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Thursday, May 24, 2012

WEHP Announce Prelim Top 10 Team Rankings

WEHP announce the preliminary top 10 team rankings for the 2012-2013 season.  We realize that rosters are far from being set but the rankings take in to account number of potential draft picks, returning players and likely new players coming up from AA or peewee players coming up.  As the rosters become more clear prior to the start of the season, the rankings are subject to change.

1.   BWC Bruins - Strong from the net out with Shugrue and carried on through the defense core with Fabbro, Barberis, Ginnetti.  Jaeger White joins the team from Medicine Hat.
Kingpin:  Jaeger White
Defense:  Dante Fabbro/Matt Barberis
99 Born:  Henry Rhyu

2.   SSAC Southgate Lions - Some of their best players last season were first year bantams in Quenneville and Benson.  Both goalies return as well.
Kingpin:  Tyler Benson
Defense:  David Quenneville
99 Born:  Josh Paterson

3.   Winnipeg Hawks - The Hawks were 24-5-1 and won the Division 2 or 98 born division.  Nolan Patrick, Loschaivo, Brakel and Barley lead up front while Kubic could be the top 98 born goalie this year.
Kingpin:  Nolan Patrick/Ryan Kubic
Defense:  Adam Thurlbeck
99 Born:  NA

4.   Calgary Bisons - Matthew Phillips as though he will take the next step in his development and lead the Bisons up front.  Kyle Olson is one of the top 99 born players in western Canada.  Ryley McKinstry is very solid on defnse.
Kingpin:  Matthew Phillips
Defense:  Ryley Mckinstry
99 Born:  Ayden Roche-Setoguchi

5.   POE - At this point it isn't exactly know to the "public" who will be on this squad.  Jost, Ayre and Mcdonald are three high scoring players and the defense coming in are very good.
Kingpin:  Tyson Jost
Defense: TBD
99 Born:  TBD

6.  Airdrie Xtreme - The Xtreme had a bit of a rebuilding season last year but will return to near the top this time around.  Tanaka, Dube, McConnell are key returnees.  Kurtis Chapman should be one of the best in goal next year.
Kingpin:  Kurtis Chapman
Defense:  Adamu Tanaka
99 Born:  Gary Haden

7.  Lloydminster Heat - Kale Clague will enter his 3rd year of bantam hockey and should dominate.  Petrie, Shaw, Johnson add depth.  99 born star Zane Franklin should make a big impact for a first year player.
Kingpin:  Kale Clague
Defense:  Kale Clague
99 Born:  Zane Franklin

8.  NSWC Winterhawks - Once again the NSWC team will be one to be taken very seriously.  Hannoun, Anholt, Benjafield, Kwan and Colebourne give them a nice nucleous.  Add in 99 born star players Bellerive, Kneen and Almeida for even more depth.
Kingpin:  Dante Hannoun
Defense:  Ryan Pouliot/Marcus Kwan
99 Born:  Jordy Bellerive

9. Langley Eagles -  Led by Luke Gingras up front.  Kaelan Anderson, Dennis Cholowski and a cast of very talented 99 born players should make them a top 3 PCAHA team or close.
Kingpin:  Luke Gingras
Defense:  Dennis Cholowski
99 Born:  James Malm

10.  Notre Dame Hounds - The Hounds should have a bounce back season with several of the Balgonie Prairie Storm top 98's heading there next year.  The other recruits are also very good.
Kingpin:  TBD
Defense:  Nolan Reid
Goalie:  TBD

Honorable Mentions
OHA, Calgary Bronks, Brandon, Winnipeg Monarchs, Calgary Royals and Calgary Northstar Sabres, Abbotsford


Anonymous said...

Poe is a little thin next year. They definately will not have the same defence they had this year and that was the key to their defence. I would agree Jost and Ayre are elite however McDonald is good but is not quite at the elite level of the other kids mentioned. I think POE will be in tough next year unless they do some recruitment before the season starts.

Anonymous said...

I agree

Anonymous said...

Doesn't POE have tryouts this weekend? Will there be anyone in attendance who can provide us with an update as to who's attending this weekends tryouts? I think the hush hush approach is counterproductive to creating that buzz and having players interested in the program. Evidence of this can be seen within the duration it takes to post their rosters.

It's all about the BUZZ...I know plain old hockey enthusiasts who don't know the players (like myself) like to compare notes with some of the discussions surrounding these players on these websites. I guess its kinda like the "Friday Night Lights" buzz in the US around high school sports teams.

Anonymous said...

SSAC also has some other great 99's who will have a great chance to make an impact at the AAA level. With Patterson,Wedman,Atwal,White

Anonymous said...

12,35 4,25 lmao at you

Anonymous said...

Again, I don't know where you get this stuff. Sounds like a bunch of bs drivel, with a bunch of he said she said. At the end of the day, the AAA bantam year is nothing more than a joke that comes and goes. Like the OHL, the WHL should wait until the conclusion of the 15 yo year. Give me a break...

Anonymous said...

I am sure POE will be just fine.
Not sure they will be in the top 3 of BC, maybe top 6 or 7 in BC. At this age for goalies you need be technical,fast,big and self confidence.

Anonymous said...

WHL seems to be quite successful with the draft age as it is, thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Swift current? 9 returning first years next year

Anonymous said...

I her this kid by the name of Trygve Many Guns a native from southern AB is going to Notre Dame next year for the Bantam AAA team? I also heard he got 100+ points one year? Is this true?