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Sunday, December 18, 2011

December 19, 2011 newsletter is ready

Stats have been updated for all Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba players up to December 17, 2011. THE PCACA doesn't produce specific stats, so if any of you have these or would like them included, please forward. From B.C., we have updated POE, OHA and Seafair stats.  This includes all 97 and 98 born players.

We are nearing the midway point of the season now and the rankings are becoming more and more accurate as players begin to show trends and tendencies in their games. Several tournaments have given us a tool to gauge where players should or may fit in at this point in the season. We have now expanded to a top 200 list for the 97 born age group in western Canada, which takes us through the 9th round. The 98 age group currently is a top 125, which covers the top 5 rounds. The U.S. western prospects have risen and fallen for various reasons such as willingness to take their game north of the border and individuals skill set of the player.

I had a chance to speak with a hidden gem from Manitoba who many may not know right now but are soon to get to know very well.

I speak with a high scoring B.C. star who is playing on one of the top programs in western Canada.

Also spoke with a Saskatchewan rising star who came from rural hockey last year and is scoring at a rapid clip

Lastly, I speak with an American born defenseman who took his game North off the 49th and it seems to be pairing off big time.

News and Notes/Tournament Re-Cap
The Top 20 power rankings make there Sixth appearance on the newsletter.

Listed are the up coming tournaments this season across western Canada as well.

And Lastly, we re-cap in depth some of the tournaments that have taken place of late.

best regards,

western elite hockey prospects


Anonymous said...

Don't agree with west u.s. Top 10. You should really go watch the games

Anonymous said...

While you may not agree, for the most part the Western Bantam teams rankings are pretty close. You have a few ups and downs. SSAC just won POE by one goal. So they are very close. But when the Royals win over the Bronks 9-2. That is a win. Someone may have been sick or hurt. But teams find a way to win with what they have. Cloverdale lost to a Seattle team. They are like a box of chocolates - you never know what you going to get.

NSWC to have 4 games in a row was nuts. Seafair,BWC,Semi, Abbey. in 4 days. what were they thinking. Maybe did not have a choice who knows. But not fair either way, with the caliber of teams and players.

Have a good Holiday everyone.

Anonymous said...

POE over SSAC 3 to 1 .Was not clse in shots either.It was decisive.