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Monday, August 20, 2012

Taylor Ross to Notre Dame

** Gage Ramsey is moving from Saskatoon to join the Notre Dame Hounds for 2012-2013.  Ramsay was one of the top 3 -98 born forwards from Saskatoon.  Looks as though all 3 will be moving if the Pilon to West Central rumours are correct.

Should be noted as well that Taren Brown is moving from Estevan to Notre Dame for 12-13.  Brown had nearly a ppg as a rookie in bantam last year with 6-13-19 in 24 games.  Brown is nearly 6'2 180lbs currently and should add good depth to the forward group.

It has been confirmed this morning that Taylor Ross will be moving to Notre Dame from Balgonie for the 2012-2013 bantam season.  Ross, who put up 11-7-18 in just 11 games last season with the provincial champion Prairie Storm, would've likely been second in team scoring if not injured last season.  Ross will join team-mates Nolan Reid and Jeff Faith in Notre Dame next year.

There has been lots of movement in recent weeks of players moving to top teams.  Just last week it was announced that Kaden Elder from Saskatoon would be heading to Notre Dame as well.  Elder was arguably the top Saskatoon forward last year despite being a full year younger than other top players such as Sloboshan, Hebig and Lambert.

Here are is a brief breakdown of a few top players switching teams:

Taren Brown from Estevan to Notre Dame
Kaden Elder from Saskatoon to Notre Dame
Gage Ramsay from Saskatoon to Notre Dame
Jaeger White from Medicine Hat to BWC
Carter Hart from Fort Saskatchewan to Sherwood Park
Kaedan Brown from Edmonton KC to Sherwood Park
Darren Rizzolo from Mission to Abbotsford
Dillon Dube from Airdrie to Notre Dame
Jeff Faith from Balgonie to Notre Dame
Nolan Reid from Balgonie to Notre Dame
Taylor Ross from Balgonie to Notre Dame
Joel Murga from Seafair to POE
Owen Seidel from Seafair to BWC
Adamu Tanaka from Aidrie to Calgary Bisons
Brady Third from Estevan to Notre Dame
Ryan Bowen from Chilliwack to OHA
Nayte Zip from Humboldt to Northeast Wolfpack
Brody Wilms from Coquitlam to OHA
Colby Entz from Yorkton to Notre Dame
Cale Fleury from Estevan to Notre Dame
Ralph Jarrett from Grand Prairie to POE

*Those are the confirmed transfers we have received.  If there are more, give me an email and I'll look in to confirming it.


Anonymous said...

for all those comments( there is alot) about BC winter club movement, I think its time to see the real picture. Only 1 to a Winter club, and 5 at least in Alberta. Balgonie what happened ? I guess ND has zero 98's from last year. Wonder how they got all of these players its not a cheap program either. I thought a goalie moved as well to Sher Park, but maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Prairie storm fell a game short of winning provincials last year. Northeast Wolfpack took provincials.

Anonymous said...

I thought zip didn't play with Wolfpack because he didn't make the team last year and he has to go try out there this year because it is his closest center.

Anonymous said...

Ouch a couple of Sask teams are really taking a hit. I would imagine that with the usual lack of depth on the Sask teams that these teams will really struggle. I find it odd that the top 3 forwards out of Saskatoon are moving on but the high end Dmen are sticking around. I guess it will be a defensive battle in the GSHL this year.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I just don't get it. But I thought these so called Academy programs were to develop players.
These schools cost alot of money to make good players better.

ND is not doing that at all, they are picking the best players around and making a team without doing the hard work of developing within. Are they saying that the program they have has failed, so we are going to go after all the top players and make one team that will not be able to play in the Westerns?

Something does not seem right about this. I get that OHA and POE have programs like this. I wonder if they (ND) is billing these kids the same amount as all the other players or is this just a marketing tool for future 99,00 and 01.

This will not help Saskatoon minor hockey at all, if anything it will make it worse. The Sask players will not play against any strong players during the season until tournaments. Does anyone else not see this as a bad thing.
ND is in it for the money and marketing- That I get, Last years program was a mess. But not developing players and just taking them away, is saying " We have not clue so we are doing, so we are going to take everyone else s top players and fix our program."

Anonymous said...

ND bringing in 10 players- What do they not have any other 98's?

Anonymous said...

Does Notre Dame recruit players? I always just assumed that if you can afford it and you wanted to go you went?

Anonymous said...

Notre Dame does recruit players. Ask any kid that was top end at prospect camp in Regina. Always looking to pull top end players from their programs to build a powerhouse. Local teams cant do it unless their is legal guardianship signed over to someone or the family relocates to new City. How many would move to Wilcox if that was the case? Anyone that doesnt see this happening is blind. How many other teams were in Regina to promote their AAA program or have it discussed in a seminar ? oh thats right , its for school. Wake up people , BWC is no diffrent. Look for the best talent then try to recruit so the team will be strong which makes the program look good. A monkey could coach those teams and win so stop kidding yourselves.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Look at the WEHP list. Having 13 kids join a team. Its a fair question, what happens to all the other 98 players that were their attending the program. Are they sent to the B team ? Just asking

Anonymous said...

The point was , stop recruiting others teams players and develop their own. other centers work hard to build programs only to have these teams like BWC and ND sit back and look for the so called best players and fill their roster. No wonder why these teams win , so they should. I have to laugh that some of you so called hockey people cant see it. And ND and BWC are laughing with me. Wake up people.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if ND recruits????
It sounds like your kid didn't get the invite to ND. I think you need to wake up and smell the coffee. Some families want to put their kids in these programs for better coaching, development and play with better players. Don't be upset with the families that made the choice to go to Wilcox. They want to do the best for their kids. Maybe have a look at the weaknesses in your program, then look at how to improve your program so those players don't want to leave. By whining about it and pointing fingers is not going to get your kid better!!!! Good luck, I hope they invite you next year.

Anonymous said...

Hey 8:37

The point is, make you program better!!!! Don't be bitter.... Kids will stay and maybe families will make decision to move to your association. What you might think is a good program could be very disappointing for others.
No, the hockey people are laughing AT you with your comments. They know what a good program does for kids and why people go them !!!! It's not all about winning as you state. It's about trying to compete at the highest level possible with the best development to prepare you for the next level.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone sees it...unfortunately there's a strong correlation between that annoying geek in school who wanted control of all the clubs and current governing bodies. They "volunteer" for these positions to provide some fulfilment to the voids in the own accomplishments.

For most cases they are not hockey people or are easily influenced by the individuals who feel above the rules. Our most Western province in a prime example (sorry most of my musings don't get by the moderator so I'm making an attempt to tone it done).

There's nothing wrong with what ND, POE, or OHA are doing but stick to the elite tourney's...because there's NOTHING to brag about when you win a skeet shooting contest when you're the only one with a shot gun and the rest are using sling shots (although this years crop is a high grade sling shot).

Now Provincials in BC & Western's are the REAL travesty! How can any group let a recruiting organization stack a team and then let them compete in provincial's? Perhaps BC Hockey & PCAHA should foot the bill for travel to these events!

Anonymous said...


The travesty is having to read these jaded comments. If you think that player movement is a BC only issue your delusional. Look at all the player movement in Alberta and Sask. this year. How about last year player that moved from BC to play for the 97 Bisons??? That's ok???? ... ND, POE, OHA do try to go in the elite tournaments. Some organizations still want to play against these teams even if they are weaker. Should the weaker teams not be allowed in these tournaments even if they want the challange????...they should have a choice what contest they want to attend. Really what were are hearing from you are excuses from a frustrated Dad.

Anonymous said...

You completely validated the point to which you replied. Player movement is only part of the problem and the academies recruiting players is NOT an issue. If some players and parents want to extend the spring season into the regular season then that's fine...their choice completely. What is absolutely NOT ok is that the winter clubs are aloud to enter provincials! I believe we've heard on nurmerious occasions by the elitists mentality of these parents that we're just "jealous" etc. If its such a great program and the challenge is what you're looking for than gracefully bow out of provincials and attend a Nike Bauer tournament or maybe take a European tour or something. Yes this is an open challenge!

And if you're scrambling to come up with a response than I'll leave you with this...the HIGHEST level of hockey in the world (NHL in case you didn't know) has recognized the need for FAIR competition years ago and imposed a salary cap to level the access to better players. They recognized that if only certain teams had access to the premier players than how can the smaller markets have an equal chance to succeed? Food for thought!

In short...if you want to stack a team than fine but don't take away opportunities from those following the rules! Do the honorable thing!

Anonymous said...

Interested in your comment that "last years program was a mess"...I somewhat agree with that and was hoping you could discuss this more.

Anonymous said...

ND is part of the Private sector.
The only way to get more talented players is to win the big tournaments MH,St Albert to name a few. They came is last in their pool at both.
None of the games were close, the players looked lost, the coaches from the stands looked dejected. OHA and POE at least had competitive games. ND in St Albert won 1 game vs Prairie storm.
2 of the 5 games is the only time where more then 1 goal was scored.

This is from a very expensive Hockey program and was considered the best just a few years ago.

POE and OHA improved over the season as did most programs. This program did not. MH tournament was also a very poor showing. As many of you say develop within.

Since they can't seem to develop players they took the quick and easy way out.(fine) If they do well this year. You wont hear about all the players that came over for 1 season.That they did not develop. Only that they did well. Marketing is key this program. Too bad they don't develop as well as marketing......

Anonymous said...

Why should the Winter Clubs bow out of Provincials? You think that they are the only ones with player movement??? Last years provincial champs had one player come in to the program and 5 players leave the program. All the players on that team have played in the program since they were young. Its not extending spring hockey.It just good programs making players better. Maybe your team should bow out of Provincials if you not happy with the competition. Look for tournaments that more suit the results you desire!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think there is any fault in ND (or any other academy for that matter) in recruiting players as long as all players pay the same amount to go to school. I think where SHA has it right and other associations are dropping the ball is by not allowing ND into provincials. They are at a decided advantage because they don't have to follow the same rules.

As for the comment that teams should do a better job and then thier players wouldn't leave for ND I think is completely wrong. Has the prairie storm been doing a terrible job of running thier organization? I would say no but yet they lose 3 pretty good players this year. Some players want to play at ND because it offers many things that regular associations can't and that is the main reason kids go there.

As for parents who literally move so thier kid can play with a particular team i really hope you are making that move for the right reasons.

Anonymous said...

So to all those people that left Balgonie. Who is going to explain to '99 born Eamon Milligan. That what they had 1 month ago is now going to be a wasted season. Here you have a very talented player, but know all the 98 players left at the last moment.

Anonymous said...

Your right! everyone should base their life decisions around what is best for Eamon Milligan.

/sarcasm off

Anonymous said...

This quote right here describes the problem with minor hockey in Saskatchewan, and probably Canada:

"So to all those people that left Balgonie. Who is going to explain to '99 born Eamon Milligan. That what they had 1 month ago is now going to be a wasted season. Here you have a very talented player, but know all the 98 players left at the last moment.

August 26, 2012 10:53 AM"

Some kids get together with a group of dedicated coaches and work together all year to improve their skills, become better hockey players and better people. Other kids are sent by their parents half way across a province to play with other highly touted players because none of them have the confidence that their own kid can lead their own club team to on ice success. Along the way all this second group of kids learns is that they can't achieve success unless they pre-stack the deck in their favour.

Then some dummies on a message board will conclude the first group of kids have had a "wasted season" because they don't win, and that the other kids were "successful" because they had a team that literally could not lose.

What a sorry state of affairs we're living with.

Anonymous said...

I would tell Eamon that there is no such thing as a wasted year. Every year is what you make of it. Take the opportunity that these other players created by leaving and run with it. You are likely going to get more ice time than you would have with those other kids still there so work hard and take advantage of the opportunity and it will not be a wasted year.

Anonymous said...

So why do you all criticize some for moving and not others? You guys blast a few for moving( see past Comments in 2011 and early 2012.) It is all their for you to read.

If it benefits your kid then its ok. But if does not then all hell breaks loose. Can't you all see where this is going in a few years ? We did not have this much movement last year or with the 96's. Alberta never had so much movement.

2:15 PM so if you are in that group that leaves your happy,since it will improve your sons record.
But look at it from the other side.
Moving is made way to easy for all areas.

No organization wants to do the work only to take the credit. The people that really do the work are the players and the parents who foot the bill.

Anonymous said...

doing the math on all the players that are moving to ND for this season.The way I look at it their is going to be some disappointed parents when there kids dont make the AAA this year. Not sure why you assume everyone on your list is going to make it. ND gives no guarantee's on any of there teams.

Anonymous said...

Players like Ross will have a tough time on ND's olympic ice surface. 5:51pm's math is correct. There will be some players second guessing there decision to leave their home teams. However, we all must remember that it is a free world to do what works for your family.