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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

POE Camp Re-cap

Many readers have sent messages in wondering how the POE spring camp went so he is a brief report on some of the players who stood out.  Year after year POE has been one of the top bantam programs in western Canada and start basically brand new each season.

The three returning forwards of Kody McDonald, Trevor Ayre and Tyson Jost was great all weekend long as were Robert Johnson and Joel Murga.  Last season, Murga played with Seafair in the PCAHA and was 3rd in team scoring behind Ryan Wilkinson and top pick Glenn Gawdin.  The 5'10 140lb Murga put up 10-17-27 in 41 games and should add some very good secondary scoring to the POE squad this year.  Johnson played last season with the Kamloops Jardine Blazers and finished with 9-4-13 in 53 games.  Tyson Jost is the top returning scorer on the team coming up this year.  Jost had 48-72-120 in 62 games last season while both McDonald and Ayre had over 70 points each.

Some other forwards who showed well but a step below the others were Michael Fidanza from Kamloops who last year had 0-6-6 in 52 games.  Zach Thompson, Marcus Mitchell and Matteo Giomo also had decent camps this past weekend.  Mitchell played last season on the POE B2 squad and is a big forward with some power forward potential.  Mitchell had 24 points in 23 games last season.  Giomo is from Comox Valley.

A couple of American born 99's were decent but might be a year away yet.  Blake Bonner from Texas and Luke Ormsby from Washington State look like they have a shot at making the team.

The top two defenseman on the ice this weekend were quite easily Noah Turanski and Paul Georgeopoulos.  Georgeopoulos was by far the hardest hitter at camp, taking every opportunity he had to punish someone.  He could make some major noise this year.  Turanski could be the most complete defenseman POE will have this year.  Turanski played last year with Vernon in the OMAHA.  Matt Krawiec who played last season with Red Deer in the AMBHL and Ralph Jarrett from Grand Prairie were also very good.  Krawiec had 0-7-7 in 33 games for Red Deer last season while Jarrett 1-7-8 and 52 pims last season for Grand Prairie.  Danny Gatenby, the brother of high bantam 2012 draft pick Joe Gatenby is progressing nicely and is a late 98 birthday making him one of the youngest for the draft this coming year. 

In goal, the three goalies really stood out above the rest.  Nathan Spark and Austin Poulin who are likely the AAA goalies for next year we think as well as Nic Tallarico all played well.  Tallarico, coming off an outstanding Challenge Cup in Vancouver battled hard but Spark and Poulin are big goalies who cover a lot of the net.


Bob Nystrom said...

99 Blake Bonnar is from Chiliwack but played at BWC.

Anonymous said...

99 Born Patrick Norman-Defense was playing with a broken wrist. He is a solid defenseman with a wicked slapshot. Luke Ormsby was the other 99 from WA who you said was not ready and then you say he has a chance at making the team? Which he did not.

Anonymous said...

It will be neat to see how many of these raw talents blossom with the intensive program at POE.
Some of these kids and families have come to camp just to measure themselves not to take a spot though.

Anonymous said...

if Murga is 5'10" i think someone needs a new way to measure height.

Murga didn't even make the top 40 Banatam cuts at BWC so they packed up and moved again.

Murga history in the PCAHA
Seafair, Richmond, Seafair, BWC, Seafair and now POE?

thats too much moving for hockey, and i think his Seafair stats are very padded (thats what happens when non experienced hockey parents get involved)

watched him play in a couple tournaments and couldn't score or produce anything unless surrounded by great players

Blake Thomas said...

Turanski a complete player? His skating is not a AAA level. Therefore hes not a complete player, I'm not going to get into hockey sense because thats a different story. Size and speed may save you at this level but no matter how small if you're smart you will go far. I was surprised to see Zack Andrusiak off the segment. He's going to turn a lot of heads next year with his quick release and unmatchable accuracy. Time will tell.. Watch out for the smaller guys aswell. They might not be as strong physically but they sure have smarts.

Anonymous said...

I agree with those who stood out but one they forgot to mention was Tomy Steven a fast paced forward who played with POE last season on the AA team. Also one to watch may be Gage Kopp, a defenseman from Vernon. This player has all the skill and smarts, he just now needs some size.

Anonymous said...

Murga is 5' 4" standing on his dads shoulders

Who provides this info?

He is fully grown, look at his family people!

Anonymous said...

Do they have another tryout later in the season?

Anonymous said...

noah turanski will need to work on his skating alot this yr ,and his postion play also ,was all over ice in try outs, ralph jarrettt was real good on weekend , may have been best d-man , as for the 3 returning fowards , its going be fun for them this yr , they look great

Anonymous said...

Not sure if POE intended to balance their Bantam teams for the past weekend tryouts. If they did, they totally misjudged the depth of talent on the Black team, who blew the other two teams out. Having Tyson Jost obviously helped, but the depth of talent on the black team in comparison to the other teams was clearly evident. Mitchell, Steven, Tilsley and Stevenson (a 99 with a high skill set) all had strong showings.

The yellow team suffered the most. McDonald, Murga and Johnson worked well together as a line but there was not much other depth up front. Only McDonald really managed to carry his line when mixed in with the other forwards. On defence, Turanski showed his size (which is too tempting to resist). If the program helps him improve his agility he should prove to be very strong.

Ayre and Andusiak led the red team forwards, who also had POE returning players Gatenby and Bishop on defence. Tallerico was solid in net. No other real standouts surfaced.

Talking about the goalies; based on what I saw, the two big goalies lack in technique. Their size is an asset but they lack the technical competence and agility of someone like Tallerico. I believe that going with them would be taking a gamble.

Anonymous said...

Agree Luke Ormsby looked good for '99. Good size and speed.

Anonymous said...

Too funny! All you hockey parents?... Keep this blog up and running. I need really cheap entertainment..

Anonymous said...

Why are you so obsessed with Joel Murga?I am lead to believe that you are quite indignant (or shall I say jealous) of the level of outstanding accomplishment and success of this 14 year old?

Yes, he did not make the top 20 (not 40) at BWC, but let's be honest; BWC had a top 22 or 26 rather than 20, as a few spots were promised to players who planned on LEAVING the club, by John Bachelor, Len McNeely and others on the coaching staff.

You obviously know Joel and his family VERY VERY WELL. His two sisters surpass the height of the average Latina by quite a few inches and Joel is still continuing to grow.

So please, just accept the fact that he is one the Top Elite Prospects of Western Canada.

Anonymous said...

Hi 541 nice post. If your going to use individuals names atleast get the spelling correct. There are enough banners at the club with the correct spelling.

It's too bad your so focused on the height of Murgha ,maybe never will be as tall as his sisters , and may never reach the heights that justify all the moving around. Time will tell

Anonymous said...

I don't know the talent, height, weight, color of his eyes, etc.
Never heard of this kid until now.

But whats more of the issue is why is he moving every other year?

But 6 times = Red flags should be flying all over on this one.

PCAHA and the Parents are to blame for this one. This would not happen in GSHL.

Anonymous said...

Been following this thread for a couple of years now and have to agree that it is very entertaining. It is interesting but where these boys are at now means very little. Question is, what are they going to do in their year 15 and 16. WEHP does a very good job in their analysis of the first 2 rounds of draft picks but not very good after that. Be aware that at that point it is all about stats and size and little to do with direct observation- it's about stats or what someone has said second hand. If your son has a very weak minor hockey system or a weak coach- these intangibles will not be factored in. Do not put too much emphasis on the rankings , Encourage him to continue to work hard.

Anonymous said...

The rankings are almost bang on in the first couple rounds at about 90%. I think they had 80 players in their top 100 go within the top 100 or so. Also about 70% of the players ranked in the top 225 got drafted.

As a scout who does work within the league, I can say that our own team list had in the 70-75% drafted range. I would have to look back to know the exact numbers but it was close.

They do a great job and people should feel lucky to have a resource like this around.

Anonymous said...

"second hand information" lol. Don't most teams, companies receive second hand information? Or does or is one person supposed to do it all on their own. That is nearly impossible lol lol lol.

Anonymous said...

(Wow) it is blinding how jealous you are of this (Joey Murga's) family . Hope you can find some peace within yourself and don't drown in your own bitterness . Just try to be happy with your sons or daughters ability. And I hope they will become successful in their own ability to their sport so they can make you proud. That way you feel better about yourself and your family. don't take that bitterness to hard on your children or yourself . It will cost you a heart condition. Hey not bad for inexperienced hockey parents, huh? I bet you they are very proud to have such talented son. And they are very loving parents to all of their children .

Anonymous said...

Relax people, it's about development. The only thing that matters is what the players put on the ice. Big or small, anyone can have an impact. The coaching at POE seems to have been successful in producing competitive Bantam teams in the past and from what I have seen, they give every player an opportunity to play their best. What these kids DON'T need is for people to tell them what they CAN'T do or reasons why they will never reach their goals. Negativity can have a huge impact and can certainly define the rate of development.

Anonymous said...

I am a BWC parent and I will be the first to admit that there are many type "A" parents at the winter club, but it would be ignorant to label everybody who leaves the club as type "A" or just because their kid didn't make the cut! In the Murga case, they admitedly left because their son didn't make the cut. Really there is no need to keep bringing him up, let them jump around till they are happy! Who cares! It's pretty obvious this is his mommy and daddy defending his name on here.

I know two great hockey players (97 & 98) that left for entirely different reasons before the 2011/2012 season even started. It certainly did NOT have anything to do with them making the team as they were shoo-ins. They were a huge loss to the club. There are personal reasons other than the "BWC go to answer of type A",let's not judge.

Anonymous said...

I am appalled that some parents are jealous of a 14 year old kid named Joey Murga who just wants to work hard and play hockey that he loves. Why don't you focus on your own child(ten) instead of criticizing someone else's? What's it to you if he moves from different associations? It isn't illegal it's an option. If it bothers you that much argue with PCAHA.
Maybe all of those that have bad mouthed this little boy are just simply jealous that their son or daughter isn't getting the same opportunity with POE, could that be the bottom line for all this nastiness? Grow up you so called "adults" and appreciate life and focus on the positive. If Joey makes it big, be proud to say "yes I know him, he's from Richmond"!! Don't we want to see our Richmond kids become successful in the world of hockey?

Anonymous said...

Murga is over rated, havent heard or seen this boy play in any spring tournaments, he isnt a Viper or Vancouver Select program player.

can you as parents say you live in Richmond?,

I would be embarrassed if I had a child playing hockey saying he lives in a city but moves around every second year playing for many teams throughout his minor hockey life.

This shows your child "if you dont get what you want or think you deserve we will pack up and leave AGAIN"

Life isnt this gracious and simple, teach some family morals, work for what you deserve, get what you earn

This jumping around never happens in Alberta,

thats all folks, please be honest to your young hockey player

Anonymous said...

murga played for the vipers and the selects... get your facts straight .

Anonymous said...

What happened to Murga? Nobody even talks about this kid anymore. Guess he got lost in the shuffle this season.

Anonymous said...

January 8, 2013 12:02 PM

No didn't get lost. Went to POE and is not as strong as people thought. Year before he just played with strong line mates so he rode their train. Very short not as tall as parents suggested. Not a good future prospect.