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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Notre Dame lands Cole Williams

The Notre Dame bantam AAA Hounds defence has just gotten stronger with the addition of Cole Williams from South Delta.  Williams said he wasn't happy with his 2010-2011 season and is very much looking forward to a change and playing with a great program like Notre Dame.

Williams will be joined on the blueline by star defenceman Ethan Bear.  Bear could be the top defenceman in Saskatchewan this season.


Anonymous said...

It's very interesting to read the stories on both Williams and Bear. Notre Dame has had a long-standing school policy of making NO commitments to players prior to them being enrolled in the school and entering the tryout process for the age appropriate teams. As is usual, ND will have multiple imports from Quebec and out East. Many of these players may have skill sets better than Williams or Bear. I wish them all the best!

Anonymous said...

heard Jesse Freeborn was going to OHA.True?

Anonymous said...

Seems like a lot of money to spend so your kid can play house hockey in Regina when they don't make the AAA team! It just sets most kids up for a big disappointment and a lot of unnecessary stress.

Anonymous said...

At Notre Dame the hockey and other sport programs are good, and the education is great. as per the "a lot of money to spend to play house hockey" I hope all those kids playing AA or AAA hockey have fun at their public schools.

Notre Dame offers life stepping stones (there is no over priced fee for a higher education, look back and total how much you have spent on your private hockey skills and development camps, and dryland sessions. Education is a true payback)

PS: no hard feelings, in the future your child can work for my young man anytime.

Williams and Bear will be huge compliments to the Notre Dame squad

Anonymous said...

Wow! August 19, 2011 9:44 AM: Thank you for reinforcing the stereotype..for being a banal cliche. I will admit I Cannot put my resources toward a private school education, or to a professional hockey program. to think that because you can and because of this your son will be my son's employer or boss is telling about who you really are....once again hockey has nothing to do with the kids---its all about the parents--my boy has an incredible work ethic, is an honor roll student, and will be a first round pick in the draft in May. I highly doubt your son will; he probably has never experienced any difficult situations in his life and therefore has not developed the character to grow as a person (aside from your, not doubt, many embarrassing musings) My boy's resume will include his high ranking in the draft, the many letters he has on his jersey's and maybe even the college scholarship he is offered both academically and athletically. Your son's resume will include his ability to go to a school his old man paid for--quite an accomplishment. Really the only way your boy is my son's boss is if he is a GM of a WHL club or the president of some university. Show the post you to your son so you can reinforce your lack of character to him...I know I showed your post to my boy to reinforce people like you. We are far from poor, and have generous character--you should be concentrating on these qualities for your son, not reacting like a baby because someone said you will probably play AA hockey....don't take it personally---if your boy has fun playing AA and gets a quality education then it is all worth it.

Anonymous said...

August 19, 2011 8:07 PM

Bravo! Agreed. Couldn't have said it better myself.

August 19, 2011 9:44 AM

To add to this. My son will probably not be a first round draft pick. Will probably not play in the WHL, except maybe on the third or fourth line as an energy guy, but he WILL enjoy playing his AA hockey and WILL attend a highly reputable public high school.
Not only will his hockey develop the same as the kids at Notre Dame, but his education will be top notch as well. Is this because he is on the best hockey team or goes to the best private school? No... this will be because he is a happy confident kid with the support of his FAMILY, not some underpaid support staff at a private school. My son works his ass off everyday and will continue to develop all season long in the comfort of sleeping in his own bed, eating good healthy food and most important of all... being able to be a kid!
Remember hockey is just a game. You get one chance at watching your kids grow up. You can't put a price on that.

Anonymous said...

lol..quit being rank the both of you...first of all, yah some kids unfortunately dont get to make the AAA team in Notre Dame but they dont have to stay to play house hockey. lol, they can travel back home if thats really what the parents want and feel for their children. secondly, Notre Dame is a great educational and sports school...really teaches the kids how to prepare for university, and life away from home,basically...plz dont be bashing each other on the forum or bashing schools for your reasons haha...bear and williams will add a solid set of skills to the Notre Dame hockey squad, i know i am looking forward to watching this team