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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First Round Prospect - Giorgio Estephan

Estephan is likely to be a top 10 pick on draft day
One player scouts will be watching very closely in the 2011-2012 season will be SSAC forward Giorgio Estephan.  The 5 '9 150lb star put up 27-37-64 while playing in all 33 games for the Alberta bantam champions.  He ended up 2nd in team scoring behind John Quennville.

Starting back in your minor hockey years, explain some of your favourite personal and team highlights and why?

One of my personal favorite moments in minor hockey, is winning the Triple Crown in Peewee AA. That year our team won Minor Hockey Week, was City Champions and won the Provincials. I scored the overtime winner in both the Minor Hockey week game and Provincials. We also won a few other tournaments that year. That was one of my best hockey experiences to date.

What was it like playing on one of the best teams in western Canada as a first year bantam? Do you think this helped ease your transition from peewee to bantam and make you a better player?
For the most part, I have been playing with my teammates since Novice. Every other year, we have put together one of the best teams in the province. Most of us go to the same school, so knowing how we all play together has been an easy transition. Over the years we have created great friendships and as a group have gotten stronger. For me, this will be another great hockey memory full of good times.

You had quite the successful first year of bantam with over 60 points and also winning rookie of the year in the North. What do you feel was the biggest reason for that type of early success?
For sure it has to be my teammates and especially my line mates. Without them or each other, we would not have had such a great season. My coaches had great confidence in me and allowed me to play in key situations throughout the year. Getting more ice time allowed me to get stronger throughout the year.

What are some of your strengths as a hockey player that separate you from the other players? Also what are some of your weaknesses you would like to work on?
I think that one of my strengths is in my skating. I have a regular workout and conditioning routine, and that has helped me get stronger. For me working on my skating will be an ongoing thing. I want to keep getting better and faster. Working on my skills – stick handling, quick releases will be something that I work on for sure.

Explain what you are doing this summer in terms of hockey camps, tournaments, training in order to hone up your game for the bantam season?
I have become more focused on training and conditioning this spring and summer. Spring hockey has been replaced with ball hockey, 3 on 3 and conditioning camps. Focusing on training will be what I do this summer. I have signed up for a few hockey camps (core hockey), plus we have a new Bantam AAA coach and he has his own summer conditioning camp that I will be attending.

You are likely to be one of the most talked about players by scouts entering your draft season. What do you plan to do to try to block this out and play your game?
I just have to try and play how I normally play and not worry about all of the other people who may be watching me. I learned a lot last year, so I plan on building on that next year.

Finally, which NHL player would you like to pattern your game after if you had a choice and are their any similarities between your game and that player?
Steven Stamkos is my favorite player. I watch him play all the time and like how he attacks the net. He has a great shot and I would like to model my game around him.


Anonymous said...

This kid is amazing, we played him a few years ago at a tournament at WEM and he was hands down the best player on the ice. We have played him on and off every other year since and have watched him develope. This kid will be an impact player.

Anonymous said...

Daine Elphike dark horse for first roun??Where on earth are you getting your info on him.He was like a so so player on POE tier 2 team.Did not make POE tier 1 team for this year either.

Anonymous said...

The poll is funny..I dont know the kid from Man but the #5 or 6 forward on BWC is going first round? Cmon people...Are Bwc gonna have 6 first rounders? 2 maybe 3 at most..

Anonymous said...

Bwc could have up to 5 first rounders barzal szeto musil Shultz and maybe ronning if he has a good season. Mcbride will be first goalie taken not likely 1st round though

Anonymous said...

What a difference between him and Vertannen. Vert was all about himself and this kid is all about team and hard work. Keep it up will go very far with your great work ethic,team spirit and talent.

Anonymous said...

dont know y elphike is projected to go second round, much better players out there not even ranked! never made poe tier 1 and barely played on tier 2. just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

did anyone hear truth or false rumor that Musil broke his hand again, this may cause a slower start than expected from the mighty Burnaby Winter Club.

I wonder how that particular club deals with injured players not being able to particapte in regular tryouts?