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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

John Reid Memorial Tournament Change - Calgary Bronks attending.

With the Calgary Bronks now attending, the Wenatchee Wild will not be attending.  Thanks to a ready for this reasoning:

The Wenatchee Jr. Wild pulled out of John Reid Memorial due to rash of injuries - short Bench. The Team has been fighting the injury bug most of the season;

Tanner Moyer; was out for 8 weeks injury vs POE early season
Storrie Skalisky; Season ending Back injury @ Chilliwack
Brian Walker; Concussion- out 4 weeks
Jake Lowman; concussion -2 weeks
Jesse Burwell- Out for season @ Abbotsford- sternum/rib injury

& too those our leading scorer Kailer Yamamoto is now out 4 weeks with broken Elbow.

Given our circumstance we felt it best to provide the opportunity to team in better position to compete at top flight level the tourney will demand. Best of Luck to Calgary Bronks.

Wenatchee Jr. Wild Manager
Mike Van Schaack

Reid Skybox (WEHP Rank included)
NSWC - 1
POE - 3
Sherwood Park -7
Calgary Bisons - HM

Reid City Ford (WEHP Rank included)
Cloverdale -6
St. Albert - HM
L.A. Selects- #2 western States
Notre Dame - NR

Iginla Access (WEHP Rank included)
SSAC - 4
Semiahmoo - 5
Calgary Royals - 10
Balgonie PS - #1 in Sask

Iginla Riverside (WHEP Rank included)
BWC - 2
Lloydminster - 8
Edmonton CAC - NR
Calgary Bronks - NR


Anonymous said...

The Bronks are the most Under Rated team in Western Canada

Anonymous said...

Were there other teams more deserving than the Bronks? Seafair won in Victoria. Manitoba teams?

Anonymous said...

That's very commendable of the Wenatchee team, as opposed to showing up with a reduced lineup or a bunch of replacement players. Tough luck guys...hope everyone recovers fully.

Not sure the Bronks have what it takes to play at that level, but I guess we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Be honest the Victoria tournament and JR are not the same caliber. wake up

Manitoba that's a different story. I am sure they have many that could play

Anonymous said...

It continues to amaze me the lack of consideration OHA gets. I am an AB parent, who has no ties with them. That being said, it seems over the years that "private school" teams, such as POE, Notre Dame, etc have developed a good reputation attending major tourneys, and would have expected this to begin with OHA on a move forward for what would be guessed as years to come if this program progresses. Perhaps they have some more impressing to do before this, but thought the tournaments would open to OHA open arms. Who knows.

Anonymous said...

you can only have so many teams per Tournament, so this looks like a good mix.

Anonymous said...

@ December 14 8:15 a.m.

Trust me I understand the difference in overall team quality between JRMT and Victoria's R. Lapointe Tourney. However, very good Calgary Royals and POE teams who will be in St. Albert did not prevail in Victoria and Seafair did. Not saying they are elite, but this win and their record in league play say they are a very good team. Check your own alarm clock.

Anonymous said...

There are teams from Manitoba that should be in the JRMT. Bronks or OHA is stronger,they deserve be there. Seafair I do not think so, They were not even at Chilliwack or MH.

Anonymous said...

OHA is 25 and 4 on the season and has only lost to teams in the top 5 in your ranking. They have won a Tourny and lost in a Tourny final. They deserved an invite.

Anonymous said...


Yes nice record for OHA and only losing to top 5 teams, BUT tell me the toughest three teams they have beaten.

Anonymous said...

Since OHA didn't get invited to Med Hat or St A they don't get to play the top teams outside of thier own league so it's a bit of a problem for them. A few recent scores from their site do reveal their level of play and make an argument that they have been overlooked; OHA 12 Langley 3, OHA 9 Kelowna 0, OHA 8 Maple Leaf Athletic Club 0, OHA 4 Okotoks 0, POE 6 OHA 4, Semiahmoo 3 OHA 2. They have their own event over Xmas and Sherwood Park is coming so that should be an interesting game.

Anonymous said...

10:26 - good point but that criticism applies to a few of the top-ranked teams, POE, LA, Royals, Bronks, CAC and the Sask teams included. OHA is caught in the old catch 22 - not respected because they haven't beaten anyone top 5 and so not invited to the tourneys where they could show vs. top 5. I guess it's not easy being a newer program but there getting better

Anonymous said...

lets make the same comment about POE who have they beat that is better or in the top five that make a difference, have they won any tourneys yet and if its all about the west coast or the interior why hasn,t someone put together a top ten tournament, o ya look at the tournaments and see how they are set up, maybe the top five should get together and play, ny day or any game the top ten can compete POE/NSWC/BWC/CLOVE/SEMI/OHA/ROYALS/likely there are others, would like to see a academy/wc league and stop the bleeding for the associations

Anonymous said...

POE has three or four top end kids who the scouts want to see. Royals are top in the AMBHL south which has been a historical invite. Bronks are a second choice after a team dropped out. CAC is one of the top local teams though they have struggled of late. Balgonie gets an invite and takes over for ND as being the Sask entry. We will see if it is deserved, but at least the Sask pundets will have some head to head games to chew on, though they will always pull the race card, I mean the pop card.

Anonymous said...

Oh yah, the "POP" card! Being from Saskatchewan and proud of it, if you ever have a second to check out NHL facts, which is where I'm sure all these kids are headed. You may be interested to know that HANDS DOWN, not close no challenge! In the west "NO" province puts out more hockey players per capita then us:<) It's wonderful that your kid is a star at 14 though!!! Please put his name up here so I know who to chase for an autogragh in a couple.... well NEVER. lol

Anonymous said...

A good debate here - it's not easy to pick amongst so many good teams and try to be fair. A good point made about this tourney being set up with scouts in mind (more about how individual players compete in novel, pressure situations). For teams, the 'best of the best' (MHA's, private clubs and Academy's) will probably be determined at KIBIHT this year as usual

Anonymous said...

I don't think those from Saskatchewan really understand the whole per capita thing when it comes to hockey--every province has some high end kids...even Saskatchewan...but they really don't have the rest of the kids to fill out the their high end kids will go in the draft and so will the high end kids in the other provinces...Saskatchewan has fewer higher end kids than other provinces in general (read: first and second rounders--go to Bantam draft results and it is plain to see!) but they still have some kids in these rounds...BC and AB will produce more kids in these rounds and the rest of the draft as well. There will be way more kids from BC and AB to fill the draft and a few from Manitoba's as well. Look at any high school sports team--even small schools in any city have a couple of good athletes...the large ones just have more..same difference..being proud of Saskatchewan because they produce more kids in the draft per capita would totally evaporate if there were 20 rounds instead of the 10 or so. I am born and raised in Saskatoon and I don't think its a big deal to be proud of...every town has a pretty girl..the big city just has more!