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Sunday, April 8, 2012

April 8, 2012 newsletter is now ready

RankingsWe have expanded the 1997 age group rankings to now a top 225.  The reason being is that there are approximetaly that many players drafted in the bantam draft each year.  Since the last rankings, we have finished up all provincial playoffs, the Manitoba POE, KIBIHT and the Western Canada Bantam Hockey Championships.  As a result some significant movement has been made on this the 2nd last newsletter of the season.

In the interview section this time around, I had a chance to chat with one of the fastest risers in the 2nd half of the season.  Perhaps one of the hardest working players in the draft who can also supply offence.  Some have him as high as the first round.

I speak with a 98 born player who looks like a sure fire bet to be a 2013 first rounder.  He has played age advanced the past couple seasons.

We interview a goalie who is flying under the radar but shouldn't be and we think he has a decent chance of turning out to be one of the better goalies form his province in future years.

Lastly, I interview a defenseman who is looking to become the next in a long line of talented defenseman to attend POE next year.  

News and Notes/Tournament Re-Cap
We have decided to prune down the USA draft list to a top 30 who we feel have a good chance to play or want to play in the WHL one day.  The WHL has never had more than 30 selections from south of the border on draft day.

Western Canada Bantam AAA Championship Review/ KIBIHT Review
We give a full review of both the Western Canada Bantam Championships and the KIBIHT tournament.  Which players were standouts, who were our all-stars and other information on the top forwards, defenseman and goalies at each of the tournament and why.

Sneak peak at the top 20 '99 born players.  Full list will be included after the bantam draft in May.


Anonymous said...

Just curious on who's planning on attending POE or OHA next year? Any word from potential attendee's, rumours?

Be interesting to know if the Winter Clubs being exempted from Provincial Championships has any effect on academies.

Anonymous said...

So the Winter Clubs being exempted you mean they will not be able to play in Provincial championships next year?

Anonymous said...

So, are you saying that BWC and NSWC wont be eligible for provincials next year, and for what reason.

Anonymous said...

Because parents like 11:44 have nothing better to write about.

11:44 why do you care what others do or where they move.

Do you all really think BC hockey moves that fast to take out 4 private assocations from the lower Mainland ?

We are hearing the Seafair and Richmond may merge together, Seafair is running low on players and is very expensive. Richmond does not need them, But Seafair may not last without the merge.

Anonymous said...

please elborate on the comment or rumor you are starting about "Winter Clubs being exempt from Provincial Championships"

I have attended many PCAHA meetings and must say this is nothing I have ever heard of or discussed in the last 6 years.

Good Luck on that one, or is it a reverse type marketing strategy to try and draw some if any kids to the OHA/POE type programs that dont play in any PCAHA league games.

These types of comments make us all laugh, and I will bring this up at this years meeting to wake up and get a giggle from the from all of us.


Anonymous said...

if you check out the last several years and info on growing associations, Seafair Minor and Richmond have been growing at steady rates.

and both associations are still growing and developing,

as per costs, Seafair and Richmond are roughly the same unlike the Academies and Winter Clubs where you pay for your lodging and schooling, or membership, monthly dues, and then pay for your development and extra ice,

Every city team or program has there strengths and weaknesses and we can use this years Cloverdale Bantam A1 as the strong example of a team that continued to improve and proved they were playing and played at the top of their game.

please remember that rules and regulations are the guidelines we must all follow, how you comply with them makes you who you are

the small associations are trying to compete at their best with what they have.

Hope everyone enjoys their Spring and Summer Season and all the best to the Bantam kids in this years draft.

Anonymous said...

BC is a joke. Occasionally 1 or 2 associations other than the winter clubs will have a chance at provincials but not very often. The playing field is unfair...BWC is no different than a spring hockey team. If you have a league where one or two teams can hand pick thier team and all the other teams are held to demographic boundaries the result will be very predicatble. For example a highly rated 98 player from Medicine Hat is going to play for BWC next year. All the strings will be pulled to make this happen within the regulations.....This happens every year and is ignored and BWC pats themselves on the back when the kick the crap out of all of the other teams in the league.We could all hand pick a team and win but this is not in the best interests of everyone. As long as this continues BWC and NSWC will dominate BC.

Anonymous said...

8:00am & 9:57am seem pretty upset about something...did an honest question really upset you that much?

"Because parents like 11:44 have nothing better to write about. 11:44 why do you care what others do or where they move"

The entire purpose behind this webpage is to inform readers as to who's playing where and provide insight into the bantam hockey world. Sound's like a jackass move to lash out when somebody gets your panties ruffled. Discouraging a valid hockey question and suggesting this not be the appropriate venue is ludicrous! WESTERN ELITE HOCKEY PROSPECTS is the website you currently viewing.

Have a nice day...and the Seafair thing...thank you, that was info I didn't know...precisely the reason I come here to read. Now next time I would suggest you think before you post...some of us are genuinely curious and have no hidden agendas like you seem to be displaying. You wouldn't discourage a potential car buyer from going to the dealership to ask questions, would you?

Anonymous said...

Richmond Minor and Seafair Minor will not merge this year!

Richmond Minor has to much unkown debt load for Seafair to try and take on, I think when the parents from Richmond Minor find out at their upcoming AGM and they will understand how that program has really been operating the past two years many will be running over to try and join Seafairs successful program.

Just stating the facts,

Anonymous said...

UMMMM ... you have it backwards, Seafair wants to merge with Richmond, Seafair can't afford the Hockey staffs salaries, So they want to merge with Richmond, Richmond has no benefit to merge. Seafair did not have enough players to field a A2 Bantam team, They had 1 A1 team mostly 97's and House. 2 98's are going to Richmond and 1 to POE this year. Seafair is in trouble with other issues as well. They meet two nights ago and rejected Seafair's proposal.