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Sunday, April 8, 2012

April 8, 2012 newsletter is now ready

RankingsWe have expanded the 1997 age group rankings to now a top 225.  The reason being is that there are approximetaly that many players drafted in the bantam draft each year.  Since the last rankings, we have finished up all provincial playoffs, the Manitoba POE, KIBIHT and the Western Canada Bantam Hockey Championships.  As a result some significant movement has been made on this the 2nd last newsletter of the season.

In the interview section this time around, I had a chance to chat with one of the fastest risers in the 2nd half of the season.  Perhaps one of the hardest working players in the draft who can also supply offence.  Some have him as high as the first round.

I speak with a 98 born player who looks like a sure fire bet to be a 2013 first rounder.  He has played age advanced the past couple seasons.

We interview a goalie who is flying under the radar but shouldn't be and we think he has a decent chance of turning out to be one of the better goalies form his province in future years.

Lastly, I interview a defenseman who is looking to become the next in a long line of talented defenseman to attend POE next year.  

News and Notes/Tournament Re-Cap
We have decided to prune down the USA draft list to a top 30 who we feel have a good chance to play or want to play in the WHL one day.  The WHL has never had more than 30 selections from south of the border on draft day.

Western Canada Bantam AAA Championship Review/ KIBIHT Review
We give a full review of both the Western Canada Bantam Championships and the KIBIHT tournament.  Which players were standouts, who were our all-stars and other information on the top forwards, defenseman and goalies at each of the tournament and why.

Sneak peak at the top 20 '99 born players.  Full list will be included after the bantam draft in May.


Anonymous said...

what r yuor. thoughts that may the top 5 goaltenders in the ambhl draft in may 2012. be hontest

Anonymous said...

any one what to say u the 5 goalies that may a have chance at the draft

Anonymous said...

Really does it matter..... sounds like the same person posted these comments trying to bate someone - what will be will be - too much emphasis on the draft and as for goalies, many know they usually take longer to develop, these kids are 15 and not all have reached height potential where others have.

Anonymous said...

2:44 , why this makes you upset please if you don't like the comment don't read .

Anonymous said...

Youre right 2:44. When smaller goalies finally grow and everything comes together for them we all know it will be truly Magic

Anonymous said...

the same for players, i agree, some grow a bit slower but are extremely talented. too much emphasis on size...doesn't mean crap! one thing for sure is that kids will grow but talent is something you're born have or you don't no matter your size.

Anonymous said...

Talent isnt what you are born with. A desire to be the best is what some kids are born with. Others are born with a desire to be just good enough.