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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mentorship Cup Today!

1st overall WHL selection Jake Virtanen
The Allstate All-Canadians Mentorship Cup will take place today in Toronto with puck drop slated for 1pm EST.  You can catch the game on TSN2 at 2pm EST.  The 42 bantam aged players taking part in the game today will be split in to two teams to be coached by Jason Spezza and Luke Schenn.

This is a very interesting game to watch as 17 players born in the 96 age group from across Western Canada will take part.  All players were ranked by Western Elite Hockey Prospects prior to the WHL Bantam Draft.  So many of you 1997 born top ranked players can look forward to possibly attending this program next year.

Below is the Western Elite Hockey Prospects ranking of the players taking part at the start of last year, midterm and final ranking.

British Columbia
Jake Virtanen -25 (prelim), 8 (midterm), 3 (Final)........1st overall
Joe Hicketts -8 (prelim), 4 (midterm), 16 (Final).......12th overall
Ryan Gropp -88 (prelim), 7 (midterm), 4 (Final)........6th overall
Peyton Lee - 41 (prelim), 42 (midterm), 58 (Final)........28th overall
Josh Thrower -46 (prelim), 33 (midterm), 24 (Final)........23rd overall

Brayden Point - 4 (prelim), 20 (midterm), 27 (Final).......14th overall
Ty Mappin -27 (prelim), 18 (midterm), 8 (Final)........7th overall
Reid Duke -24 (Prelim), 5 (midterm), 5 (Final).........5th overall
Tanner Macmaster -19 (prelim), 14 (midterm), 13 (Final)........19th overall
Brycen Martin - 5 (prelim), 17 (midterm), 2 (Final)...........2nd overall
Derek Mazil -50 (prelim), 91 (midterm), 105 (Final).......68th overall
Conner Bleackley -42 (prelim), 13 (midterm), 9 (Final)..........21st overall
Jordan Papirny - 32 (Prelim), 29 (midterm), 37 (Final)..........22nd overall

Miles Warkentine -23 (prelim), 34 (midterm), 10 (Final)..........16th overall
Reid Gardiner -18 (prelim), 15 (midterm), 7 (Final)...........8th overall
Jordan Harris -45 (prelim), 39 (midterm), 20 (Final).........10th overall
Ryan Pilon -17 (Prelim), 1 (Midterm), 1 (Final)...........3rd overall
Colin Shirley - 87 (prelim), 40 (midterm), 21 (Final).........17th overall

Jordan Thomson -16 (prelim), 9 (midterm), 6 (Final)........4th overall


Anonymous said...

Very good game. I was very impressed which the speed/skill level of these 1996s. Plus, it was very enjoyable to watch bantam kids play hockey and not trying to run the opponent through the boards.

Anonymous said...

Now I see why Point was considered a steal at 14 th Moose jaw will be happy with that

Anonymous said...

Odd that 7 of the 8 players from Alberta were from the South and the North won the league??

Anonymous said...

how is that odd, its just means ssac had a better all around team

Anonymous said...

Moose jaw Loves Point and no wonder why he will be the Highest scoring player in the draft at 17
he was a steal he would have went top 3 if he were 5ft 9 seen him this week end and now 5ft 7 drafted at 5ft 5 he will be big enough Ried Duke also looked great
Mappin the 7th pick not so much or Groop at 6 or Gardnier 8

Anonymous said...

Goaltender Papirney was the difference in SSAC winning...SSAC got great goal tending in the provincial final while Bisons got mediocre at best....showed in the draft as well....

Anonymous said...

If the draft were held today Point would be back where he should have been taking top 3. Teams are afraid of size and under estimate character. I saw Point this weekend score 5 goals in a Midget aaa tryout Game the kid is sick and will be the highest scoring player in the 96 draft class period. Hope teams learn some great smaller 97 players coming up.