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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Morning

For those of you who thought (myself included), that SSAC Southgate Lions of the AMBHL may take a fall this year will have to eat a little crow now.  They are now 7-1-1 which leads the Nitro North over CAC and St. Albert by a point and they have also scored a league high 62 goals, while averaging a league high of almost 7 goals per game. 

SSAC Southgate Lions 8 - Edmonton Kof C Squires 7
Leagues leading scorer Giorgio Estephan would lead the charages once again with 2-2-4 in this one.  Estephan now leads the league in scoring with 15-16-31 in 9 games.  Estephan is making a serious run at making WHL teams pick him first overall in May.  98 born defenseman David Quennville, the brother of last years captain John Quennville put up another 2 goals and 1 assist, he now has 8-6-14 in 9 games.  Tyler Benson who is surging up the rankings had another 3 points, giving him 22 points already.  The achilles heal of the SSAC team this year may be the goaltending and Stuart Skinner allowed 7 goals on 29 shots.  There is no Jordan Papirny this year to steal a sub par effort if need be.  For K of C, 98 born scoring star Alex Rotundo led the way with 2 goals, he now has 7-7-14 in 10 games.  Nico Alucema scored his first 2 goals of the year from defense for K of C.  SSAC would fire 63 shots on the K of C duo of Szudor and Fennell.

The Winnipeg Bantam A1 league this year is very interesting to start.  The new Thunder Bay team looks very strong, having started off 7-2-0 but we won't focus on them since the players on that team aren't eligable for the WHL Bantam Draft.   So shifting focus over to the Winnipeg and area teams, we find the favorite entering in the season - the Winnipeg Sharks winless in 5 games having gone 0-2-3.  More suprising about that is that Dallas Miller has just 5 points in 5 games while Ryan Gardiner has just 3.  Several other stars have yet to really get it going as of yet on the Sharks as well.  The other three Winnipeg teams are basically taking turns beating one another with the Monarchs starting out ahead so far at 5-3-0, Warriors 3-2-0 and the Hawks just 1-1-0 so far. 

Monarchs forward Zach Court, who will have highly ranked for the bantam draft leads all non Thunder Bay players with 5-10-15.  His team-mates Jeremy Leipsic and Jackson Keane are also off to strong starts with 5-7-12 each.  Brandon has several players off to nice starts such as:  James Schearer, Jordy Stallard, Marco Campanella as well as one of the lone 98 born players in the league Tanner Kaspick - all averaging better than a point per game in the early going.  Speaking of 98's, the other one playing in the league and top 10 ranked player for the 2013 draft Dylan Thiessen of the Monarchs also has 2-7-9 in 7 games.  Matthew Gunhouse of the Warriors has 9 points in 5 games.  Also of note, Travis Kilbrei who is highly ranked has 5 goals in 5 games, he plays with Interlake.

more tomorrow, enjoy your hockey today!

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