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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Burnaby and L.A. Tournament Day 2 complete

L.A. Tournament Day 2 Results
Blum Division
BWC  2-0-1  9-6
L.A. Selects  2-0-1  13-5
Colorado Thunderbirds  2-1-0  11-9
Alaska All-Stars 0-3-0  1-13

Long Division
POE  3-0-0  20-3
L.A. Jr. Kings  1-1-1  5-10
Arizona Bobcats  1-1-1 10-5
Colorado Rampage  1-2-0  5-22

POE 12 - Colorado Rampage 1
BWC 4 - L.A. Selects 3 (SO)
L.A. Jr. Kings 2 - Arizona Bobcats 1
Colorado Thunderbirds 7 - Alaska All-Stars 1
POE 5 - L.A. Jr. Kings 0
BWC 3 - Alaska All-Stars 0

Today's Quarter Final Action
BWC - Colorado Rampage
POE - Alaska All-Stars
L.A. Selects - Arizona Bobcats
L.A. Jr. Kings - Colorado Thunderbirds

Semi Finals go this evening.  Championship game is tomorrow morning at 9am.  I will have more on this tournament and all the others tomorrow afternoon.

Burnaby Christmas Tournament
Day 2 Results
South Delta 2 - Wenatchee 2
Semiahmoo 3 - Seafair 2
North Delta 6 - New Westminster 1
Victoria 5 - Langley 3
Vancouver 6 - Ridge Meadows 4
Mission 5 - Burnaby MHA 2
Coquitlam 6 - Wenatchee 5
Cloverdale 6 - Seafair 1
Surrey 5 - South Delta 1
Semiahmoo 5 - NSWC 1
North Delta 4 - Ridge Meadows 2
Victoria 4 - Burnaby MHA 0

Today's Playoff Round Match-ups
Mission - Coquitlam
Vancouver - NSWC

Cloverdale - Ridge Meadows
South Delta - Burnaby MHA

Semiahmoo - New Westminster
Surrey - Langley

Victoria - Wenatchee
North Delta - Seafair

Winners of each of those 4 groupings will move on to play each other.  Then in the semi-finals for example if NSWC, Cloverdale, Semiahmoo and Seafair all move on, it would be NSWC vs Semiahmoo and Cloverdale vs. Seafair.


Anonymous said...

I must admit the Burnaby tournament format looked one sided at first but it does provide any of the teams an opportunity to battle through to the finals

Good luck boys

And Thank You Burnaby Minor for another Top Notch Run Tournament, very well organized and nice supportive volunteers,

Anonymous said...

Going be Cloverdale vs Semi in Final

Anonymous said...

Cloverdale running it up, should be Cloverdale in Final agianst NSWC or Semi.

SETO and SOY should be on allstar team and in running for tourny MVP

Anonymous said...

Semi beat surrey 4-2. Surrey goaltender was fantastic. goalie saw close to 60 shots.technical and positional game is strong for a 98.

Anonymous said...

I must agree with the Surrey goalie comment, he must be one of the top ranked 98 goalies out there.

A 98 playing tier 1 and facing 60 shots from of the top 10 teams in the West says it all

Fantastic job!

Why isn't Surrey in tier 1? They knocked Langley out in the quarter finals and only lost to BWC 3-0 in tiering games.

Anonymous said...

To Dec. 30, 7:42 am...there were 16 skilled teams on the ice mike. It takes a teame to win not one or two players!

Anonymous said...

What about Coquitlam's win over Mission? That was a great game and although coquitlam lost to NSWC 6-1 Coquitlams not doing bad in Tier 2