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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kamloops 10 - Warman 1 Final

First Period
Well if this is any indication how some of the better Saskatchewan teams perform against the better teams from other provinces, I think we got our answer how important AAA hockey next year will be in that provinces.  The scoring started fast and furious at 26 seconds as Joe Hicketts fired a dart of a pass to Ryan Gropp up ice who went in on a breakaway and scored a nice back hand goal.  Just 5 minutes later, Chad Butcher scored on a beauty cross seam pass from Gropp on the power play.  Bolduc scored on a turnover just 43 seconds later and then Monty Chisholm rounded out things from Butcher and Gropp on a nice pass to the slot.

Second Period
Kamloops started off strong once again with a goal from Bolduc, his 2nd of the game on a rebound via a cannon shot from Hicketts that went off the boards and in front to Bolduc who made no mistake.  Warman was able to break the shut-out on the power play on a point shot from Ashton Clark, I missed the goal scorer.  Mason Harding banged home a cross crease pass from Fidenza to made it 6-1 with 5 minutes left in the second.  Bolduc scored his hat-trick goal on a nice 3-way passing play from Barker and Bazien.  That was the exit for Ty Keewatin in net for Warman.  Finally with 45 seconds left, it was Bolduc with his 4th of the night on a nice individual effort to round out the scoring.

Third Period
Chad Butcher scored his 2nd of the game on a breakaway from center ice at 2:16 and Chad Butcher received a nice feed from Ryan Gropp to reach double digits and make the final 10-1.  Chad Buther was player of the game, just flying out there and doing a bit of everything.  Kamloops really looks like an upset team not being in Winnipeg at westerns instead.


Anonymous said...

Why exactly is AAA hockey important in this province? If it's not to get tromped in tournaments like KIBIHT or Westerns, then yes, i see your point. But if it's actually about hockey development then i'm not sure why change is needed given that we already out-perform all the AAA provinces on a per capita basis in producing elite talent (elite defined here as WHL skill level).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, good point. Lots of talent for a small population. I'll add that you don't develop in games, you develop in practice.Playing AAA league games isn't going to make anywhere near the difference than adding a couple well thought out practices a week, working on individual skills.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't exactly say that Warman was one of the "better" Saskatchewan teams. They took a big chance going to KIBIHT as a team and I believe they will struggle against some of the better teams, but kudos for attending and developing. If GSHL (Saskatoon) or C4HL only had 3-4 teams in their respective leagues (teams were not watered down) then those teams would compete very well at these tournaments if not dominate. It's just the way Saskatchewan selects their teams. Personally, I like the way Saskatchewan develops players. You will likely see more Saskatchewan kids drafted in WHL Bantam draft this year than BC kids for the first time in a long time.

Anonymous said...

How did Pilon play against Kamloops ?

Anonymous said...

Why is Brayden Olysken not playing with a Bantam team in Saskatchewan?

Anonymous said...

Pilon was not noticeable - Not sure what all the fuss was but then again maybe he was having an off day?

Anonymous said...

pilon will first round. if you don't like him leave him. i'm sure he'll fit in fine on any Saskatchewan whl team.