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Sunday, April 10, 2011

KIBIHT FINAL.....Kamloops 5 - POE 4 FINAL BAZIEN with the Winner!

1-0 KAM - CHAD BUTHER - Gropp skates in, takes a shot wide off the ends boards to the other side of the net to Butcher who slams it home.  7:20

2-0 KAM - MITCHELL BARKER - Barker takes a feed from Bolduc and skates to the top of the circle and fires one top shelf over the glove of Lee.  8:14 

2-1 POE - DYSIN MAYO - Slap shot from the point on the PP after Fidenza for Kamloops go's off.  8:59 PP

2-2 POE - HEWSON - Kamloops turns the puck over in the slot on a sloppy clearing a attempt that go's to Hewson who fires it by Michalovsky.  12:13

3-2 KAM - CARSON BOLDUC - Bolduc takes a lead pass from Hicketts who skates in down the left wing and scores a goal that Peyton Lee would love to have back.  13:05

3-3 POE - LOGAN MICK - Mick just fires the puck from the far boards that eludes Michalovsky on a rather weak goal.  13:44

4-3  KAM - MITCHELL BARKER - This one caught me off guard a bit but I looked up in time to see it was in fact Barker who scored his 2nd of the game.  14:37

Second Period
A bit of a fast start with Hicketts making a nice end to end rush and then right after Meek had a breakaway and both players were turned aside.  A penalty to each team there after and neither team could score on the power play.  Play has really slowed down in the 2nd period with several icings.  I wonder if the players are starting to tire.

4-4 POE - RYAN KELM - Ryan skates in and pokes in a loose puck on a goal mouth scramble between the goalie skate and post. 9:06

Fairly tight checking for the rest of the period.  Ryan Gropp did have a partial breakaway and Koukis showed some great speed on a nice rush but no dice.

3rd period
No goal for POE at 15:58...waved off.
POE really carrying the play with the majority of chances in the 3rd so far in the first 6:15.  Brown-Maloski with 3 great scoring chances.
POE with most of all the chances still 10:39 left
Painfully slow hockey at this point, Kamloops looks gassed and POE is slowing down as well.
Kamloops finally with a flurry of chances and Hewson go's off for POE with 8:00 left.
Chad Butcher robbed from the slot on a Hicketts rebound...even strength. 6:00 left.
Hicketts missed a wrap around. 2:10
Gropp and Butcher press with a couple good chances.  Time Out POE, face-off in the Kamloops zone.
The 3rd line of Kamloops ends it as they looked rested.

Kamloops - Addison Bazien
POE - Christos Koukis


Anonymous said...

Westerns is the championship for bantam! How come this site has very poor coverage? Kibihts is a second rate tourney now. This blog looses credibility with it's coverage. Why don't you give the western Canadian championship top billing? Give the credit where it belongs. Great game today and you cover Kamloops and Poe. Who won the biggest. Championship ?

Western Elite said...

If you look down through the blog, you would see that there was ample coverage of westerns throughout the tournament. Today was as a situation where my family had a prior ingagement that was more important than hockey what we had to put ahead of it.
In saying that, I personally needed to view POE and Kamloops again to cement my own thoughts on a few players as to how they stack up. The Winnipeg Hawks/BWC were viewed enough by me prior to the game and not much was going to change in regards to the players and my thoughts anyways.

I'm sorry you feel this blog has lost credibility but I've put in over 30 hours this weekend watching these tournaments. So if you feel that way, that is your choice.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Addy!!!

Anonymous said...

wait a minute, u didnt put the scoring summary on for kamloops goal 5 (yes, i know bazien got winner.

Anonymous said...

I think this blog is run very well. Keep up the great work and thank you for taking the time to run it!

Anonymous said...

Great Blog! Loved reading it all weekend. Just a question, can u do a recap of each team at KIBIHT and Western's saying how they did and their MVP?

mvpmonty said...

7:28 pm... you got the winner bazien and the mvp, take an easy, we don't need a recap of you. WEHP is doing a great job. Give western elite credit, hes done enough.

Anonymous said...

Was the winner a nice goal? Good for Kamloops!

Anonymous said...

Buddy KIBIHT is still a good tournament. and to argue kamloops and POE are easily number 2 and 3 in western canda behind BWC. So you really know nothing. it was an unreal game between 2 great teams!

mvpmontyy said...

9:39... just kidding man, nice ot goal for sure addison it was crazy, just some jokes, it's good to have some humour on the blog. You to WEHP good job on the blog.

mvpmontyy said...

9:39... just kidding addision, great ot goal, nice work, just jokes. It's good to have some humour. Good job on the site WEHP.

Anonymous said...

will WEHP be covering any 97 division spring tournaments.It was great hearing about these tournies in depth

Anonymous said...

lucky to have this opportunity to read about this bantam stuff...great job blogmeister...keeps us in the loop!

Anonymous said...

On the final goal of the tournament, center,Mason Harding beat 2 POE players to the puck in the corner. As he was going down fighting off POE players, he managed to get a focused pass off to his regular winger, Nick Fidenza.After a valiant attempt by Nick, Addison (stepping in for Nick Chyzowsky[broken wrist])got ahold of the puck and flipped it past the net minder. KIBIHT over! Win as a team, loose as a team. This one worked out for them!