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Monday, December 19, 2011

Burnaby Xmas Tournament

The BMHA Christmas AAA Bantam Tournament will begin a week from tomorrow at the Bill Copeland and Burnaby Lake Arena's.  The tournament will feature 16 teams split in to 4 pools.  All teams are from B.C. except for the Wenatchee Wild, who are from Washington St.  Many of the top teams will take part in the tournament except for POE and BWC who are playing in the Los Angelas Holiday Tournament also from the 27-30.

Here is a breakdown of how the pools are structured:
Boyd Division
Burnaby MHA (T1) 1-8-1 L3
Langley (T1) 2-6-2 W2
Mission (T1) 4-6-0 L1
Victoria (Island)

Wong Division
Cloverdale (T1) 6-4-0 L1
Semiahmoo (T1) 7-2-1 W1
NSWC (T1) 6-2-0  L2
Seafair (T1) 4-1-4 W1

Marino Division
New Westminster (T2) 4-3-3
North Delta  (T2) 3-7-0
Ridge Meadows (T2) 0-8-2
Vancouver Spirit (T2) 4-5-1

Smith Division
Coquitlam (T2) 6-3-1
Surrey (T2) 6-2-2
South Delta (T3) 9-0-0
Wenatchee Wild (Tournament Team)

The unfortunate part of this tournament is that the winner of the "WONG" division is likely to win the tournament unless they tire from promises to be ultra-competitive round robin games. 


Anonymous said...

Actally this tournament is setup for great round robin games than all teams advance to single elimination. Wong crosses over to Marino and Smith to Boyd.
Look for all Wong teams to make up the semis and finals unless an upset.

Anonymous said...

Seafair will win this division. The 98's are picking it up. Cloverdale, NSWC are sinking. Semi is up and down.

Anonymous said...

He's right. 2 Wong Teams will be in the Final UNLESS there is an upset.

Anonymous said...

OHA, Kamloops, Nanaimo playing in Penticton @ same time. Some good AMBHL competition from Camrose, Lethbridge, Sherwood Park. Format is also 'scout-friendly' like Burnaby with top ranked teams lined up to play each other in round robin.

Anonymous said...

Wow - nice format - catch the Wong games, come back 4 final!

Anonymous said...

Tournament has had that format for years. It's too bad it is unable to attract the top teams anymore. The format creates what should be even round robin games. The Wong division will have easy cross over.

It's good for some of the players on tier 2 teams to play up against the tier 1.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me, NSWC beat seafair easily 3-1 on weekend and is better then all of the other teams in that pool my guess is semi and NSWC soundly unless a huge upset happens.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing NSWC vs. Cloverdale in the Final. (Unless there is an upset.)

Anonymous said...

11:27 - Really? thats funny because cloverdale man handled semi in a 5-3 win. Cloverdale vs. nswc

Anonymous said...

Dark horses for Burnaby tourney?

Anonymous said...

10:06. Really? Cause seafair beat cloverdale tied semi and just played a bad game agaist north shore. North shore and seafair finals