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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sherwood Park gets big boost in goal for 12-13

The Sherwood Park Flyers of the AMBHL who looked to be a force again next season, just got that much better with news that Carter Hart and family have moved from Fort Saskatchewan to Sherwood Park.  Hart, who split duties with Colton Kucher last season with a struggling Fort Saskatchewan in which he put up a 4.20 GAA and a .887 Save percentage, will add to a good Sherwood Park squad.

The Flyers will also gain the services of the Kaeden Brown from the Edmonton KofC program.  Brown had 6-6-12 and 75 pims in 32 games.

The Flyers who already had top 10 rated prospect Sam Steel as well as Skyler Mckenzie and Brandon Biro up front with Lakusta and Paradis on the back-end look primed for another season near the top of the AMBHL North standings.


Anonymous said...

I dont hear the people from Alberta complaining about movement now.

Anonymous said...

His family moved. Just not the player. And its just not across the street, 25 km. Closer to work etc. Its not people living all over and then playing for BWC or moving a player out of Alberta to play for BWC.

Anonymous said...

It's sad when parents move the kids around. His team struggled last year, but now that MLAC's Minor Midget coach is in Fort Sask, it will a different team.

Hart isn't guaranteed a spot with Sherwood Park, so it may not be the best thing for him. I hope he makes it, but who knows what the chances are until he actually tries out.

Anonymous said...

I think that Vader, Fehr and Klassen will be pretty stiff competition for Hart. He better be ready to compete. Hate to see the move to Sherwood Park be for nothing.

Anonymous said...

so player movement between city and associations does take place in Alberta.

every parent has the right to do what's best for their children,

just don't get caught throwing stones from your glass house,

Anonymous said...

1:22, get your facts straight! All 3 that you mentioned are 97' born. They likely won't be trying out for 'AAA' Bantam this year! Dipstick!

Anonymous said...

1:22am - Fehr, Vader and Klassen all move to Midget this year.

Anonymous said...

Hart really did not have a choice, SP had no goalies and FS had no team.

Hart played with the Spring team of the Mercury's. So this should not be a huge surprise to anyone. He is moving to play with a team that can work for both. No one will fault him for that. Plus it adds another strong team to Alberta.

Anonymous said...

He is a good goalie, looking at the outcome of the Winnipeg Tournament. (Yes he had a good group in front of him) He did well,
Rank Name Number Team Mins GA GAA
1 Carter Hart 70 Edmonton Mercurys 254 6 1.42
2 Cole Weaver 37 Team Traktor Minnesota 120 3 1.50
3 Tyler Shugrue 40 Vancouver Vipers 360 11 1.83
4 Simeon Pincombe 35 Team Traktor Minnesota 180 7 2.33
5 Josh Belisle 31 Calgary Jr Hitmen 136 6 2.65
6 Curtis Meger 31 Sask Jr Blades 162 9 3.33
6 Liam Hutchison 2 Jr Steelers 72 4 3.33
8 Hunter Lorenson 68 Edmonton Mercurys 105 6 3.43
9 Kyle Dumba 35 Calgary Jr Hitmen 224 13 3.48
10 Ryan Kubic 20 Jr Steelers 288 18 3.75

The big surprise is the WEHP has the top goalie in 10th. Their are alot of good goalies in Alberta. Edmonton area has 3 or 4. Calgary has 2. I don't think the rankings are a clear picture. Dumba, Hart and Berlin are all very good and should be higher. I do not think the goalie from Winnipeg has proven himself this season from 2011-2012. PW is much different from Bantam.

Anonymous said...

We know the winterclubs of BC move players, but I did not think SP would start doing it as well, Not just one player but two. I guess in Edmonton if you can't beat them join them. At least Calgary plays by the rules. They (SP) will be a top 2 or 3 team. Unless SP starts going after a few from SSAC.

Anonymous said...

The best goalie in the Winnipeg Tournament was without a doubt Shugrue. Having said that I also believe that the Minnesota goalie as well as Saskatoon goalie and Dumba played better than both Edmonton goalies.
Too many first shots went in.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if it's across the street or from Alberta to BC, read the PCAHA and Alberta Hockey web site and understand the rules before you make uninformed comments. People move for their own reasons as long as its in the rules. As you have read on this site, it's not just the winter clubs!! Associations from Alberta and BC people are moving!!!! Stop trying to defend your friend, your making it sound like he's done something wrong. If it was done properly then he should be good to go.

Anonymous said...

Sherwood park will have a strong team. The power play will be Steel, Biro, Mckenzie up front with Lakusta and Paradis. Carter Hart and Brown will add depth. With good coaching they could beat SSAC for 1st place.

Anonymous said...

I like the name calling at 9:30am. Shows that we have kids on an adult forumn. I especially like the naive responses about player movement in Alberta. These kids aren't being billeted out, their families are moving for hockey. Plain and simple. Player movement does happen, lot's, in Alberta.

Moving 25 km's for work? Phfft, whatever. It was to get away from FS. The pool of talent coming in this year isn't looking good. That's why his parent's are moving him. Fort Sask wouldn't willingly release him, so his parents made the move. You see it too much. But ultimately who does it hurt? Well, maybe that kid that could have made the team, but can't know cuz you have a player moving in. But that part of the equation, we will never see.

Christian Yau said...

I am not a parent of any BC club team. Under pcaha rule, there is no billetting. The family actually has to move to the teams boundary after they have been carded by there home minor hockey team.