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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hockey Manitoba Announce Top 40 POE

Brown, Tyler Goalie Winnipeg Winnipeg Warriors
Dola, Hayden Goalie Winnipeg Beach Interlake Lightning
Martyniuk, Troy Goalie Winnipeg Winnipeg Hawks
Petit, Mario Goalie Ile Des Chenes Eastman Selects
Verhelst, Tyson Goalie Brandon Brandon Wheat Kings
Compton, Braden Defense  Brandon Brandon Wheat Kings
Dwyer, Mackenzie Defense Winnipeg Winnipeg Sharks
Dyck , Mitchell Defense Winkler Pembina Valley Hawks
Gardiner, Ryan Defense Winnipeg Winnipeg Sharks
Groot, Braden Defense Stonewall Interlake Lightning
Lawrence, Jesse  Defense Brandon Brandon Wheat Kings
Lenchyshyn, Thomas Defense Steinbach Eastman Selects (Midget)
McDonald, Lawson  Defense Winkler Pembina Valley Hawks
Nevin, Desmond   Defense Steinbach Eastman Selects
Oliver, Cole Defense Melita Southwest Cougars
Shearer, James Defense Brandon Brandon Wheat Kings
Taraschuk, Mark Defense Winnipeg Winnipeg Warriors
Anderson, Ashton Forward Rivers Yellowhead Chiefs
Armour, Garrett  Forward Winnipeg Winnipeg Hawks
Boyd, Aaron Forward Winnipeg Winnipeg Hawks
Capanella, Marco  Forward Brandon Brandon Wheat Kings
Conrad, Colt  Forward St. Alphonse Pembina Valley Hawks
Court, Zach  Forward Winnipeg Winnipeg Monarchs
Esteves, Gianluca  Forward Winnipeg Winnipeg Monarchs
Greening, Matthew  Forward Dauphin Parkland Jr. Rangers
Ivanyshyn, Jordan  Forward Winnipeg Winnipeg Warriors
Jeanson, Tyler  Forward Graysville Pembina Valley Hawks
Keane, Jackson  Forward Winnipeg Winnipeg Monarchs
Kilbrei, Travis  Forward Arborg Interlake Lightning
Kolesar, Keegan  Forward Winnipeg Winnipeg Hawks
Lycar, Kirkland  Forward Elma Eastman Selects
MacGillivray, Joel  Forward Winnipeg Winnipeg Monarchs
MacLeod, Liam Forward La Salle Pembina Valley Hawks
Nell, Meyer  Forward Boissevain Southwest Cougars
Petkau, Scott  Forward Steinbach Eastman Selects
Purtill, Braden  Forward Winnipeg Winnipeg Sharks
Roullette, Shane  Forward Winnipeg Winnipeg Hawks
Stallard, Jordan  Forward Brandon Brandon Wheat Kings
Williams, Ethan  Forward Winnipeg Pursuit of Excellence (BC)
Wirth, Michael  Forward Morden Pembina Valley Hawks
Zimmer, Rylee  Forward Russell Notre Dame Hounds (SK)


Anonymous said...

Some interesting exclusions from this list. Always a debatible topic but I am sure the top 20 are in this group somewhere.

Anonymous said...

who picked this selcetion?
must not be familiar with all Mb.
try again

Anonymous said...

10.38 , you are correct , the top 20 is definitely in there. Once cut down [ correctly and wisely ] it should be a formidable team.

Anonymous said...

Wade Allison

Wyatt Kalynuk

Is there a MAHA report card?