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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

KIBIHT Tournament Day 1

Notre Dame 0 - Kamloops 3 FINAL
Third Period
Bazien knocks home a Chyzowski shot.  MVP awards for the game via the committee go to D - Even Werle but we'll give it to Leif Hertz.  for Kamloops it is Josh Shank and it is hard to argue that selection but Addison Bazien was also very strong.  Strong team effort by the Jardine Blazers who are now 2-0-0.

Second Period
Kevin Davis pinches in and bangs home a Maxwell James rebound shot.  Robert Johnson finds a loose puck and fires it high, just inside the post.  Johnson has showed good worth ethic and speed throughout the game tonight.  Addison Bazien has showed a lot of jump tonight for Kamloops.  Leif Hertz in goal for Notre Dame is really playing well and being a lefty must seem different for Kamloops to face.  Colin Burston has played well for Notre Dame.  Haven't noticed Rylee Zimmer a whole lot tonight for Notre Dame.

First Period
A very fast paced opening period with just the one minor penalty called on Notre Dame forward Rylee Zimmer which will carry in to the 2nd period.  Notre Dame G - Leif Hertz was very steady between the pipes and showed good lateral movement on a pair of good Kamloops scoring chances.  Notre Dame worked a very structured fore-check, hemming in Kamloops at times but couldn't really create any dangerous scoring chances.  Colin Burston was likely the top Notre Dame player along with Hertz that period.  For Kamloops, Bazien, Chyzowski and Davis were all strong once again and Rende was solid.

Burnaby MHA 5 - Mission 2
Burnaby MHA got 3 goals from big forward and team captain Marcus Vela in a 5-2 over Mission to even their record at 1-1-0.  Mission got another strong performance from Andrew Strelezki as he has been a buzz-saw type player and has worked very hard.  Strelezki scored once again for Burnaby.  Mission once again had Veitch in goal as they are only carrying one tender this tournament.  Bowerman has also been good for Mission.

OHA 10 - Grand Prairie 2
Brad Morrison with another big game scoring 1-3-4.  Morrison now has 7 pts through 2 games.  98 born Davis Koch and Ryan Clifford each scored twice.  Carter Rhine chipped in with 3 assists.  Steven Fiust scored his 4th of the tournament.  OHA is now 2-0-0 and will have a big game tomorrow afternoon against Kamloops.

POE 4 - NSWC 2
POE and NSWC as projected were locked in a defensive battle through 2 periods of play with the score dead locked at 1-1 heading in to the 3rd period on goals by Jost for POE and Chernomaz for NSWC.  In the 3rd, 98 born Tyson Jost gave POE an early lead but Benjafield tied up shortly after.  Jordan Kawaguchi gave POE a 3-2 lead and it turned out to be the eventual game winner.  D - Ethan Bear who we expect to be a top 2 rounder scored with less than a minute remaining to salt this one away.  D - Joe Gatenby added 2 assists for POE and is someone WHL scouts are watching very closely as a possible high first round selection.  Of note for NSWC is that Jansen Harkins was held to just 1 assist in the game.

Seattle 11 - Sask Valley 7
WEHP top 2 round ranked F - Terrell Draude continues is rapid scoring rate this season in his first KIBIHT game putting up 2-4-6.  Logan Schatz adds in 2-2-4 for Sask Valley who just couldn't keep the puck out of the net in their opening game.  Sask Valley G - Addison Dasiuk allowed all 11 goals in the loss.  Dasiuk had a 2.90 GAA in SBAAHL league play this year.  For Seattle, Luke VanSchaack who was outlined in the KIBIHT preview we ran as a player to watch had a big game with 6 points.  VanSchaack played this season with the Wenatchee Jr. Wild.  Steven Bryant scored 3 times for Seattle.

Notre Dame 3 - Grand Prairie 1
Colin Bursten with 1-1-2 for Notre Dame.  Lightfoot and Uhrich also scored.  For Grand Prairie it was Vollman.

Aidrie 5 - Westside 2
Giroux, Harrison, Barrow and Antochow with 1-1-2 each for Airdrie.  6'4 dman Jesse Mills with 1-1-2 for Westside

OHA 9 - Burnaby MHA 0
Brad Morrison, Steven Fiust and Ryan Clifford all had 3 point games.  Fiust scored 3 goals and Morrison had 2.

Kamloops 4 - Mission 3 FINAL (SO)
Mission Stars forward Brice Sharp was ejected early in the first period after a check to head penalty on Tyler Seabrooke who was down for a few minutes before being helped off the ice.   Sharp was handed a 5 minute major on the play to which Kamloops scored as D - Kevin Davis pinched in to hammer home a rebound goal.  Shortly after 98 born D - Darren Rizzolo hit Addison Bazien hard.  Bazien was down for a while and helped off the ice but did return.  Mission would score a couple goals in the second half of the first period on rebounds that snuck through Kamloops starting goalie Bailey Depalma.  Near the end of the first, Kamloops put on some decent pressure but Mission starter Jeffrey Veitch was pretty strong and made a fantastic diving stop late in the period to keep the game at 2-1 Mission.  The top players on the ice in the first period were Kevin Davis of Kamloops and small defender Nolan Zweep of Mission.  Both were able to control the play at time from the back-end.

2nd Period
The 2nd period was riddled with checking to the head penalties and mired by slow play throughout most of the period.  In total, there have been 4 Check to the head penalties, 3 of which were 4 min penalties.  Andrew Strelezki was able to give Mission a 3-1 lead early on with a goal from behind the net almost on a sweeping shot.  Then as mentioned, the play slow down significantly until Mission was handed a 4 min CTH penalty late and Kevin Davis would reply with his 2nd of the game.  Davis continues to be a steady force for Kamloops while Bowerman has looked very good for Mission along with Zweep.

3rd Period
Kamloops carried the play for the majority of the 3rd period with Chyzowski hitting a couple posts and then thinking he scored but the ref waived it off.  Mission defenseman Nolan Zweep took a late penalty and Nick Chyzowski was able to bury a rebound shot from Kevin Davis.  Headed to OT.

Kamloops had the majority of the chances but Veitch played very well.  Mission took a late penalty and Davis really was able to carry the play both 4 on 4 and throughout the game.

Bazien and Chyowski with the winner and Kranabetter for Mission scored.

MVP's as awarded in the building.
Mission - Jacob Kranabetter
Kamloops - Baily Depalma but I'll give it to Davis.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why the play by play for every period of Kamloop's games? That's a little over kill.....

Anonymous said...

If Gatenby is a high first rounder this must be considered the weakest draft in recent memory
teams traded away alot of early picks at the deadline now im seeing why. This is note knock on Gatenby but last year he would have been a late second round pick

Anonymous said...

holy hell your coverage of this tournament sucks! I agree with the poster who said it is overkill on the kamloops coverage. once again WEHP is showing who their favourites are! someone really needs to start up a new site. this one really sucks and they rankings i should add are way off, way off.

Anonymous said...

I like how all the complainers remain anonymous.

I think these guys do a pretty good job. Scouting and ranking is subjective and always boils down to someone's opinion. There is no such thing as a ranked list of opinions that is "way off".

If a new site needs to be started up, start one up. If you don't want to read the play by play, then don't read it. Someone else might want to.

Anonymous said...

The frustrating part is they come off on here like they know what they are talking about. They clearly don't. You talk to any scout and they'll tell you that the WEHP first round list has maybe 2-3 actual first rounders on it and maybe 5 players that will go in the top 3 rounds. the worst part are the blog write-ups that are filled with grammar errors and wrong, useless information that we all know about already. When will they ever learn????!!!

Anonymous said...


So why don't you start up a better blog then? Obviously you come here and read the blog, despite all the deficiencies you point out. Make something that's better. Simple as that.

The proof for their rankings list will be in the pudding. We'll see how they do at the draft. It's as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

And yet you whiners and complainers keep coming back to read the site and the blogs hoping your child is listed or named. Don't like it...Don't read it.

Anonymous said...

9:18am>>>I'm the parent of a 99 born player and therefore have nothing to gain by posting here. I do follow the older groups quite closely and I come to the website to get a different opinion. I do not take all the information as gospel but rather take the information provided and create my own opinions. Remember if 10 people saw a car crash the police get 10 different versions of what talent is no different. Scouts perceive talent in different ways. My advice to you is...if you don't like the website or the information it provides stop following it - no one is forcing you. Unfortunately your post comes off as a parent who doesn't believe his boy is being ranked high enough!

Anonymous said...

OHA, wow, what a day. 19-2.

The change in this team from Oct to April is remarkable.

Kudos to the coaching staff.

Anonymous said...

last year's final wehp list before the draft had i think close to 60 of the first 3 rounds very close,,that's pretty good

Anonymous said...

Wow! What can you say to all the negativity by the haters? If you don't like the site than don't read read it. Couldn't be written by a sensible adult and rather must be the musings of adolescent!

This site is a good read and provides readers with some informed insight. The site makes up for BC Hockey's failure to provide Zone teams and real AAA hockey with websites to provide info on players similar to Alberta and Saskatchewan is appreciated. I enjoy being in the loop and thank WEHP for providing that opportunity.

Keep up the good work WEHP!!!