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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BWC Receive Another Offensive Boost

What many knew a while ago but we thought we'd wait until it became official is that the BWC Bruins have welcomed back 2 former players.  Owen Seidel, who spent time with BWC before moving Seafair to play has joined the team once again, as has Robert Johnson from Kamloops.  Seidel, with Seafair had 3-11-14 in 43 games while Johnson with Kamloops had 9-4-13 in 53 games.

Seidel and Johnson will add some depth to the forward lines on the 2nd and 3rd lines likely.  BWC already has Jake Kryski, who is said to have grown quite a bit since last year as well as Jaeger White, Ken Kylyshbek, Kyle Uy and Max Corazza.


Anonymous said...

this is AAA hockey,

Anonymous said...

Seidel/Kryski both contributed to BWC's four successful years of Atom and PeeWee Championships.

Good to see them reunite, both very talented centers.

but Bantam AAA is a different storyline,

good luck boys.

Anonymous said...

NSWC just fell short each year to BWC, and this is our year.

Bring on the season!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

NSWC will be strong in the offence side, The Def will be average not alot of size. Goalies will also be a issue and always has with the 98/99. If BWC did get Johnson back that adds one more Viper to that program. Making it I think 9. Langley has added 2 strong players to help out Gingras, 1 from Surrey and 1 from Semi. OHA has also added 2 more Select Blue players.
NSWC will be 3rd or 4th this season. Langley will give BWC some problems like they did in the Pee Wee year.

Anonymous said...

Langley was a descent team in PeeWee,

PeeWee was a long time ago.

is Langley relying on your D?
Chelowski doesn't have a Tanner Brown to protect him like he did 2 years ago in Spring (he looked good then).

This spring he was exposed shift after shift with the contact, he is a nice skater but seems a little light and small for this Bantam level.

never rule out NSWC and BWC's coaching, games are also won with bench knowledge.

Langley's new surrey player is good but injury prone

OHA and POE will also be teams to look out for

dont count your chickens until all the eggs have hatched, its a long season

Anonymous said...

Welcome to BC hockey blog let the chirping begin!

Anonymous said...

are we saying if you grow allot quickly you will be a better player then the rest?

some kids grow fast and are bigger then others and still lack the sense of the game, clumsy skating, and require more work on their skills and fast feet.

most kids hit the 5'7" - 5'9" height and start to mature after 16 to 17 years of age.

early bloomers are ahead of the game for a bit but many get lost in the shuffle after Midget and are forgotten about shortly after that, some loose or forget the compete aspect of this game because they have been use to being the big go to guy or gal.

being big has its downside,

key words, "over-inflated"

Anonymous said...

If Langley is relying on their big forward, you will need some creative players to feed the puck up to him at the red line, and some solid Defense and great Penalty Killing.

The Plus/Minus is a large part of the game, just remember it is a 220' foot game

Anonymous said...

Bwc has the best forwards. Defence and goaltending in all of western Canada

Anonymous said...

bwc can be beat, you have to be physical with them, they lack toughness, finish your checks. i`ve seen some of their players shut down after good, clean hits.They don`t like to play in physical games.

Anonymous said...

Yes agree with being phisical on them as white does not like that part of the gm at all and I think there r alot of kids that don't like being hit over and over but you have to have a coach that teaches that style of hockey and to win in the playoffs you have to play like that / good luck to all in the upcoming season

Anonymous said...

Is bwc trying to convince them self how good they are?

Anonymous said...

BWC will have a bigger target on them all year more then last year. They have good players, but that is alot to ask to repeat for the 3rd time. I don't think BC will be their problem, I think that will come from Northern Alberta.

Anonymous said...

I was luckly to drop in and view several days during these past 2 weeks at the BWC Bantam pre season skate (and saw many alumni giving back to their program - Awesome to see, Ast, Hopkins, Sundher, Lamb, just to mention a few).

I am smiling inside at the post saying Corrazza is a top player.

that statement/player is in tough against some of their top 99 birth years, he is weak all around.

No sightings of Johnson, that must be just a rumor,

Seidel centering between Kishbeck and Coltelarro, they were a plus 5 line in scrimmage against Kryski centering Uy and Corrazza line.

No Jager White playing, he was just watching with his arm in a sling

Fabbro, Barberris, Ginnetti all looked solid as did Shugrue in the net when he played.

I think BWC, NSWC, Langley, and Abbotsford will be going back and forth all season long, and after these top four the teams drop off.

But the season is long, and good coaches can get the best out of their players

I cant wait to get back to BWC and see the tournament they are hosting, this should be great for the scouting community.

Enjoy your last couple days of the summer and have fun this year.