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Sunday, April 15, 2012

BC Cup Scoring Leaders heading in to final day

Through 3 games played.

Scoring Leaders
Matt Barzal  1-4-5
Tyler Soy  2-2-4
Nash Dabb  2-2-4
Jakob Stukel  2-1-3
Jesse Roach  1-2-3
Chris Seto 1-2-3
Brad Morrison 1-2-3
Jansen Harkins  1-2-3
Max James 1-2-3
San Chung 2-1-3
Chaz Reddekopp 2-1-3


Anonymous said...

i dont think these stats are right i saw seto have a 2 goal game yesturday as did morrison did they not get credit for them?

Western Elite said...

Seto and Morrison did both get credit for 2 goal games.

Anonymous said...

So they must not have done much in their other games. Just a guess.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if those of you that attended this past weekend's BC U16 event would be interested in providing your top 9 forwards, top 6 defensemen and top 3 goalies. It would be interesting to see how close it would be to those invited to the provincial camp. I know the U17 camp last year didn't come close to representing those who showed well during that particular event. Instead of the "best' players the bottom 2/3's were represented by players drafted 2 years prior. I know that some say it doesn't matter if you're drafted or not and eventually the creme rises to the top, but its definitely an easier adjustment if you've been written that particular ticket. Many players become investments to these scouts trying to establish credibility in their product.

Anonymous said...

omg....missing tons of players who were on the list. why not post the entire list? give me a break

Anonymous said...

Watching most of this event,Barzal pure sense of the game is top notch.He made mediocre players better,no question.Finlay and Harkins best duo.Godwin pure power forward.Ronning could have been better.Morrison and Stukel were a threat always.Soy was steady,and Kawaguchi had slow star but turned it up.Those were my 9 f.Simm has a great shot and skated well. 3d is a bit harder.Shultz very mature player and smooth.Redakopp is a monster out there with soft hands.Gatenby is defesively sound and moves puck well.Next 5 or 6 is very clse.Goaltending was Burman and Didur

Anonymous said...

Not a good enough tournament to sort out. Some players just look better when they play AA, but disappear in tough games. Especially those who aren't physically there.

Anonymous said...

I'm almost certain Dider and burman will be the goalies on the team

Anonymous said...

so these two goalies are your pick. Where were these two goalies in St.Alberta,Burnaby,Final 4 and KIBIHT Tournament.Last time i checked Western Elite ranking,one of your guy is ranked 126 and the other one not even on the list. I think any of these goalies from Kamloops,kelowna,semiahmoo and cloverdale, will just do fine for team BC. Do your home work before you post anyting.Other was you look like fool!

Anonymous said...

Burman maybe a good candidate for the Team but 2nd spot is up for grabs.... in fact everyone has to show up and play.... forgot to mention Victoria goalie also good candidate along with any that are invited to the Summer Camp.