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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Western Prospects Hockey Development - Regina

Matthew Krawiec is a prospect to watch for 12-13

Top Prospects - as selected by Western Prospects Staff:
Luke Gingras - (Langley), Sam Steel - (Sherwood Park), Matt Krawiec - (Red Deer)

First All Star Team - as selected by Western Prospects Staff:
Forward - Sam Steel (Sherwood Park)  Current WEHP Ranking (Top 10)
Forward - Luke Gingras (Langley) Current WEHP Ranking (Early 2nd)
Forward - Mason Shaw (Lloydminster) Current WEHP Ranking (Mid rounds)
Defence - Colin Paradis (Sherwood Park)  Current WEHP Ranking (Early 3rd)
Defence - Matthew Krawiec (Red Deer)  Current WEHP Ranking (Mid rounds)
Goalie - Colby Entz (Churchbridge) Current WEHP Ranking (Mid rounds)

Second All Star Team - as selected by Westerns Prospects Staff:
Forward - Cole Johnson (Marwayne) Current WEHP Ranking (3rd round)
Forward - Tanner Kaspick (Brandon) Current WEHP Ranking (Late 1st)
Forward - Skyler Mckenzie (Sherwood Park)  Current WEHP Ranking (mid rounds)
Defence - TJ Brown (Lacombe) Current WEHP Ranking (mid rounds)
Defence - Kevin Pierce (Calgary)  Current WEHP Ranking (5th round)
Goalie - Matthew Flath (Hafford)  Current WEHP Ranking (NR)

Leadership Awards - as selected by camp teammates
Nathan Wall - Bagot, MB
Marial Beny - Melville, SK
Tanner Kaspick - Brandon, MB
Caleb Griffin - Regina, SK
Tristan Petrie - Lloydminster, SK
Jared Dmytriw - Craven, SK
Mason Shaw - Lloydminster, AB
James Miller - Spruce Grove, AB


Anonymous said...

as a BC parent, how do you rank kids in this years draft as mid round picks,

the two boys mentioned from Chilliwack and Seafair couldn't even play or finish half a season as first years.

the boy from Seafair i have never heard of and wasn't on their team roster at the end of the year????,

Chilliwack boy is average, played for the Selects Blue

Anonymous said...

Someone commented earlier that mos t of the top prospects stayed away from this one. They were right. Only 2 Kaspick and Steel were at this one. Not sure why you are giving so much attention to a AA tournament. But I guess their is nothing else going on. But changing the all stars based on parent complaints does not give alot of credit to these ones selected. If fact does the complete opposite.

Western Elite said...

To answer to the poster about credibility as it pertains to the All Star Selections...The All Stars that were handed my way after the completion of the tournament had a couple errors for the first and second teams. The goalies had to be switched and a forward or two were in correct as well.

In an effort to keep the information as correct as possible, we thought it was a good idea to fix and supply the correct information.

As for the other opinions as to why we are reporting about this tournament. The fact is that some people do care about that information, that is why it is being supplied.

Anonymous said...

If you are good enough the scouts will find you. If you don't get drafted it is not the end of the world, as many players continue to develop in the years that follow. Many top picks are busts, and many late picks are bargains. Kids have enough pressure during the draft year , so go play and let your game decide your fate.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why people always have to judge camps because all the prospects aren't there. this camp did have lots of aa and few aaa . The camp was for development for players and scouts to see whats coming up for draft picks. I don't agree with some of the picks the camp choose. but it gives the unknows a chance to be seen by scouts .

Anonymous said...

People should educate themselves before posting. There is no Bantam AAA hockey in Saskatchewan and since most of the players at the Regina Showcase were from SK, most of the players were listed as AA. There were many top end players at the camp and those that worked hard to get selected to Top 40, deserved it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment @ 4:30pm. If you look back at any draft, be it bantam or even the NHL, there are surprises either way. Scouts miss it either way, some peak and burn out, some develop later and bypass the 'stars' of their leagues from prior years.

So really, drafting isn't about the kids, it's about multi-million dollar companies trying to tie up potential assets. The bad thing about that is that it puts undo pressure on the kids, both that get drafted and those that don't.

But getting drafted late (say after 4th round) just inflates their hopes, stagnates their growth and potentially ruins otherwise potentially great players. See it all the time.

That's why I don't agree with the hype and drafting teenagers that cannot understand the potential pitfalls.