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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jaeger White to stay in Medicine Hat

In the end, White wasn't ready to leave home and has decided to stay and play with Medicine Hat.  The only thing that could throw a wrench in to the situation is if he can't get in to his old school, but the family doesn't think that will be a problem in the end.  White says he has wanted to play for a coach like Jason Bertram for quite a while now and will give it his all to try and make the squad.  White says, "Bertram coached my  to brother Torrin when they won the peewee championships a few years back and we will be a tough, hard team to play against.  I would like to think I could be top 5 in league scoring if I make AAA". 

Jordan Taupert who is another high scoring first year player will also be staying in Medicine Hat after the possibility that he would be moving to Ontario.  Other players on Medicine Hat to watch will be:  Vandersloot, Hallas, Verge and Lauber.


Anonymous said...

Finally I get to watch a good team in med hat!

Anonymous said...

Jager White wont get 50 points in the ambhl next year

Anonymous said...

now we can all sleep---THE DECISION has been made!...and it won't be a very good team

Anonymous said...

now we can all sleep. This is why they still play games. Having a good player can raise a lot of the other kids up.

Anonymous said...

Theyll be decent

Anonymous said...

OMG....thank goodness we all can rest now that we know where he is going to play...come on he is just another hockey player no different than ever other kid trying out. Way too much hype about this kid that will likely struggle like every other first year player

Anonymous said...

Jaeger is a very good player in medicine hat along with Jordan Taupert. But many people dont know about Michael Clarke another talented first year. Medicine hat will be making a very good playoff run this year with these three players

Anonymous said...

Mitch Hallas Matt vandersloot and Cody verge also. Med hat will be solid

Anonymous said...

This should be a fun year hopefully everyone lives up to expextations

Anonymous said...

What is most alarming about Medicine Hat is that they do not have a Minor Midget AAA program this year. This does not bode well for their AAA Midget program, and the impression being left with kids from the AA and AAA bantam programs is that there will be no place to play. I know this is only a up and coming draft year and the next website, but many scouts go to these games in Minor Midget in AB to find those kids that were missed and are late developing. Where will those kids play from the Hat? Airdrie, Chestermere or Lethbridge? That is a lot of travel for those kids who might make it.

Butterfly said...

White, Taupert, Hallas, Verge and Clarke are all great players. Also on that team is goaltender TJ Goldie, that kid has the best attitude and is a awesome goaltender. It wouldn't surprise me to see him drafted and to be one of the very few goaltenders with a "C".