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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hockey Manitoba POE Complete

POE Scoring Leaders
1.   Meyer Nell  3-2-5  Southwest Bantam Cougars
2.   Wyatt Kalynuk  0-4-4  Southwest Bantam Cougars
3.   Cole Oliver  1-3-4  Southwest Bantam Cougars
4.   Braden Purtill  0-4-4  Winnipeg Sharks
5.   Matthew Greening  2-2-4  Parkland Jr. Rangers
6.   Ashton Anderson   2-2-4  Yellowhead Cheifs
7.   Ethan Williams  2-1-3   POE
8.   Liam MacLeod  2-1-3  Pembina Valley Hawks
9.   Dexter Kuczek  2-1-3  Winnipeg Sharks
10. Riley Bouchard  0-3-3  Winnipeg Warriors

Other notables
Michael Wirth 1-2-3  Pembina Valley Hawks
Lawson Mcdonald  1-2-3  Pembina Valley Hawks
Aaron Boyd 1-2-3  Winnipeg Hawks
Zach Court  2-0-2  Winnipeg Monarchs
Tyler Jeanson  0-2-2  Pembina Valley Hawks
Colt Conrad  1-1-2  Pembina Valley Hawks
Keegan Kolesar  2-0-2  Winnipeg Hawks
Jackson Keane  1-1-2  Winnipeg Monarchs
Rylee Zimmer  0-1-1  Notre Dame
Thomas Lenchyshyn  0-1-1  Eastman Selects Midget
Ryan Gardiner  1-0-1  Winnipeg Sharks


Anonymous said...

Will your rankings change much if players dont make it to thier prvincial cups?

Western Elite said...

The list is based on the entire season, not just a two day camp. The camps are primarily used as a tool to confirm what we already know. If a player didn't make it for whatever reason, it doesn't mean they will be taken off the list at all.

Anonymous said...

Very strong tournament. Players taken out of their comfort zones , having to make it work with kids they have hardly played with before, must have been stressful. Congrats to the players who managed to put points on the boards , it must have been tough against the best goalies in the province.For some the puck didn't bounce the right way, but they still played well.Good luck to all players.

Anonymous said...

Was a good camp but the weekend showed some players are not deserving of your ranking, and others should be much higher (Petkau cousins not even on your list?? How is that possible??) Nell looked fantastic and Keane didn't. Lenchyshen has some skills but can he think the game well enough for a 1st rounder? Nice challenge for the kids to play with players they haven't met before in some cases...

Anonymous said...

This was a great opportunity for all players to be exposed to this level of skill and ability within the province. The players you have mentioned were not all at the top of the leader board. You made a sound decision to skip over players who in fact had an overall better showing. It is a shame you do not take the time to mention them.