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Friday, October 28, 2011

'99 born Cold Lake sniper Zane Franklin! Next star?

Last season, while covering the 96 and 97 age groups, we introduced readers to a few of the top 98 born players such as Jaeger White and Kale Clague amongst others.  This year, people are going to get to know Cold Lake Freeze Sniper Zane Franklin.  The scoring prowess of the 5'5 146lb peewee aged player is tremendous.  However, he is not playing peewee hockey, he is playing bantam AA in the ERBHL and scoring a very proficient clip with 11-11-22 in just 6 games.  This playing against players 2 years older than him on most nights. 

A couple years ago, he was part of the provincial champions Marwayne Sled dogs in Alberta and demolished the scoring race in the provincials with 15-13-28 in 5 games.

Time will tell how Franklin turns out as competition improves moving forward. However, there is no denying the skill and production young Franklin has shown thus far!


Anonymous said...

How about Kyle Olson (99) playing in AMBHL with Bisons and Top 10 in scoring. That is a pretty big it not?

Western Elite said...

We have spoken to Kyle Olsen and he is a fantastic talent, playing with Merkley/Shmyr this year. Just introducing some others to keep an eye on throughout the season.

Anonymous said...

There's barely enough puck for Merkley &Shmyr. Olsen is small enough to not get in the way. Coach has him on that line as he told everyone he was keeping him and proving he was good enough... see if Olsen puts up good numbers on the other 2 lines... not a chance, just ask his older brother who's down there! Gee, thanks bro. Kyle will feel his olders pain when HIS younger brother comes in two years!

Anonymous said...

You must be a bitter bison parent. or, a bitter southeast bantam parent. Either or. Fact of the matter is, Kyle is 12 years old playing in a league of the best 13-14 year olds and he's putting up numbers. Regardless of who he plays with.

Anonymous said...

As a Calgary parent of a Bantam AA player, I have to disagree regarding him "putting up points". He is a great talent who sees the ice extremely well, but he is without question a huge beneficiary of majority of points that come his way. Whether it is him passing puck to Merkley/Shmyr who do the rest, or receiving great passes for goals (which yes, would be Olson's talent finishing the play), he doesnt belong in this league. His size alone puts other players in bad spots becuase of new hit to head rules. He should be dominating PeeWee 1 and be a top player as a 13yr old next year. In my opinion, he doesnt belong in BANTAM AAA. Call me a bias parent or mad person. Him playing on that team doesnt affect my son. Just an observation.

Anonymous said...

Kyle is playing with 2 of the best players in western Canada! His older brother is on one of the 'other' lines. Check out the difference in stats... gee, can you guess which Olsen boy is playing with(and hiding beside the goalpost while the opposing dmen are looking for M&S). Bitterness, heck no, its not only an observation, its a fact. Pee wee should have been the call here.

Anonymous said...

In my view, the only question here is "Are the Bison better off with him or not?" I think they are better, he is a great young talent. I believe the Buff policy is he has to be top 6, my opinion is he certainly is, not flashy but does so many things that go unnoticed. The comment that M/S make him look good would be said about anyone who played with those two.

Anonymous said...

There are also other top talents in this age group who have decided to stay in peewee AA this year and go to BANTAM AAA next year. When they are more mature and physically more prepared for the AAA game.

Anonymous said...

From looking at the scores and stats of this division I would stand by stating you could take the top 40 99 born players and they would lead this division. Labant is also a peewee. Keeping it real.

Anonymous said...

THERES other 99's who are much more talented and will become better players when they are physically and mentally ready to take the next step, this boy is 5'5 and 150 pounds most 99 boys are 5'1 110 pounds only time will tell if this kid is the real deal or if hes just someone who matured faster and became stronger and bigger alittle faster

Anonymous said...

i see these boys often(franklin,labant)they both play on same line and get alot of power play time numbers are a bit high as coach plays them entire 2 minutes on a strong team that 1/2 team could played AAA but franklin is good, great shot and feel for the game.If you watch him skate in drills you wouldnt think but watch his smarts in a game he should be top aaa player in 2years