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Friday, May 4, 2012

A pair of major spring tournaments this weekend

There are a pair of major spring hockey tournaments this weekend.  It will give us another look at many of the top players in the 98 and 99 age groups heading in to next season. 

The Kelowna Heat Blast 1999 born Platinum division will feature 8 teams, divided in to 2 separate pools.  The BC pool will have the Vancouver Vipers, Vancouver Selects Blue, BC Blackhawks and '99 Hawks.  The Western Canada pool will have Alberta Alliance Hockey, Alberta Selects, Manitoba Falcons and the Saskatoon Jr. Blades.

These teams are loaded with most of the team players who will make their appearance on our first newsletter which will be released today.

We will do our best to keep you all posted on who is doing well and the results of the tournament.


Also starting today is the One Hockey event in Delta, BC.  The teams we will be focusing on will be the 98 born class.  There will feature 7 teams at this event.  Manitoba/Saskatchewan 98's, Southern Alberta 98's, Northern BC, Interior BC,, Northern Alberta 98's.

Top Players to watch at the event
Matthew Phillips, G - Kurtis Chapman and F- Michael Clarke from Southern Alberta
Noah Turanski D - Interior BC
Alex Rotundo, G- Stuart Skinner from Northern Alberta

We will also keep you posted and keep an eye on many who are not currently on our top 150 list for 98 born players.


Anonymous said...

How can you call a tournament with maybe 5 players in it and Major WEHP tournament. This is a AA or A at best. Your stretching a little bit.
Just call it for what it is. The Mainland at least had dozen top 40's
This does not even have that.

Anonymous said...

If you think the One Hockey tournament is a major spring event, then you are truly mistaken. It is a glorified house tournament. Strictly a cash grab for the organizers.

Anonymous said...

On the Selects the player to watch is Sean Montgomery. Kid is a stud and will definitely be a top pick next year in the bantam draft.

Anonymous said...

one hockey is not a joke it is highly competitive tournament but is still young so dont go thrashing it around.

Anonymous said...

Holy moly, new season just started and everyone seems pretty riled already, lol. Relax boys. You only have from one to two years to find out your kid isnt as good as you think. Oh my.

Anonymous said...

lets see if we all can be positive this season, seems that the wehp did a pretty good job of there selections in this years draft, it is only a view as to what will happen, there are a lot of variables and team polictics to deal with, trades, the final cups across the west, coachs preferences, team need and don,t needs, trust me it all works out for the best, if you don,t know what you think you know, get a advisor for your player and stay out of the comment division, ya just end up looking stupid.

Anonymous said...

Vancouver Vipers and Vancouver Selects Blue are definitely AAA. 99 Hawks are disciplined, well coached, with no major star but a solid team and can play at the AAA level. BC Blackhawks can play at the AAA level with rotating their 2 first lines, and forgetting about their few single A players trailing in the back. BC Pirates 99 are undisciplined, and fight on the ice and in the dressing room. A team that is imploding and does not show well this season.
One Hockey is definitely not an AAA tournament, the scouting is bogus, and the constant emails written in broken english a huge pain. Schedules constantly change, and all OneHockey tournaments are disorganized and overpriced.

Anonymous said...

This 1999 Alberta Alliance team seems to be the real deal. They have a number of kids from the Alberta Provincial champ team and some old wolverines. They have only lost one game this spring and have really blown out most teams - including the vipers and the selects. In Calgary, they were double digit wins. Huge team with 6 strong defense. A kid name Dudley on D can really move the puck. Him and a couple of fwds really stand out.

Anonymous said...

Played in the onehockey tournament in Vancouver in 2012. It was not a AAA tournament.Far from it.AA at best.