and Grayson Pawlenchuk all with 2 goals.  Pawlenchuk would add 3 assists for a huge 5 point game.  Jesse Zaharichuk would add 4 helpers.  Pawlenchuk leads the team in scoring early on with 7 points in 3 games.  Sherwood Park would fire 58 shots on the K of C goal-keepers.  For K of C, Tyree Harriott who is also a track star had 1-1-2 and PJ Morrocco had 1-1-2.
**Check to the head count 3.

Edmonton CAC 7 - Edmonton K of C 5
A night after K of C was involved in a 100 shot game combined with Sherwood Park, this time around they would allow 43 more shots and 73 combined in another high scoring affair.  Leading the way for CAC was highly touted Dylan Stewart with 2 goals, giving him 5-1-6 in 3 games for the 4-0-0 CAC squad.  Derek Brown would also chip in with 1-1-2.  CAC now has 8 players with a point per game or more.  Also of note, Justin Greer has 36 PIM in 4 games.  For K of C, Tyree Harriott continued his hot start with 2-1-3, he now has 4-5-9 in just 4 games!  98 born Alex Rotundo had 1-1-2 and is 3-4-7 in 4 games, not bad for a first year kid.
**Check to the head count 3.  Burke and Greer each received game misconducts.

British Columbia
The opening game of the OMAHA Bantam Tier 1 Regular Season took place last night at Wesbild in Vernon. OHA manhandled Vernon 12 to 4 in a very one-sided affair. 

The 98s Beck Malenstyn and Davis Koch were very prominent on the scoresheet with Malenstyn scoring 4 times. 

On Sunday afternoon, two undefeated teams meet for the first time this season as POE travels to Penticton to play OHA at the South Okanagan Event Center's Training Arena.


Anonymous said...

98 Beck Malenstyn was never able to score 4 goals against PCAHA peewee teams last year. His South Delta team was very average. In spring his 98 Selects did not win anything. But now he's a big star in OHA as a 1st year Bantam. Makes you wounder how weak the OMAHA teams are.

Anonymous said...

we will see long term how weak they are. they both played with 2 of the best OHA players on the roster and looked good. hard to argue results. The Vernon team is big,fast, but is VERY weak in goal. The "one-sided affair" comment was not indicative of the game, as 6 of the first 8 shots, all perimeter shots, went in. Tough to recover from those

Anonymous said...

Holy I thought med hat would be bottom of the league. What's going on there?

Anonymous said...

October 1, 2011 2:18 PM post,

seeing Malenstyn play over the past couple years i would worry like you as parent seeing this young man evolve into a top player. We must remember that some kids develope a little later then maybe your elite club early bloomer son.

spring is just a development season, means nothing till the fat lady sings.

Good Luck and keep those comments coming, didn't the mighty BWC pull a player from the just average , parent coached, non development program South Delta?

Maybe we will see you in the finals if all your horses can keep healthy,

We were informned Vernon is a big fast and very physical team, they finish every check (some questionably late) but if there is no whistle the game moves on.

Vernon Vipers forward knocked out cold a Seafair D man, scarey but true.

When a kid is on his game he is on his game and when the kid is off all you have to do is look in the crowds and you can tell by the reactions of his parents.

Some kids play hockey because they love the sport, and others play because they are living through their parents past

Is it true that a little 98 from NSWC scored both goals on I assume your BWC team in the Chilliwhack finals??????

We all know this is about BWC vs the world and not about the Love and Enjoyment of our Nations Favorite Sport,

Hockey Eh!

Good Luck in the season and look out for the little guys, sometimes they make fools out of all the top ranked superstars (but, I think they are all superstars and they all deserve to be treated that way)

All the Best

Anonymous said...

Easy now hockey parent... the tinge of bitterness is not flattering. These are still just kids, competing because they love the sport.

And let's just ask, would SD peewee have been an average flight 1 team without Malenstyn? Hmmmm.

Don't think we need to cut kids down at this stage, let's enjoy the talent level that is out there across the west.