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Monday, December 12, 2011

Denver Super Series - Dec 9 -11

The Denver '97 Super Series took place over the weekend, hosted by the Colorado Thunderbirds.  This series featured 5 teams, 4 of which have players who will be considered for the WHL Bantam Draft.  The Colorado Thunderbirds, Russell Stover, Rocky Mtn Roughriders and the Dallas Stars Elite werre all taking part.  The only team whose players will not be considered are the Chicago Fury players.

The host Colorado Thunderbirds were far and away the cream of the crop in this series, going a perfect 6-0-0.  They faced the 2-2-2 Russell Stover team in the final and walked away with a 10-1 victory.  Also going 2-2-2 in the series were the Dallas Stars Elite.  The Rocky Mtn Roughriders were 1-3-2 and the Chicago Fury 1-5-0.

Scoring Leaders
Troy Terry 4-10-14 Colorado Thunderbirds
Jake Lebauer 4-6-10  Colorado Thunderbirds
Zach Goberis 4-5-9  Colorado Thunderbirds
Van Barr  6-1-7  Russell Stover
Alex Overhardt 4-3-7 Colorado Thunderbirds
Chris Dodero 4-2-6 Colorado Thunderbirds
Patrick Fun 1-5-6  Dallas Stars Elite
Logan Berlof 4-1-5 Dallas Stars Elite
Mason Mazur 4-1-5  Russell Stover
Nick Kukaris 3-2-5 Coloardo Thunderbirds

Series All-Stars
F - Troy Terry Colorado Thunderbirds
F-  Van Barr  Russell Stover
F-  Jake Lebauer Colorado Thunderbirds
D- Caleb Jones Dallas Stars Elite
D-  Justin Paulson  Russell Stover
G-  Jesse Sepper  Coloardo Thunderbirds


Anonymous said...

Where is Jesse Gabrielle playing this year. No one has posted any stories about him.

Anonymous said...

Did Jones and Paulson play really well are did other D like Fauber just play really bad.

Anonymous said...

Jones player very well. He actually looked better than fauber most times. He had a bad game but that's it. Paulson I don't know. He seemed good too but Fauber is definitely better than him.

Anonymous said...

I think it was a little of both. And what about Gabrielle. Someone told me he wasnt even playing and yet I think he is still on WEHP top US player list. Does any one have any idea.