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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Post Draft: WEHP Ranking compared to actual per position

1.   Matt Barzal - WEHP Ranking 1st
2.   Jansen Harkins - WEHP Ranking 3rd
3.   Giorgio Estephan - WEHP Ranking 5th
4.   Glenn Gawdin - WEHP Ranking 6th
5.   Adam Musil - WEHP Ranking 2nd
6.   Brad Morrison - WEHP Ranking 8th
7.   Tyler Soy - WEHP Ranking 7th
8.   Nick Merkley - WEHP Ranking 4th
9.   Braylon Shmyr - WEHP Ranking 21st - mid 2nd
10. Ty Ronning - WEHP Ranking 15th , early 2nd
11. Jayden Halbgewachs - WEHP Ranking 10th
12. Keegan Kolesar - WEHP Ranking 11th
End 1st Round
Not a big surprise at all to see Shmyr or Ronning go in the first round.  They both have outstanding skill and weren't in the top 8 forwards.  However, they definitely were part of the next group of skilled forwards who had a chance to land in the mid to late first round range.

13. Regan Nagy - WEHP Ranking  12th
14. Cole Plotnikoff - WEHP Ranking 45th - 5th rd
15. Curtis Miske - WEHP Ranking 25th - early 3rd
16. Jakob Stukel - WEHP Ranking 14th
17. Matt Bradley - WEHP Ranking 30th, 3rd rd
18. Terrell Draude - WEHP Ranking 16th
19. Andrew Koep - WEHP Ranking 20th
20. Matteo Gennaro - WEHP Ranking 26th - early 3rd
21. Jesse Roach - WEHP Ranking 36th - 4th rd
22. Aaron Boyd - WEHP Ranking 38th - 4th rd
23. Nick Chyzowski - WEHP Ranking 22nd
End 2nd Round
24. Chris Seto - WEHP Ranking 13th
25. Braden Purtill - WEHP Ranking 19th - mid 2nd
26. Matthew Campese - WEHP Ranking 17th - mid 2nd
27. Dakota Boutin - WEHP Ranking 32nd - mid3rd
28. Colt Conrad - WEHP Ranking 9th - mid 1st
29. Wyatt Sloboshan - WEHP Ranking 24th - end 2nd
30. Cameron Hebig - WEHP Ranking - 39th - mid 4th

Result - 25 of our top 30 went.  Roach, Boyd, Boutin and Hebig all went in the 30's while Plotnikoff was our biggest miss of the forward group.

There was a consensus separation this year amongst the top 8 forwards, the order wasn't exactly known due to several factors.  One factor is a defenseman thrown in the middle of the group as Prince Albert selected Brendan Guhle of Sherwood Park.  Guhle was a fast riser this year and was definitely peaking as the draft got closer but it wasn't thought by our people that he would rise that high, especially in the top 10.  I digress....11 of our top 12 went in the first 13 picks and 14 of the first 16.  Cole Plotnikoff was selected substantially higher than we had him rated and Curtis Miske who we had at 25 but much higher earlier on in the season climbed in to the top 16 as well.  In regards to the rest of the top 30 forwards taken in the draft, no real surprises or off the charts picks.  Our lowest rated forward who cracked the top 30 was Plotnikoff as mentioned at 45.  Aaron Boyd and Jesse Roach went quite abit higher than we had both of them but several teams suggested that they may take those players in the 2nd round, some liked them as low as 5th rounders too.  The biggest slip was Colt Conrad being selected as the 28th overall forward, we thought he had a good chance at going first round.  Only time will tell how it shakes down.  The top two Saskatoon forwards were just that as were the top 6 Saskatchewan forwards as a whole. 

1.  Brendan Guhle - WEHP Ranking 8th - End 1st
2.  Troy Murrey - WEHP Ranking 29th - Late 3rd
3.  Kevin Davis - WEHP Ranking 12th - Early 2nd
4.  Chaz Reddekopp - WEHP Ranking 7th
5.  Evan Fiala - WEHP Ranking 13th - Early 2nd
6.  Ty Schultz - WEHP Ranking 6th
7.  Brennan Riddle - WEHP Ranking 11th, Early 2nd
8.  Thomas Lenchyshyn - WEHP Ranking 2nd
9.  Parker Wotherspoon - WEHP Ranking 3rd - mid 1st
END 1st Round
Just 5 of our top 9 defenseman went in the first round.  Kootenay must really see something in Troy Murray the brother of Ryan Murray.  He is a good player, we just didn't have him nearly that high, either did most teams.  Many scouts were flipping the pages looking for his name to cross him off the list.  Davis, Riddle and Fiala were all thought to be early 2nd rounds and went in the first round, so not a huge suprise at all there.  Many teams see different attitribues in defenseman and that was the case in the first round.  Guhle rising that high was a surprise, although we though of him as a first round pick.
10. Tate Olson - WEHP Ranking 1st
11. Ethan Bear - WEHP Ranking 9th
12. Keoni Texeira - WEHP Ranking 1st American born***
13. Brady Reagan - WEHP Ranking 5th
14. Joe Gatenby - WEHP Ranking 4th
15. Tanner Brown - WEHP Ranking 14th
END 2nd Round
Every player who was selected in the 2nd round was rated in either the first or second round.  Keoni Texeira, our top American born defenseman was selected as was our top overall defenseman in Tate Olson.  So our top 9 defenseman go in the top 15 overall.  All told, we had 13 of the top 15 selected from our list. The two who weren't on our list were Keoni Texeira but we had him as the top American born player and would have him as the top defenseman overall for the draft.  The biggest surprise was Troy Murray as mentioned earlier.  Our 10th ranked defenseman Ryan Gardiner went 18th.

1.  Patrick Dea - WEHP Ranking 8th
2.  Nick McBride - WEHP Ranking 1st
3.  Travis Child - WEHP Ranking 2nd
4.  Taz Burman - WEHP Ranking 10th
5.  Zach Sawchenko - WEHP Ranking 3rd
End 2nd Round
Patrick Dea had a very strong Alberta Cup, we actually thought he should be moved to 4th overall right after the Alberta Cup but didn't have time to adjust for the final rankings.  Taz Burman was a slight surprise being selected so high. 
6.   Logan Flodell - WEHP Ranking NR
7.   Tyson Verhelst - WEHP Ranking 4th
8.   Nik Amundrud - WEHP Ranking 20th
9.   Evan Sarthou - TOP American Goalie
10. Brandon Kegler - WEHP Ranking 13th


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Guhle would've went as high as he did if played in Grande Prairie?

Anonymous said...

Guhle was the best defenceman at the AB CUP--not even close--players from that Sherwood Park team were good but he was far and away the best D man on that team and in AB CUP he showed he is the best D in AB

Anonymous said...

I kind of agree with 6:52 that Guhle looked like the best D in AB Cup but what helped him too was the fact that the Northeast team was by far the deepest in the tournament. If you look at the top 10-12 kids D's drafted from Alberta you could argue that many of those kids could become as good or better than Guhle down the road. There were no superstar D's in the draft this year but a lot of very good potential D-man that need development. PA just happened to think that Guhle has a better shot than the other ones to become the best. A lot of kids/parents did not want to go to PA right or wrong so that might have also played a big role on why Guhle was picked 3rd overall.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone other than his father have an opinion? There were lots of very good d-men at AB Cup.

Anonymous said...

WOW I made the post about Guhle being the best D in AB Cup...I am not his dad but my son did play....can someone not offer an objective positive opinion about a player...many non positive opinions on here...just calling a spade a spade...your son was not the with it...Guhle kid wasn't either and I can face it like a man...I know there were some good ones there...not lotsleo...but there were some...of the first 76 players there were only 4 AB D picked in the draft...there were not lots of good ones at AB Cup...just some

Anonymous said...

saw guhle three times at ab cup , was best d-man there