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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oliver Lester - Q & A

Oliver Lester is expected to be drafted in the first couple rounds

Starting back in your minor hockey days, what are some of your favourite memories on both a personal and team level?

One year my spring team won the Stampede Challenge, and I was picked Finals MVP. The prize was a small TV. It was a pretty sweet moment on a personal level and great moment to share with my teammates

You had a very successful season on a powerhouse Calgary Bisons team. What do you feel was the biggest reason for that type of success from the blue-line?
My team this year scored a lot of goals and I think a big part of it was from the blue line, we had a lot of guys that had great quick puck moving ability. It really helped the forwards so they could get the puck faster, and more, and it gave them more opportunities to create offence. It helped having that skill from the back end, and it is definitely one of the reasons we made it so far in playoffs.

What can you learn from a player like Brycen Martin who was the first defenseman taken last year in the bantam draft and a former team-mate of yours?
Brycen is a great player and he dominates and controls the game every shift. The biggest thing I learned from him is pre-game preparation and being ready for the game. Along with that he taught me how to practice, getting better every day and improving on things that need work. He is a great teammate and leader, showing me how to lead by example and pushing teammates, something I can hopefully do next year with the Bisons.

Explain some of your strengths and weaknesses as a player? What are you doing to fix those weaknesses heading in to your bantam draft season?
I think one of my strengths is my offensive ability, rushing the puck and creating offense by making good passes and pucks on net. I think that one of my weaknesses is making the right decisions every play and making sure that the best option is hit so that my team has a better chance at getting the puck in a good spot, and of course, not making risky plays that may result in turnovers.

What type of goals to you have in the game of hockey? Do you want to go far or are you just playing for fun at this point in time?
I am not looking to the future too much, just trying every day to improve as much as I can and become a more complete defenseman. My goals though are to play a really solid season this year in the AMBHL and make Major Midget AAA as a 15 year old, from there, I want to play in the WHL.

Who are some of the players in your age group that impress you the most on a talent and character level?
I have been fortunate to play with so many great players that have been great teammates and I have so much respect for all of them.

What type of activities do you enjoy doing away from the rink to tame your mind off of hockey for a bit?
Whenever I get the chance to have free time away from the rink or training, I like to spend it with my family and friends. Aside from hockey, I like to run track and field, and cross country.


Anonymous said...

Ollie is a heck of a dman and an even better young man. He's got a great future and has his head screwed on right. The Bison's will do some damage in the league this year for sure. They've got some serious firepower up front and coming from the blueline.

Anonymous said...

Good interview. My kid has played against Oliver for years. He's a nice kid. Let's cheer these kids on.

Anonymous said...

Not a lot of "I's" is this interview. A lot of the interviews I have read predict personal success, but not with this young man. I read respect for his teammates and their accomplishments and trying to help with team success.